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[Rental] 3901 Lick Mill Blvd #439, Santa Clara 95054

🏠 Condo全屋出租】

2大房2衛浴, 室內1192 sqft,位在Santa Clara Rivermark 95054,近101/880/237,封閉小區安全性高,附游泳池,健身房,房間寬大舒適,頂層邊間採光好,電梯直達2停車位。步行5分鐘內能到Safeway超市,開車10分鐘能到99大華超市,Costco,Walmart,Target。即時入住,月租3150,包水費垃圾費,押金3450。租客要求:無寵物,需自備租客保險(Renter Insurance)。更多詳情查詢:


If interested, respond to this ad or contact Libby at 408-348-7546 or Sabrina 408-859-5864(中文可)to make an appointment to view the inside. Please reference ‘Lickmill’ in your response.

Thank you in advance for your interest !

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住獨棟屋 (Single Family Houses)的缺點就是自己要處理維修更換屋頂, 圍牆, 粉刷油漆, 排水, 除草皮等事情, 住公寓 (Condos/Townhouses)的因為有繳住戶管理費 (HOA), 所以這類屋外的事情都是由管理委員會去處理.

一般圍牆的壽命, 跟你選擇的材料, 裝置的方式, 保養的方式, 周邊是否有灑水系統有關.  遇到要換圍牆的時候, 鄰居好不好配合就很重要, 因為費用對分, 如果遇到一邊屋主不願意換, 除非你自己願意承擔整個費用, 或者你要去市府送申訴, 不然的話, 你也沒辦法. 這次我就遇到手上的一個房子要換三面圍牆, 但是後方房子的房東, 認為圍牆狀況還行而不願意換.

上圖是後方房東簡訊給我說他們來檢查看過後拍的照片 (我倒覺得比較像是房東請房客拍的照片), 我問房東太太, 你有近看嗎? 你有搖一下圍牆嗎? 因為我這邊的圍牆看起來很不一樣ㄟ (下圖)

我說我這邊要用四塊木頭頂著, 你那邊的Ivy都快把圍牆壓倒了, 有些部分的木片搖一下就掉了, 而且我這邊已經維修/補釘過幾次了, 現在你跟我說圍牆狀況 “看起來” 還好??

然後他就不再回應我 (這些都是用簡訊). 屋主夫妻二人都是華人 (老公姓Wong, 老婆姓Yau), 住Los Altos Hills, 房屋市值大概三百五十萬美金左右 (他們2008年買的時候是一百八十八萬), 還有一間開了十年的科技公司, 而且剛度了三個月的假期回來, 而他們要負擔的圍牆費用不過八百塊, 所以我不認為是錢的問題, 就是不願意配合罷了. 我也只能先處理左右二邊的圍牆了, 起碼這二邊的屋主都同意換新, 我猜後方要等整個圍牆往我這邊倒下, 房東才會願意換了.
我找了二間圍牆公司來估價, 第一間是 Los Gatos Fence Company.  來估價的人是Andrew, 非常親切友善, 對屋主的問題有問必答. 估價單是隔天email給我們, 不但清楚列出所需材料, 還把價錢算得清清楚楚, 一開始先列出每一邊的價格, 最後還幫你把每個屋主總共要負擔的金額算好, 看了就很舒服.

第二間是Bay Area Fence – 非 常 不 推 薦 Bay Area Fence, 態度不客氣, 估價單是當場用手寫的, 而且價格還比較高. 他當下的態度, 讓我很想叫他走人, 不用給我估價單了.

之前的豪雨, 造成很多圍牆倒塌, 所以圍牆公司都超級忙. 我們三月初估的價, 實際上排到的工程日期是五月初, 他們說慢慢會好一點, 因為之前因為豪雨造成的, 都弄的差不多了.

Los Gatos Fence Company的回電話或回電郵的速度都算快, 而且很客氣. 基本上, 主要的屋主 (這次的案例, 我是主要簽合約的人, 因為我要換二邊的圍牆), 簽好合約, 連同總金額的10%為簽約金寄出, 然後工程日之前要再給50%的費用, 最後的費用等工程完成後付清.  我的做法是, 我付10%和尾款, 我跟二邊的屋主拿到他們的費用支票, 抬頭寫Los Gatos Fence, 然後當作50%費用寄出.

下週一要開工, 這週五PG&E的人就來插旗子, 標示瓦斯管線的位子.

76 ft長的圍牆, 從拆除到新的裝好, 只要一天.  工程做好後, 工人會把所有裁剩下的材料帶走, 雖然還是有留一些木屑, 但我覺得算乾淨了.

新的圍牆裝好後, 等三週, 找個幾天都不會下雨的某個陰天早上或傍晚, 給二邊的圍牆塗上Wood Stain, 算是一個保護膜 (細節如下).

A wood stain helps create a protective barrier that keeps your fence looking beautiful over the years. In general, fence stains get categorized as either semi-transparent, penetrating stains or solid-color stains, depending on the level of pigment in the solution.

