[前世今生] 被遺棄, 不被愛, 居無定所的漂泊, 背後的原因終於找到了


I started learning Hypnotherapy in 2018.  Since then, I have completed three 10-weeks long courses plus one 4-weeks course, and we did quite a few group past life regression sessions but not even once was I able to be in one of the past life.  I know my subconscious didn’t want me to see just yet because I wasn’t ready, and I can sense whatever was there aren’t pleasant or maybe painful.

Since the divorce was finalized in 2015, I was so depressed after the reality hits me, and for a few years I don’t know who I was and I was very lost.  I always have issues with abandonment, not feeling loved, always drifting, and don’t know where is home.  The home I built with my ex-husband was the first time I can call a place home and felt like my home.

Virna Low is the creator of Joyfull Being. She is very intuitive and integrates aromatherapy, bodywork, and energy healing to serve her clients with their issues.  I have been working with her since early this year to help me resolve and improve.  The day before 4th July, I did a session with Virna, and I wanted to focus on feeling more secure, confident and at ease no matter what happens around me but what it ended up finding was totally out of my surprise.

She started by using different essential oils on my feet and on my neck and back with a light massage.  She kept getting knots on some part of my shoulder and she starts talking to herself (did I said she is very intuitive!!! I mean she can channel with higher being for guidance). She said to me that my arm feels like a robot clicks on, can’t be relaxed.  I said it might be because my bag was heavy.  She said, No, it’s more like you always need to DO something, and this DO something is preventing you from moving forward.  I said, Yes, I feel uneasy if I have nothing to do and I want to keep myself busy.  However, I also feel pressure when I am too busy.  Then she is like the light bulb got turned on and said, that’s it. You can’t just BE, just be yourself, with yourself, you need to DO something so you don’t have to be with yourself.  All of sudden, I said Yes, I feel guilty if I am not busy doing something related to work, related to making money.  I forgot what she asked me for me to said that I felt that I am not wanted, I don’t belong and I don’t know where is my home.

Then she asks me to ask my high self take me to the beginning when I felt I am not wanted.  I know what I said at first were all in this lifetime, circling, back and forth (Virna told me afterward that she was thinking we might need to do this again in other time because she felt my resistant but her higher self told her to be patient). We stuck for a little while and then she said she saw a little girl crying.  Then she repeats again, asks my higher self take me back to the beginning of the time when I felt I am not wanted.  I became quiet for a while. All of sudden, I said I am in a very dark place and I can’t see anything (she said afterward that she know we are in the right place). She then guided me by asking, can you light it up by using candles or flashlight? I said, flashlight only see my own hands but nothing else.

She started to help me dig deeper. I don’t know which life it was but the first thing came out of my mouth was “I was the only survivor”. I saw myself standing in a burned down house by myself. I was 2 years old. Virna wanted me to go back to the time before the house got burned down and ask what did I see. I said I saw my grandparents, my parents, and my older sister.  I was playing outside the house and I saw other neighbors started screaming and running. Virna asked me, do I know what happened? I said, my dad owes people a lot of money so he set the house on fire so no one needs to deal with the money problem but he didn’t know I wasn’t in the room napping like my older sister was. My dad said he was very sorry to left me behind.  Virna asks me, how do I feel when my dad said that.  I said, I rather die with them, not be abandon. Virna asks me, where did I go after the fire? Did I grow up? I said I saw an Orphanage and a family. I was married but no kids. My husband is acholic, and I saw myself in two different death themes – one is I hang myself, and the other one is I drowned (Virna said drowned was in a different life).

Virna wants me to go back to where I was ready to reincarnation.  She wants me to ask myself why did I choose to go through life like that.  What was the reason or what were the lessons I want to learn? I said Nothing is real.  Virna asks, what do you mean? The pain wasn’t real? or what is not real? I said Life is like a computer game. Nothing is real. I can’t control what might happen but I have choices on how to deal or handle when something has happened.  In the end, Virna uses a golden healing light to heal my wound, want me to remember the reason for that life and the lesson I learned from that life, and bring me back to the room.

When I open my eyes, I still can’t believe what I was telling her. Now I know why I have trouble to do past life regression before because it was too painful and I wasn’t ready to face it. Now I also know why I always don’t felt loved, wanted, not belong anywhere, always want to have a home but drifting from place to place. When I looked at the clock on the wall, I can’t believe it’s been 2.5 hours because I didn’t felt that long.  I told Virna, it’s 4th July tomorrow and I am going to hiking, bring a book to a coffee shop and just enjoy the time by myself.

