[Cupertino] 梁媽媽眷村美食

聽朋友說Cupertino開了一家新的台灣小吃, 叫梁媽媽眷村美食, 今天下午剛好在附近, 就去一探究竟.

下午三點, 店內其實不忙, 但是五六位服務生只顧著一旁聊天, 吃飯, 算小費, 反而讓我坐在門口的小桌乾等, 等送菜單上來, 等人來點菜, 等人送賬單, 又不是午餐的尖峰時間, 實在無法理解.  店內桌子很多, 多到不像話, 每張桌子都碰在一起, 不知道客人要怎樣進出, 而且隱私都沒有, 因為左右鄰居的聊天內容都聽的很清楚.

我當天點了南投乾意麵, 滷豆腐, 燙A菜, 紫菜蛋花湯. 

我覺得那個麵不是意麵, 除了湯以外, 其他三樣都很鹹, 我沒有一樣吃完, 也不想打包, 應該不會再去這家吃了.


  1. IN the San Gabriel branch, is the Worst customer service ever! We ask a simple question asking the waitress where the beef stew is listed on the order sheet and she ignore us the first time asking us a different question and never answer our question. We had to ask her twice and she yank the order sheet out of our hands and gave us a funny look like we are illiterate. Second, we decided to ask the waitress for our drinks after 15mins of waiting and the same waitress ask us if we order the drinks yet??!! At that point we say is okay just cancel the two drinks since we are half way done with our food already and the waitress yell out to her crew THEY WANT TO CANCEL THE DRINKS with attitude. Worst food and customer service ever and will not recommend this restaurant to anyone. By the way the waitress’s name is HELEN.

  2. 聽朋友說他們的小火鍋不錯 一直想去試 不過~ 他們的服務壞名聲已經超過食物的好名聲啦~
    真的會讓人卻步耶~ 去吃頓飯還要受氣…. (考慮中~)

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