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Prenatal Regression | 產前追朔催眠療法

Sharon L Nelson specializes in Past Life Regression, Between Lives Soul Regression and Prenatal Regression therapy who is one of our soon-to-be-Master-Hypnotherapist graduate that presenting and share her final paper with a group of students today. I was glad I went. Although I never pregnant, I heart about the importance of prenatal education such as mother should stay in a good mood, listen to music, talk to the baby, etc but never thought about how the mood of the mother and people around her does really have a big impact on the fetus, and the fetus carry the emotion all the way through to adulthood.  

The topic: Prenatal Regression & Our Transition from Spirit to Birth

Come learn what Prenatal Regression is, how it can help you and your clients, and what makes it such a valuable healing tool.

  • Would you like to uncover some of the unconscious energetic ties you have with your mother?

  • Would you like the opportunity to reset some of your limiting perspectives on life that are unconsciously guiding your life today?

  • Would you like to experience the energy of your soul as it were before you were born into this life and the intentions you held for this lifetime?

Prenatal regression can be intimidating to people who have tense relationships with their mothers, however it offers us the opportunity to understand our mothers in a way that may be deeper than their own understanding of themselves and give us the opportunity to choose a new perspective on our relationship with her, all without having to personally interact with her.  In our mother’s womb, we have the knowingness of spirit, but the perspective of an infant.  The choices we make in the womb, with our infant mind, can drive our unconscious perspective of life until we go back and uncover the choices we made while in our mother’s womb. We all come into body with plans, big plans, but the time we spend in our mother’s womb often clouds our drive and can change how we see the world around us.  These changes can impede our plans, no matter how sure of them we were when we left the spirit world and came here to Earth to live a human life.  Prenatal Regression offers us a way to explore, embrace and release the ties we carry from the time in our mother’s womb that are still affecting our life today.

Sharon lead a group induction and told us that some of us may not be able to go back to our mother’s womb because it’s up to our spirit.  Some of us might have some strong emotions and some may experience something special.  I, happened to be the one who is not ready or wanting to go back to my mother’s womb.  I don’t know why but I senses that might be painful and my spirit is not ready for me to experiences it.  I was fine with it.

Sharon’s presentation does make me think about the importance of the Prenatal regression as a healing tool because our senses and memories might developing earlier than what we have thought.  Prenatal regression is also a niche that very few people specialized or focus on when it is very special and important as well.  If you are interested, you can contact Sharon L Nelson currently lives in Roseville, CA and does sessions via Skype or in person in Walnut Creek, CA.  Don’t forget to mentioned you know her because this blog post.

Sharon L Nelson 專攻前世追朔催眠, 不同世代的靈魂追朔催眠, 和產前追朔催眠. 她即將完成最高級催眠師證書資格, 她今天和催眠學校的學生們分享她的結業報告.  很高興我今天有去聽她的分享. 雖然我沒懷孕過, 但我聽過女性朋友討論胎教的重要, 例如母親要保持心情愉悅, 聽聽音樂, 與胎兒說說話之類的, 而我從來沒想過, 母親和她周遭的人事物帶來情緒上的起伏, 對胎兒的影響力, 是一直延續到胎兒出生, 長大成人. 

主題: 產前追朔催眠療法, 以及我們從靈魂到出生的轉接

學習什麼是產前追朔催眠療法, 它如何幫助你和你的客戶, 為什麼它是一個很有價值的療癒工具

  • 你想要打開連結你與你母親某些無意識的能量嗎?
  • 你想要有個機會重設一些生命中的限制, 而且無意識地影響你今天的生活嗎?
  • 你想要體驗你的靈魂在未出世前的能量, 還有你這一輩子所持有的意圖嗎?

產前追朔催眠療法有可能會對那些與母親關係緊張的人產生恐懼, 然而它使我們有機會以一種比母親對她自己的理解還要更深的方式來了解我們的母親, 並讓我們有機會選擇我們跟她的關係的新看法, 而不需要與她有真的交流. 當我們在母親的子宮裡, 我們有靈性, 也有嬰兒的視野. 我們在子宮裡所做的選擇和我們嬰兒的頭腦, 可以驅動我們對生命的無意識視野, 直到我們回去揭開我們在子宮裡所做的選擇. 我們都帶著計劃來到子宮, 但我們在子宮裡的時間往往混濁了我們的動力, 進而改變了我們對周圍世界的看法. 無論我們當初多篤定, 一旦我們離開靈性, 來到地球, 過著人類的生活, 這些變化可能會阻礙我們的計劃. 產前追朔催眠提供我們一個方式來探索, 擁抱和釋放我們待在母親子宮那段時間的關係, 因為它仍然影響我們今天的生活.