It’s been 10 days after that session (I also got sick for 10 days) and I started noticing some subtle changes inside me. I felt much at ease without DOING anything. I felt much calmer whether I am busy or I have nothing to do. The feeling of not wanted, not loved, wanting to belong somewhere, or feeling drift is slowly fade away.  I begin to feel that I know who I am, I know I am worthy, and I know I will love myself and I know I can handle whatever happens in life.  I know I will be fine.

我是去年開始學催眠, 我已經完成了三堂十週和一堂四周的課程. 這在一年多來, 我們做了好幾次團體的追朔前世的練習, 但我總是無法進入, 我知道我的潛意識還沒準備好讓我看到, 因為我有感覺那是個很痛苦的經歷.

自從2015年的離婚確定後, 生活有很大的轉變, 這個認知終於打趴我, 憂鬱症終於發生, 那幾年我不知道我是誰, 我不知道為何活著. 從小到大我總是覺得不被愛, 不被需要, 不斷的漂浮, 不知道家在哪裡. 我和前夫所建立的家, 是我第一次有歸屬感, 有一個地方我可以稱為家.

Virna Low (劉煊儀) 是一位直覺靈感很通的人, 她結合芳療, 按摩, 和能量一起來為客人解決他們的問題. 我從今年初開始和她做了幾個療程, 慢慢清理我內心深處的問題. 今年國慶日前一天我和她又做了一個療程, 這次的主題原本是安全感, 自信和自在, 但最後得到的結果卻出乎我意料之外.

她一開始先用幾款精油幫我擦腳底和按摩肩背, 然後他不斷按到一些打結的地方, 然後她開始自問自答, 她說你的手臂好像是機器人的手臂被扣在肩上, 一直無法放鬆, 我說右肩是因為背包包吧, 她說不是, 然後她說你好像要一直Do something, 而這個Do something就是一直阻礙你往前進步的原因. 我突然說, 對, 我不忙就會很不安, 我會想讓自己一直忙, 但是很忙的時候我也感到壓力. 然後她突然有賓果的感覺, 她說對, 就這個, 你無法自在的當你自己, 跟你自己相處, 你必須要做點什麼, 這樣你就不用跟你自己相處. 我說對, 因為我如果不忙, 我覺得我有罪惡感, 沒在為賺錢的事努力. 我忘了後來她是怎樣讓我說出我覺得自己不被需要, 我不屬於任何地方, 我不知道家在哪裡.

然後她說, 那讓你的高我, 你的潛意識帶你回到你覺得You are not wanted的起始點, 我知道我一開始說的都一直停留在這一世 (Virna事後告訴我, 她本來想說如果我一直抗拒而進不去, 可能要再擇期再試, 但她的高我一直叫她要有耐心), 一直到後來, Virna突然說她看到一個小女孩在哭, 然後她又重複的說, 讓你的高我, 你的潛意識帶你回到你最初感到You are not wanted的起始點, 我知道我安靜了一段時間, 沒想到, 我突然說我看到很黑的地方, 我什麼都看不見 (Virna事後告訴我, 這時她就知道來到對的地方了). 後來她引領我說, 那用蠟燭或手電筒有幫助嗎? 我說手電筒只看到我自己的手, 沒看到其他的東西.

當她開始往更深一層的挖掘, 居然帶我回到不知道哪一世的我, 先看到我站在一間燒掉的房子, 然後我說我是唯一的生存者, Virna要我把時間再往前看, 我看到二歲的我在家裡外面玩耍, 突然聽到很多大人的尖叫, 但我不懂發生什麼事, Virna要我把時間再往前看, 我看到祖父母, 父母和姐姐. 後來Virna問我知道怎麼發生火災的嗎? 我說我爸爸因為欠人很多錢, 怕我們大家吃苦, 所以故意放火把一家人都燒死, 卻沒想到我沒跟姊姊一樣, 乖乖在房裡睡午覺, 爸爸說他對我很抱歉, 讓我一個人留下來. 後來Virna問我, 爸爸對我那樣說後有什麼感覺? 我說我寧願跟他們一起死了, 而不是被遺棄. Virna問我後來到哪裡去了? 有長大成人嗎? 我說我看到孤兒院和一戶家庭, 我後來有結婚但沒小孩, 丈夫愛喝酒, 後來我看到我自己二個死亡的情景, 一個是上吊, 一個是溺死 (Virna事後告訴我, 她看到我溺死是在別世).

