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想在家工作嗎? Websites for At-Home Jobs

隨著油價上漲, 越來越多人選擇在家工作; 有些小孩還小的母親, 也希望能找一份能在家上班的工作, 方便就近照顧孩子, 同時賺點錢補貼. 但是當這一類的工作需求增加, 隨之而來的就是詐騙的徵才廣告, 你要上哪去找可信的徵才廣告呢? 今天的華爾街日報上有一篇短文, 就是徵對想找這一類工作人而寫, 我就不翻成中文了, 因為這些網站裡徵求的人都是要會英文的.

Nice Work If You Can Get It: Web Sites for At-Home Jobs by Sue Shellenbarger

As gasoline prices soar and joblessness mounts, the
nonstop stream of email I get from readers wanting to work from home is
rising, too. Also multiplying are the online scam artists who seek to
profit on that desire.

So like the ancient philosopher Diogenes searching for
an honest man, I set out looking for a few honest Web sites that
actually help people find real, paying home-based work. I selected only
sites with a track record and users I could interview. Help in my
search came from Tory Johnson, founder of, an employment Web site, and co-author of a forthcoming book on working from home; and Peter Weddle of, a researcher, consultant and author on recruiting and online employment.

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