Sharon 引領一個團體的催眠, 她事先告訴大家, 有些人也許無法回到母親胎中, 因為那是決定於我們的靈魂. 有些人可能會有強烈的情緒反應, 有些人可能會有特殊經驗. 我剛好就是那個還沒準備好, 或不想回到我母親的胎中, 我不知道原因, 但我有感覺那可能會是個痛苦的經驗, 而我的靈魂還沒準備好讓我體驗. 我也無所謂.

Sharon的簡報分享的確讓我開始思考產前追朔催眠療法的重要性, 因為我們的五感和記憶有可能比我們認知的還要更早發展. 產前追朔催眠也是一個非常特殊的療法, 只有少數的催眠師專攻, 但有它特別和重要性.  如果你對產前追朔催眠有興趣, 歡迎與Sharon聯絡. 別忘了跟她提起你是因為這篇文章才找上她的喔!!!

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Hypnotherapy for Insomnia | 用催眠來治療失眠

The hypnotherapy school (PASOH) I am currently taking 101 class has offer different advance programs.  One of the program called Clinical Hypnotherapy is looking for volunteers so I signed up right away when I received an email from the school since I want to see how advance class work plus I could get a free hypnotherapy session (at least worth $200-400 market value).  Perfect!!!

Yesterday was my turn so I was the client for the class (we call client not patient).  There are five students that day.  The instructor asked me to introduce myself first, and then one of the student asked me some questions –  What do I want to achieve today?

I haven’t been sleeping well lately so I said I would like to have a good night sleep every night, sleep through the night, and when I wake up in the morning I will feel fully rested, energetic, and happy.

Then other students start asking me other questions.  The instructor will stop them from time to time, gives them feedback, and ask them questions for them to think about.  When it’s time, the instructor will conclude and begin the hypnotherapy session on me.  My favorite part!!!

I sit back, lay on a chair, cover my eyes with an eye pillow.  I can hear the soothing/calm music play in the background on my right side, and someone is sitting on my left side.  One of the student begin the relaxation induction, and then 2nd student doing the deepening relaxation induction, the 3rd student doing the counting down, the 4th student insert the positive and direct suggestions for a good night sleep, the 5th student reinforce the positive suggestions.  The instructor is the last one, she playing a singing bowl (because I mentioned when they ask me questions) and reinforce the suggestions and then tell me I can come back to full conscious if I want to or I can go back to sleep.  Since I know I am in a class, I come back to full conscious.  I took three deep breath and I open my eyes.  I feel amazing.

The instructor has taped the hypnotherapy session as MP3 and will email it to me.  She said she would like me to listen to it for a few night and give her a feedback on how I feel.  That night, I slept through the night without waking up until 8:30am the next morning.  Is it amazing!!!

The recording has it’s purpose.  When we are in the trance state (like you are doing meditation or day dreaming), your mind goes in and out so the subconscious may not capture everything the hypnotherapist were saying.  Listening to the recording for a few times in the beginning after the session will help the imprint onto the subconscious deeper.  If down the road, like months later you start having trouble to sleep, you can listening to the recording again which serve like maintenance.

Some issues may need to have multiple session and listening to the recording for few months such as weight control or quiet smoking because these habits take more time to change from the subconscious.

我去學催眠的學校 (PASOH) 有不同的進階課程, 其中一個是臨床催眠療法.  有一天學校發出email詢問有沒有人願意當義工, 去給進階班學生練習.  我馬上報名, 一方面想看看進階班的上課情況, 一方面可以賺到一次催眠療程 (價值美金$200-400), 多讚啊.

昨天剛好輪到我, 基本上我就是當天的催眠客人(稱為客人, 不叫病人). 當天的進階班學生共有五人出席, 由老師起頭, 請我先做個簡單的自我介紹, 然後其中一位學生問我一些問題, 然後問我今天來希望達成什麼目的?

我有一段時間都睡得不太好, 所以當天我就說我希望能夠夜夜好眠, 一覺到天亮, 睡醒後感到精神充沛, 心情好, 有真的休息到.