Virna要我時間再往前, 到我要投胎之前, 問我為什麼要選擇這麼痛苦的經驗, 我從中想得到什麼結果? 我說, 沒有一樣是真的. Virna反問我說, 你的意思是指那些痛不是真的? 還是什麼? 我說, 人生就像一場電腦遊戲, 沒有一樣是真的. 我無法控制人生當中會發生什麼, 但是我可以選擇要如何面對和處理鎖發生的事情. 然後她用金黃色的光來療癒我的傷口, 要我記得我當初想學的人生經歷是我無法控制會發生什麼事, 但我對於如何處理是有選擇的, 然後讓我回來.

當我回到當下, 我還是不敢相信我告訴Virna有關那一世所發生的事, 不過我現在終於知道, 為什麼在催眠學校上課時, 每次要做前世追朔, 我都進不去或者不想進去, 因為太痛了. 也終於知道, 為什麼我一直感到不被愛, 不知道自己屬於哪裡, 一直在漂泊, 很想要一個家, 但似乎一直得不到等等的原因了. 看了時鐘, 發現這個療程做了二個半小時, 我卻不覺得有那麼久啊. 後來我跟Virna說, 明天國慶日, 我打算自己去Hiking, 然後帶本書, 去家咖啡店, 坐著好好享受一個人的時間.

距離那個療程已經十天了 (同時我也病了十天), 我開始感覺內心一些微妙的改變, 我對於無所事事感到自在多了, 不論我很忙或者不忙都可以很冷靜自在, 那個感到不被愛, 不被需要, 不知道自己屬於哪裡, 或是漂泊的感覺慢慢的消失. 相反的, 我開始感覺到我知道我自己是誰, 我知道我是值得的, 我知道我會好好愛自己, 而且不論未來發生什麼事, 我都有能力可以面對處理. 我知道我會沒事的.

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The Power of Intention

(中文版在最下方) I was sitting in downtown Sunnyvale’s coffee shop early this morning, next to a wide-open window so I can feel the breeze from the wind, the cool crisp fresh air, the old love song playing in the shop with my hot coffee, and I can see the street path closed-off with lots of booths were setting up because it is the Art and Wine Festival this weekend. At that moment, I truly felt that life is good, so many things to be grateful for, and I haven’t had this type of feeling for so long. I know I have got out of the dark tunnel finally.

On top of that, I start seeing the power of the intention.

Lately, I keep thinking about what I want in life at this point forward, and what is my goal for my healing biz. I went through a lot in life (I know there are many people had a worse life than mine; however, there is no need to compare pain unless you are trying to diminish someone’s pain existence which is not my goal here), and the last 5 years were the worsed; however, it also teaches me the greatest life lessons that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. For that, I thank myself for not giving up although I have thought about it a few times. I am also very thankful for those family and friends who have been there all these years for me.

So I would like to return the favor and paying forward.  I said to the universe that I want to let more people know about the power and the benefits of the Sound Healing and Hypnotherapy, and use these two modalities among other things that I know or have learned to help others to heal themselves from whatever trauma that they have been through. I ask the universe to help me and guide me to find a way to get into all big high-tech companies’ wellness program for their hard-working employees who live in a high-stress life.  I believe the universe will make that happen.

And all of sudden, I have four new clients from Yelp booked appointments within two weeks. On top of that, I got an email from the Intuit‘s Wellness and Lifestyle Expo organizer who offer me to hosting a booth and educate their employees about my services and get the opportunity to book new clients on site. Intuit has 2500 employees and expect 500 would attend the event. I take it as a sign that the universe is responding to my intention.

Plus, possibly to do workshops with acupuncturists with Sound Bath (where I got that idea from).

By the way, if you are a yoga instructor specialize in either Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, yoga Nidra or you lead meditation, please contact me.  I would like to create a workshop together.

Or if you are interested to host a Sound Bath for your special private event, let me know.

Stanford’s Health Improvement Program has a regular Sound Immersion event at the Graduate Community Center.

Thank you for the universe, the God, the Buddha, the higher power, whatever that is, Thank you for helping me so I can help others.  I wish everyone can live in a healthy and happy life.