Wait at least three weeks before you stain a wood fence you’ve just built that allows the wood to “settle” into its new environment, noting that it also gives the new wood time to open its pores so your stain sinks in more effectively.

The best time to apply stain is in the morning or late afternoon on a cloudy day. Wait for a day when it hasn’t rained for 24 hours and no further rain is in the forecast for the next 24 hours.

When it comes to applying a stain to a fence, you have the choice of brushes, rollers or pads. For the best results with a brush, pick a staining brush that’s 4 or 5 inches wide. If you opt for a pad, the best type for fence staining is a pad with a fluffy nap, such as the pads that are sometimes labeled for use on decks. Finally, if you’re using a roller, any paint roller will do.

Focus on painting from the top of the fence to the bottom to prevent uneven dripping. Follow any product-specific guidelines on the label of the wood stain you purchased, as thickness and coat requirements vary by manufacturer.

In most cases, solid-color stains are like traditional paint and need just one coat to protect your fence. Semi-transparent penetrating stains often need two coats, with the second coat applied approximately an hour after the first coat.

Measure the length and height of the fence to be stained. Multiply the length by the height to determine the total square footage of the fence. If you are going to stain both sides, multiply the square footage by two.

Note the coverage provided by the stain you plan to use. This is usually listed on the side of the can. Different stains offer different coverage, although it is often between 150 and 200 square feet per gallon. Divide the total square feet of fence to be stained by the coverage listed on the can.

For example, if you have 1,000 square feet of fence and the stain says that 1 gallon covers 200 square feet, you would divide 1,000 by 200, which equals 5 gallons to cover the fence. If you get a fraction in your answer, always round up to the next whole gallon.

Make sure you stain and paint your fence, and reapply the stain every 2 years, or the paint every 4 years.

我們拖到7/4才有空上漆, 不過這個圍牆工程總算完成了!!

後註: The Family Handyman出了這篇有關How to Set Fence Posts That Won’t Rot文章, 我想一般圍牆公司是不會多做這些準備步驟, 也許你可以試著要求看看, 我的已經裝好, 來不及要求了.

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Furnished Palo Alto Single Family Rental Available Now, Near Stanford University

Clean, bright, and modern single family home in beautiful Park West neighborhood of Palo Alto.

[3363 Park Blvd, Palo Alto, CA 94306]

1208 sqft living space on 4300 sqft lot. 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths plus an office and a storage area in the converted garage.

It used to be Corporate Housing so it has everything you need. Prefer to rent it as furnished but can be flexible if you prefer without it.

– Newly upgraded décor and amenities.

– Hardwood floor in the public area and bathrooms. Carpet in the bedrooms.

– Gas fireplace

– Stainless steel appliances (fridge, oven, dishwasher, microwave, toaster)

– Washer and Dryer inside

– Barron Park Elementary, Terman Middle School, and Gunn High School. Private schools: Bowman and Keys

– Easy access to Page Mill Rd, Oregon Expressway, El Camino Real, Alma/Central Expressway, Stanford University, Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto Square, Highways 280 and 101, and Caltrain.

– Biweekly gardening service included.

– Tenant pays for all other expenses, including rent, utilities, cable, DSL, phone, etc.

– Prefer no pets but will consider with owner approval, additional deposit will be required.

– No smoking

– $5000 per month. Yearly lease. First month plus $5000 deposit. Applications and additional photos can be found on Require Credit Reports, background Checks and Proof of income.

– Available NOW.


3/18 Saturday from 10:00am to 12:00pm


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PMC 1: Residential Property Management for the Real Estate Licensee

PMCPMC1: Residential Property Management for the Real Estate Licensee. (點連結可以看到課程大綱, 我只寫出我覺得一般人比較容易疏忽的重點)

The six P’s in Property Management are Problems, Profession, People, Profit, Property, Paperwork.

1. Problems: 問題一是Agent and/or the Owner都缺乏租賃管理的經驗, 甚至本身都一直是房客, 沒有當過屋主或房東. 問題二是沒有白紙黑字的合約書, 僅有口頭約. 問題三是房客利用租屋處從事非法活動. 問題四是房客中的成人搬走, 卻留下未成年繼續居住. 問題五是出租屋本身的合法性, 有可能沒有Permit或是不合法律上的居住尺寸. 問題六是出租屋的屋況歷史沒人知道.

2. Profession: Fair housing, equal opportunity, civil rights, and anti-discrimination.  這一塊是多數人常會出問題的, 尤其房東本身若是外來移民, 有可能因為文化背景的不同而犯錯, 所以要非常注意, 否則很容易就吃上官司.

The Fair Housing Act 禁止房東因為以下原因的歧視而不願出租: Race, Color, Ethnicity, National Origin, Ancestry, Religion, Sex or Sexual Orientation or Personal Characteristics, Marital Status and Familial Status, Pregnant Individuals, Handicap or Disability, and Income Source.