接著其他學生繼續問我不同的問題. 老師會在不同時候給他們意見, 反問他們一些問題, 等到問得差不多了, 就開始我的催眠療程 (我最愛的部分)!

我坐在一個躺椅上, 戴上眼罩, 往後躺, 就聽見我的右手邊開始播放很像打坐時會放的輕柔音樂, 然後左手邊有第一位學生坐著, 開始說讓我身體慢慢放鬆的話語, 然後換第二位學生開始說更深一層的放鬆話語, 第三位學生開始倒數, 讓我進入更深層放鬆階段, 第四位學生開始說出正面且直接, 讓我睡個好覺的建議, 第五位學生加強那個建議, 老師是最後一位, 她一邊輕敲頌缽, 再次加強建議, 然後告訴我, 我可以選擇繼續睡覺, 或者恢復清醒.  因為我知道我在課堂上, 所以在我深呼吸三次後, 我就張開眼睛.  感覺非常好.

老師當天有把催眠那段錄成MP3, 之後會再email給我. 她要我聽個幾晚, 然後要我回報效果. 結果當晚我一覺到天亮, 不但中途沒醒過, 還睡到早上八點半.  這效果也太立刻有效了吧!!!

將催眠錄音有它的意義.  當我們進入催眠狀態 (很像靜坐或做白日夢那個狀況), 你的意識進進出出你的腦袋, 所以你的潛意識也許沒有將催眠師所說的每句話都聽進去. 所以在催眠療程結束後的頭幾天再聽幾次催眠錄音的目的, 是為了加強潛意識的記憶. 如果將來, 也許數個月後, 你又開始有失眠的狀況出現, 也可以再聽幾次催眠錄音, 算是自我保養的功能吧.

有些問題有可能需要數次的催眠療程, 以及多聽幾個月的催眠錄音, 才能改變潛意識裡的記憶, 例如體重控制或戒菸.

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What is Hypnotherapy | 什麼是催眠

Last post was talking about the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy (PASOH).  I have began the Hypnotherapy 101 Certification Course, and I would like to share what I have learned.

Many people when they think about hypnosis, the first thing came to mind is the stage hypnosis for entertainment where the hypnotherapist can make you do anything on stage. Due to stage hypnotists’ showmanship, many people believe that hypnosis is a form of mind control.  Actually, all hypnosis are self-hypnosis because the willingness is the key factor – you are willing to relax, you are willing to follow the suggestions, and you are willing to achieve the desired results.  If you are not willing, you can’t be hypnotized.

Science has discovered that everything about our human condition is stored in the subconscious mind. The only way to modify or change our behavior is by changing the belief system in our subconscious. This is similar to reprogramming a computer or reset a hard-drive.

The therapeutic hypnosis (hypnotherapy) is a tool used to enable you to totally deeply relax your body and mind so that you can gain access to your subconscious. This state is like daydreaming or spacing out. Then you will be giving positive suggestions and images to replace the negative themes currently in place. Suggestions are as effective as your desire to achieve them. You are always in control.

Everyone can benefit from hypnosis in the area such as improving sleep, reducing stress, weight loss, quit smoking, controlling pain, overcome addictions, increase self-esteem, enhance creativity, improving learning or athletic performance or remembering a past experience in complete detail.  I am hoping you will give hypnotherapy a try.

How many sessions do you need, you may ask.  It depends on your situation or issues.  In average, it takes 2 to 5 sessions (each session is about 2-3 hours).

While I am writing this post, I realized that nine years ago in April was my very first experience with hypnotherapy. Who would of thought that I will become a hypnotherapist nine years later.  I think everything happened for a reason.

上一篇文章是介紹Palo Alto 的催眠學校, 我開始了基礎催眠課程, 想來跟大家分享一下所學.

許多人一聽到催眠, 第一個想到的就是舞台上的催眠秀, 催眠師可以讓你無意識地做任何行為, 因此, 許多人以為催眠是一種意念的控制.  但實際上, 所有的催眠其實都是自我催眠, 因為 “自願性” 是要能夠被催眠成功的主因 – 你必須自願放鬆, 你必須自願聽從建議, 你必須自願想要達到結果. 如果你心裡不願意被催眠, 你是無法被催眠的.

科學家發現我們人類所有的行為都收藏在淺意識裡. 要改變我們的行為或想法的唯一方式就是從淺意識下手, 有點像重寫電腦程式或更新軟體.