今天一大早我一個人坐在Sunnyvale市中心的一家咖啡館靠窗的位子, 窗戶敞開, 我可以感受到涼爽的微風吹在我臉上, 呼吸著新鮮的空氣, 咖啡廳裡放熟悉的老情歌, 我正享受著香氣撲鼻的熱拿鐵. 我看著窗外正在準備的攤位, 原來這二天剛好是Sunnyvale的藝術和美酒節. 在這個當下, 我真心感受到生命的美好, 有好多事是值得心存感恩的, 而我已經許久不曾有這樣的感覺, 這讓我知道, 我已經走出那個黑暗的隧道了.

而且, 我開始感受到 “意念” 的力量.

最近我一直在想我接下來的歲月想要過什麼樣的人生, 還有我對我的療癒工作的目標是什麼. 我這一路上經歷過許多 (我知道有很多人有比我更痛苦更慘的經歷, 但我無意與他人的痛苦比較, 因為痛苦是真實的, 比較的心態似乎有貶低痛苦的事實, 其實沒有意義, 也不是我的目的). 在過去的五年是我最痛苦的時候, 但也教會我許多人生很寶貴的一些事情, 如果沒有這些經歷, 有可能我沒機會學會. 為此, 我要感謝自己, 這一路走來沒有放棄自己 (雖然我考慮過幾次). 我也非常感謝這一路相伴的親朋好友.

所以我希望能回饋, 我過去接受過別人的幫助, 現在我希望我也有能力幫助別人. 我向老天許願, 希望能讓更多人知道頌缽音療和催眠的力量和好處, 讓我用我所學所知的東西來幫助別人, 讓他們也能從過去的傷痛當中慢慢療癒自己. 我請老天幫忙, 引領我找到一個管道或方式進入各大科技公司的Wellness Program, 來幫助那些身處高壓工作環境的員工, 我相信老天會實現我的願望的.

結果沒幾天, 我突然收到四位預約音療和催眠的新客戶, 然後收到一封來自主辦Intuit Wellness & Lifestyle Expo的電郵, 邀請我參加, 讓我介紹和教育Intuit的員工有關我的音療和催眠. Intuit有二千五百位員工, 預計五百位會參加Expo, 我把這突如其來的機會當做老天聽到我的許願了.

另外, 我正在和幾位中醫師討論合辦針灸和音療的活動.

如果你是瑜珈老師, 或是靜坐老師, 有興趣和我一起合辦活動的話, 請和我聯絡.

如果你有興趣聘請我去幫你做一個私人的Sound bath, 也請聯絡我.


感謝老天, 神明, 看不見得更大力量, 不管是什麼, 我都感謝你的幫助. 我希望每個人都過著健康快樂的生活.

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Six Senses Healing

Hello everyone,

I am announcing great news!!!  I have started a healing arts services, Six Senses Healing, to sharing what I know and what I believe in, with everyone who wants to experience a holistic approach with alternative medicine.

I was experiencing anxiety, panic attack, and depression for a few years, before and after my divorce.  Life feel like an emotional rollercoaster, and I feel lost and trapped in this chaotic, out of control ride.

To deal with the difficult time, I had try everything I could – seeing a Psychiatrist (try different type of antidepressant medicine that has different side effects such as 25 lb weight gain in one year or emotional numbness or suicidal thoughts), a counselor for three years, an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, a homeopathist, two hypnotherapists, a personal trainer, and a energy healer.

On top of that, I begin to study Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Qigong, Vibrational Sound Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Aromatherapy, and other modalities.

It is the idea that those who seek to help others are doing so because they are, in turn, helping themselves. The harmony is created when you get connected with the “Inner Self”. You let the wings of freedom to guide your life. Rumi says “The wounds are the places where light enters.”  Healers have a desire to help others because of a difficult past, enormous pain and loss, and their work serving others ultimately heals themselves.

From learning and practicing these modalities showed me a self-discovery and self-realization path, which leads to how to live authentically according to one’s essence and purpose. Our wounds teach us life lessons. They create ways for us to connect, teach and touch other’s hearts with great Attunement, Empathy, and Sympathy.  I want to provide a safe place for others who are seeking help by empowering them to heal themselves.

Besides all the helps I got from the health professionals, the biggest help I got are from friends dear to me.  Their understanding and support and accompany are the reasons that help me through the hard time and for me to get back on my feet.  Without their love and caring, I won’t be alive today.  I am grateful for everyone who has helped me along the way.  In return, I would like to help others who are going through a hard time in life whether you are going through divorce or depression, I want you to know, you are not alone.  There is nothing to feel the shame of.  You have to seek outside help.  And I am happy to share my own experiences with you, offer you support, and help you with ways I know.


我想要告訴你們一個好消息!! 我開始提供療癒服務 – 六感療癒, 將我所學, 所知, 所相信的, 來和想體驗一個考量整體的非主流醫學.

我自己在離婚前後幾年, 經歷過焦慮, 恐慌, 憂鬱症, 那個情緒就像坐雲霄飛車一般, 我感到迷惘和被困住在這個無法控制的情況.

為了尋求康復, 我求助過精神科醫生 (吃過不同的抗憂鬱症藥, 經歷過不同的副作用), 看了三年的諮商師, 也看了中醫師, 整骨師, 自然療法師, 催眠師, 健身教練和能量師.

除此之外, 我還開始學習昆達里尼瑜珈, 打坐, 氣功, 震動聲音療法, 催眠, EFT情緒釋放技巧, 芳療和其他方式.

那些希望藉由幫助別人的人, 他們會選擇這樣做, 是因為他們相信最終會反過來幫到自己。 當你與“內心自我”聯繫時,就會產生和諧。 你讓自由的翅膀引導你的生活。 魯米說:“傷口就是光進入的地方。”治療師因為自己過去的傷痛和損失, 希望能夠透過幫助他人,反過來他們也從中得到療癒。

從學習和實踐這些方式, 提供我一條自我發現和自我實現的道路,引領著如何根據一個人的本質和目的過著真實的生活。 我們的傷口教會我們人生課程。 他們為我們創造了一種方式,通過極大的協調,同理心和同情來聯繫,教導和觸動他人的心靈。 我想為那些尋求幫助的人提供一個安全的地方,讓他們能夠自我治癒。

除了我從專業醫療人士那裡獲得的所有幫助外,我得到的最大幫助是來自親朋好友。 他們的理解,支持和陪伴是幫助我渡過難關並讓我重新站起來的原因。 沒有他們的愛和關懷,我不會活到今天。 我很感激所有幫助過我的人。 作為回報,我想幫助那些正在經歷痛苦的人,無論你是在經歷離婚還是憂鬱症,我想讓你知道,你並不孤單。 不需要感到丟臉。 你必須尋求外界的幫助。 我很樂意與你分享我自己的經驗,為你提供支持,並以我所知的方式幫助你。

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Prenatal Regression | 產前追朔催眠療法

Sharon L Nelson specializes in Past Life Regression, Between Lives Soul Regression and Prenatal Regression therapy who is one of our soon-to-be-Master-Hypnotherapist graduate that presenting and share her final paper with a group of students today. I was glad I went. Although I never pregnant, I heart about the importance of prenatal education such as mother should stay in a good mood, listen to music, talk to the baby, etc but never thought about how the mood of the mother and people around her does really have a big impact on the fetus, and the fetus carry the emotion all the way through to adulthood.  

The topic: Prenatal Regression & Our Transition from Spirit to Birth

Come learn what Prenatal Regression is, how it can help you and your clients, and what makes it such a valuable healing tool.

  • Would you like to uncover some of the unconscious energetic ties you have with your mother?

  • Would you like the opportunity to reset some of your limiting perspectives on life that are unconsciously guiding your life today?

  • Would you like to experience the energy of your soul as it were before you were born into this life and the intentions you held for this lifetime?

Prenatal regression can be intimidating to people who have tense relationships with their mothers, however it offers us the opportunity to understand our mothers in a way that may be deeper than their own understanding of themselves and give us the opportunity to choose a new perspective on our relationship with her, all without having to personally interact with her.  In our mother’s womb, we have the knowingness of spirit, but the perspective of an infant.  The choices we make in the womb, with our infant mind, can drive our unconscious perspective of life until we go back and uncover the choices we made while in our mother’s womb. We all come into body with plans, big plans, but the time we spend in our mother’s womb often clouds our drive and can change how we see the world around us.  These changes can impede our plans, no matter how sure of them we were when we left the spirit world and came here to Earth to live a human life.  Prenatal Regression offers us a way to explore, embrace and release the ties we carry from the time in our mother’s womb that are still affecting our life today.