催眠療法是先讓你的身體和頭腦深度放鬆, 才能讓你的淺意識出現, 這個潛意識的狀態有點像你在做白日夢, 然後從潛意識裡, 以正面建議的方式, 去改寫你原有的壞習慣或負面想法, 但是效果如何, 就看被催眠者本身對改變的意願強度.

每一個人都能受惠催眠, 不論是幫助睡眠, 減低壓力, 減肥, 戒菸, 控制疼痛, 克服上癮, 增加自信, 加強創意,幫助學習或表現, 或記得過去發生過的事. 我希望你願意給催眠療法一個機會.

一般人需要看幾次催眠師呢? 這要看每個人的問題狀況, 但平均來說大概是二到五次, 每次大概是二到三小時.

我在寫這篇文章的時候, 才發現九年前的四月, 剛好是我第一次接受催眠, 沒想到九年後我踏上當催眠師的這條路, 一切都是注定好的.



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Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy (PASOH)

The first time I heard about this school is from my Acupuncturist because she learned many other alternative healings as well to help her patients.  I went to see a hypnotist about two weeks ago for a session and he happened to graduated from PASOH and he highly recommended.  Since I felt the benefits from the session plus I have been interested in alternative healing arts in recent years I want to know more about Hypnotherapy.  So I contacted the school and found out that they are having a Into night for people to attend.

Founded in 1977 by Master Hypnotist Josie Hadley, the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy has certified many hundreds of extraordinary hypnotherapists. The school curriculum has evolved academically since 1977 by adding courses, seminars and workshops to educate and professionalize practitioners. Shortly before Josie Hadley passed away in December, 2007, she wisely sold the school to Dorthy Tyo who had been teaching, developing courses, and managing the school for over 20 years. In January, 2008 Dorthy took on the full responsibility of moving the school forward and invited Isabela Delcourt to teach the curriculum in Spanish. In China, Sandy Chang teaches the basic courses to many students who want to help others as well.

The basic mission of this school is to offer courses designed to prepare students in the use of the most modern, researched, and substantiated therapeutic techniques of hypnosis and related modalities while providing extensive skill development through didactic presentations and monitored practice where students are encouraged to explore the use and application of these therapeutic skills in their personal and professional lives. The school promotes public and professional awareness of the clinical and medical benefits of hypnosis as a therapeutic intervention so that people can learn to utilize the abilities inherently within.

The Outreach Program of the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy offers the skills of students and graduates as volunteers to public and private facilities for stress management, pain control, relaxation, habit control, and others issues. As an example, the school is part of the program at Hope House (a women’s recovery center) in Redwood City, CA and has been an integral part of women’s recovery for over 20 years.

The head of school, Dorthy was the host that night with three other instructors and two graduated students to share their experiences.  Dorthy’s philosophy really speaks to me.  She said she hasn’t increase the tuition for 10 plus years is because she want to make it affordable so more people can come and learn Hypnotherapy which not only benefits ourselves but also help others.  We need more healers.

Hypnotherapy 101 Certification Course is the first entry course, total of 50 hours in 10 weeks and you will receive a certificate when completed.  You can then start seeing clients with single issues such as smoking, lose weight, distress, phobias, pain control, increase self-esteem or motivation, etc.  The next class starting on 4/25, you can choose between morning class from 9:30-1:00 or night class from 6:30-10:00 plus two full Saturdays on 6/2 and 6/23 from 10-5.

In the State of California,Hypnotherapy Certification program is control and regulated; however, the Hypnotherapists are not.  Since other States has requirement of 300 hours (like Yoga instructors), Dorthy encourage us to take on more classes after we complete the 101 course.

Some insurance company cover Hypnotherapy sessions. The Hypnotherapy session fee charges varies, in average is about $400/2-3 hrs per session.  Some issues may only need one session but you will need to be willing to work with the Hypnotherapist and want to change; otherwise, you may not see a big result of improvement because it all has to do with your subconscious.

Anyone wants to try Hypnotherapy??  We as students need volunteers for doing our homework so if you are interested, let me know because I will need to charge after I complete the course.  :p

第一次知道這所催眠學校是從我的中醫, 因為她本身除了熱愛中醫之外, 也涉獵其他許多自然療法.  二週前我去找催眠師治療, 他剛好也是從這所學校畢業的, 且對這所學校讚譽有加.  因為催眠帶給我的效果很好, 加上我這幾年對自然療法和身心靈方面的課程很有興趣, 覺得不但對自己很有幫助, 也可以分享且幫助其他人, 於是乎產生去學催眠的念頭. 跟學校聯絡後得知, 昨晚有一場Q&A Intro Event, 所以我和朋友Vivian就一起參加.