Sharon lead a group induction and told us that some of us may not be able to go back to our mother’s womb because it’s up to our spirit.  Some of us might have some strong emotions and some may experience something special.  I, happened to be the one who is not ready or wanting to go back to my mother’s womb.  I don’t know why but I senses that might be painful and my spirit is not ready for me to experiences it.  I was fine with it.

Sharon’s presentation does make me think about the importance of the Prenatal regression as a healing tool because our senses and memories might developing earlier than what we have thought.  Prenatal regression is also a niche that very few people specialized or focus on when it is very special and important as well.  If you are interested, you can contact Sharon L Nelson currently lives in Roseville, CA and does sessions via Skype or in person in Walnut Creek, CA.  Don’t forget to mentioned you know her because this blog post.

Sharon L Nelson 專攻前世追朔催眠, 不同世代的靈魂追朔催眠, 和產前追朔催眠. 她即將完成最高級催眠師證書資格, 她今天和催眠學校的學生們分享她的結業報告.  很高興我今天有去聽她的分享. 雖然我沒懷孕過, 但我聽過女性朋友討論胎教的重要, 例如母親要保持心情愉悅, 聽聽音樂, 與胎兒說說話之類的, 而我從來沒想過, 母親和她周遭的人事物帶來情緒上的起伏, 對胎兒的影響力, 是一直延續到胎兒出生, 長大成人. 

主題: 產前追朔催眠療法, 以及我們從靈魂到出生的轉接

學習什麼是產前追朔催眠療法, 它如何幫助你和你的客戶, 為什麼它是一個很有價值的療癒工具

  • 你想要打開連結你與你母親某些無意識的能量嗎?
  • 你想要有個機會重設一些生命中的限制, 而且無意識地影響你今天的生活嗎?
  • 你想要體驗你的靈魂在未出世前的能量, 還有你這一輩子所持有的意圖嗎?

產前追朔催眠療法有可能會對那些與母親關係緊張的人產生恐懼, 然而它使我們有機會以一種比母親對她自己的理解還要更深的方式來了解我們的母親, 並讓我們有機會選擇我們跟她的關係的新看法, 而不需要與她有真的交流. 當我們在母親的子宮裡, 我們有靈性, 也有嬰兒的視野. 我們在子宮裡所做的選擇和我們嬰兒的頭腦, 可以驅動我們對生命的無意識視野, 直到我們回去揭開我們在子宮裡所做的選擇. 我們都帶著計劃來到子宮, 但我們在子宮裡的時間往往混濁了我們的動力, 進而改變了我們對周圍世界的看法. 無論我們當初多篤定, 一旦我們離開靈性, 來到地球, 過著人類的生活, 這些變化可能會阻礙我們的計劃. 產前追朔催眠提供我們一個方式來探索, 擁抱和釋放我們待在母親子宮那段時間的關係, 因為它仍然影響我們今天的生活.

Sharon 引領一個團體的催眠, 她事先告訴大家, 有些人也許無法回到母親胎中, 因為那是決定於我們的靈魂. 有些人可能會有強烈的情緒反應, 有些人可能會有特殊經驗. 我剛好就是那個還沒準備好, 或不想回到我母親的胎中, 我不知道原因, 但我有感覺那可能會是個痛苦的經驗, 而我的靈魂還沒準備好讓我體驗. 我也無所謂.

Sharon的簡報分享的確讓我開始思考產前追朔催眠療法的重要性, 因為我們的五感和記憶有可能比我們認知的還要更早發展. 產前追朔催眠也是一個非常特殊的療法, 只有少數的催眠師專攻, 但有它特別和重要性.  如果你對產前追朔催眠有興趣, 歡迎與Sharon聯絡. 別忘了跟她提起你是因為這篇文章才找上她的喔!!!

Education, Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for Insomnia | 用催眠來治療失眠

The hypnotherapy school (PASOH) I am currently taking 101 class has offer different advance programs.  One of the program called Clinical Hypnotherapy is looking for volunteers so I signed up right away when I received an email from the school since I want to see how advance class work plus I could get a free hypnotherapy session (at least worth $200-400 market value).  Perfect!!!

Yesterday was my turn so I was the client for the class (we call client not patient).  There are five students that day.  The instructor asked me to introduce myself first, and then one of the student asked me some questions –  What do I want to achieve today?

I haven’t been sleeping well lately so I said I would like to have a good night sleep every night, sleep through the night, and when I wake up in the morning I will feel fully rested, energetic, and happy.