當晚是由院長Dorthy主持, 另有三位老師和二位已畢業的學生出席分享他們的心路歷程和經驗.  我非常喜歡院長的教學理念, 她說她已經大概十年沒漲過學費了, 因為她希望能讓更多人能夠負擔學費, 進而來學習催眠, 這樣就能幫助自己也幫助別人, 她說我們需要更多的治療師(Healers).

Hypnotherapy 101 Certification Course是第一門催眠入門課程, 50小時/10 weeks, 完成後就會拿到證書, 可以開始幫人處理單獨, 主題式的問題, 例如戒菸, 減肥, 舒壓, 空間恐懼症(Phobias), 控制疼痛, 增加自信或動力, 等等. 最新一期的開課日期是4/25, 有分上午班9:30-1:00和晚上班6:30-10:00, 另外還有二個全天的週六 (6/2, 6/23 from 10-5).

目前加州對催眠學校的證書課程是有規定和管制的, 所有的課程需要送到教育部審核, 但對催眠師的執業是沒有執照考試之類的要求.  不過因為別州對催眠師的要求是300小時 (有點類似瑜珈老師的時數), 所以院長也鼓勵我們結束入門課程後也可以繼續進修其他五門各50小時的進階課程, 完成300小時的訓練.

有些保險公司給付催眠療程, 目前灣區的催眠療程收費不一, 平均大概$400/2-3 hrs per session. 有些問題只需要一個療程, 但前提是你願意配合, 有想要改變的決心, 催眠可以助你一臂之力, 但是如果你不是, 催眠的效果有限, 因為這跟你的淺意識有很大的關係.

有人想試試催眠的嗎? 因為學生在課堂外會需要找自願者練習, 是功課的一部分, 所以如果你有興趣的話, 跟我聯絡, 不然等我畢業後就要開始收費囉.  LOL


註: David Wilson, 授課老師之一, 用催眠幫助得乳癌的太太有很好的效果, 而製作這個免費的Guided Meditation 來幫助大家.


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Breethe – Guided Meditation App

Do you have a favorite guided meditation app on your phone?  I have tried a few such as Headspace, Calm, RelaxMelodies, etc, and my favorite is this one, Breethe.  I started with their free version which only give you a taste of it.  I liked it enough and wanted more so I paid in order to unlock all content with a Premium membership (I choose the 2 year $120 plan)

你有最愛的靜坐冥想的App嗎? 我自己試用過幾個 – Headspace, Calm, RelaxMelodies, 而我的最愛是Breethe. 我一開始是先試用它免費版本, 當然選擇有限, 所以我後來就改用付費版本, 果然差很多.

Plans:  付費方式有月付, 年付, 或一次付二年.
Premium membership unlocks all content and features for the duration of the subscription.
Monthly: US$ 12.5 per month & Yearly: US$ 89.95
Monthly and Annual subscriptions automatically renew at the rate secured at the time of purchase unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Auto-renewal can be turned off easily at any time by selecting Manage Subscriptions in the user’s Account Settings after purchase.
2 year: US$ 119.95 does not auto renew.

Prices in USD may vary due to exchange rates. Payment charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. For more info, consult

Inside of the Life Situations, it has Morning, Night, Pressed for Time, On the Go, Breethers, Relationships, Happiness, Life, Personal Growth, Health & Wellness, Workplace, Performance & Success, Stress & Anxiety, Spiritual, Relaxation, total of 15 sessions.  From Wake up with Intention/Gratitude/Energy/Confident, to Transition to Sleep Meditation, Dealing with Confrontation, Loving Yourself, Finding the Ideal Job, Coping with Grief, Managing PMS, Weight Loss, Master your Memory, etc.

付費版本的內容真的很豐富, 包羅萬象, 而且時間有長有短, 很方便.

You can play this Youtube to get a sense of the voice, the speed, and the content.  I really like the woman’s voice (her name is Lynne Goldberg).  I listen to the night time meditation to fall asleep every night.

你可以試試這個Youtube版本感受一下. 我每天晚上都要聽入睡冥想版本的才睡得著.