Then other students start asking me other questions.  The instructor will stop them from time to time, gives them feedback, and ask them questions for them to think about.  When it’s time, the instructor will conclude and begin the hypnotherapy session on me.  My favorite part!!!

I sit back, lay on a chair, cover my eyes with an eye pillow.  I can hear the soothing/calm music play in the background on my right side, and someone is sitting on my left side.  One of the student begin the relaxation induction, and then 2nd student doing the deepening relaxation induction, the 3rd student doing the counting down, the 4th student insert the positive and direct suggestions for a good night sleep, the 5th student reinforce the positive suggestions.  The instructor is the last one, she playing a singing bowl (because I mentioned when they ask me questions) and reinforce the suggestions and then tell me I can come back to full conscious if I want to or I can go back to sleep.  Since I know I am in a class, I come back to full conscious.  I took three deep breath and I open my eyes.  I feel amazing.

The instructor has taped the hypnotherapy session as MP3 and will email it to me.  She said she would like me to listen to it for a few night and give her a feedback on how I feel.  That night, I slept through the night without waking up until 8:30am the next morning.  Is it amazing!!!

The recording has it’s purpose.  When we are in the trance state (like you are doing meditation or day dreaming), your mind goes in and out so the subconscious may not capture everything the hypnotherapist were saying.  Listening to the recording for a few times in the beginning after the session will help the imprint onto the subconscious deeper.  If down the road, like months later you start having trouble to sleep, you can listening to the recording again which serve like maintenance.

Some issues may need to have multiple session and listening to the recording for few months such as weight control or quiet smoking because these habits take more time to change from the subconscious.

我去學催眠的學校 (PASOH) 有不同的進階課程, 其中一個是臨床催眠療法.  有一天學校發出email詢問有沒有人願意當義工, 去給進階班學生練習.  我馬上報名, 一方面想看看進階班的上課情況, 一方面可以賺到一次催眠療程 (價值美金$200-400), 多讚啊.

昨天剛好輪到我, 基本上我就是當天的催眠客人(稱為客人, 不叫病人). 當天的進階班學生共有五人出席, 由老師起頭, 請我先做個簡單的自我介紹, 然後其中一位學生問我一些問題, 然後問我今天來希望達成什麼目的?

我有一段時間都睡得不太好, 所以當天我就說我希望能夠夜夜好眠, 一覺到天亮, 睡醒後感到精神充沛, 心情好, 有真的休息到.

接著其他學生繼續問我不同的問題. 老師會在不同時候給他們意見, 反問他們一些問題, 等到問得差不多了, 就開始我的催眠療程 (我最愛的部分)!

我坐在一個躺椅上, 戴上眼罩, 往後躺, 就聽見我的右手邊開始播放很像打坐時會放的輕柔音樂, 然後左手邊有第一位學生坐著, 開始說讓我身體慢慢放鬆的話語, 然後換第二位學生開始說更深一層的放鬆話語, 第三位學生開始倒數, 讓我進入更深層放鬆階段, 第四位學生開始說出正面且直接, 讓我睡個好覺的建議, 第五位學生加強那個建議, 老師是最後一位, 她一邊輕敲頌缽, 再次加強建議, 然後告訴我, 我可以選擇繼續睡覺, 或者恢復清醒.  因為我知道我在課堂上, 所以在我深呼吸三次後, 我就張開眼睛.  感覺非常好.

老師當天有把催眠那段錄成MP3, 之後會再email給我. 她要我聽個幾晚, 然後要我回報效果. 結果當晚我一覺到天亮, 不但中途沒醒過, 還睡到早上八點半.  這效果也太立刻有效了吧!!!

將催眠錄音有它的意義.  當我們進入催眠狀態 (很像靜坐或做白日夢那個狀況), 你的意識進進出出你的腦袋, 所以你的潛意識也許沒有將催眠師所說的每句話都聽進去. 所以在催眠療程結束後的頭幾天再聽幾次催眠錄音的目的, 是為了加強潛意識的記憶. 如果將來, 也許數個月後, 你又開始有失眠的狀況出現, 也可以再聽幾次催眠錄音, 算是自我保養的功能吧.

有些問題有可能需要數次的催眠療程, 以及多聽幾個月的催眠錄音, 才能改變潛意識裡的記憶, 例如體重控制或戒菸.