唯二例外的情況: (1)房東自住的房子要出租一間房的時候, 在自己管理的情況下, 可以提出性別的偏好. 例如我是女性屋主, 我有一個房間要出租, 我可以提出我只想租給女性的要求, 而不會有性別歧視的問題. (2) 整個住宅社區是由某個機構 (HOA)或私人俱樂部運作管理, 而他們限制只有會員可以使用. . . 不過即便這樣, 法律上還是對上述唯二例外的情況做出某些限制, 例如你不可以對不同租客做出不同的要求或限制, 不可以因為殘障而不出租等等.

建于1991年以前的老房子, 可能缺乏某些設施, 例如給輪椅走的斜坡.房東沒有責任要替殘障房客加裝某些設備, 但是房東不可以反對或禁止殘障房客自掏腰包去加裝那些設備,房東可以要求當殘障房客租約到期時, 殘障房客必須將房子恢復原狀.

房東可以有不准養寵物的規定, 除了殘障房客的Service Animal以外. 而房東可以要求殘障房客必須清除Service Animal的大小便, 且要求Service Animal必須受過訓練.

建于1991年以後的新房子, 若有電梯或是四個單位以上, 則有許多為了方便殘障房客的要求 – 例如公共區域必須方便殘障房客進出, 房門和公共走廊的寬度必須容納輪椅進出, 所有電源開關, 插座位子, 空調開關的位子都必須是殘障房客能操作的高度, 浴室的牆必須加強, 方便殘障房客加裝Grab Bars, 廚房和浴室都必須是方便殘障房客使用的環境, etc.


租屋廣告或是電話上的用詞則要非常小心, 否則很容易違法 (政府常會派臥底去試探), 請不要使用以下用語:

The unit just went off the market.

We don’t take kids in this building.

People with kids can only be in building C which has no vacancy.

I rented that unit right after you called but before you got over here to see it.

You can’t put a ramp here.

We prefer only married couples.

No pets of any kind are allowed.

The “For Rent” sign is still up; days after an applicant is told that there are no vacancies.

The story told in person is different than what was told over the phone.

No one contacts the applicant after an applicant was completed and submitted.

The deposit is refused for a vacant unit.

Adult building; No children.

For active adults, single only.

Hispanic, Asian or African-American area.

Near Synagogue, Temple, Catholic Church, Shrine.

Male or Female only; Restrictive; Exclusive.

Ideal for Physically fit; Prefer bright, healthy person.

3. People/Players: 這一塊的重點在於On-Site Manager/Resident Manager/Building Superintendent. 如果管理員沒有地產執照, 則必須居住在出租單位處; 而出租公寓超過16個以上的物件, 旅館超過12間房, 則”必須”有管理員是住在出租公寓或旅館內.  如果出租單位在四個以上, 十六個以下, 而房東不住在出租單位處的話, 則必須在出租單位處最明顯的地方, 張貼房東以及管理經紀的姓名/地址/電話.  除非管理員是有Broker license or working under a Broker, 則不需要住在出租單位內, 但是正常上班時間必須要能夠被聯絡到.

On-Site Manager/Resident Manager/Building Superintendent的Compensation是Rent Credit toward minimum wage ($9/h before Jan 2016, $10/h after Jan 2016) not to exceed 2/3 of rental value but not more than $451.89/single, $668.46/couple.

4. Profit: 地產經紀被吊銷執照的首要原因就是違反信託基金法 (Trust Fund Law).  從事租賃管理的地產經紀必須在銀行另開沒有利息收入的信託帳戶 (可以每個租賃單位各開一個帳戶或者只開一個帳戶專門處理租賃管理的金錢來源, 但有記帳本, 清楚記載每個租賃單位的每筆收入支出), 租金必須先進入信託帳戶, 然後再將管理費轉到地產經紀的帳戶, 剩下的租金轉到房東的帳戶.

押金: 這一點也是房東自己管理會出現的常見錯誤.  現實生活中, 很多房東都以First month rent + Last month rent 來當作押金, 但是這樣的做法是錯誤的.  房租歸房租, 押金規押金, 否則的話, 房客最後一個月如果沒付房租, 房東把押金當作最後一個月的房租, 那等房客搬走, 房子受損, 你不就等於手上沒有押金可以扣了??  所以正確的做法是 – 空房出租的話, 二個月等值的房租金額是押金上限; 有含傢俱的出租房, 三個月等值的房租金額是押金上限, 外加第一個月的房租.  (假設房租是一千塊錢, 你可以收第一個月的房租, 外加二千塊或者三千塊的押金)

押金退還: 在房客要搬走的二天前, 房東或租賃經紀必須和房客一起做Inspection, 房東或租賃經紀在這個時候就要告知房客, 哪些地方必須在搬走前修繕, 否則會從押金扣.  押金必須在房客搬走後的21天內退還, 信託帳戶的記錄必須保存三年.

房東或租賃經紀的檢視權: 房東或租賃經紀有權前往出租處做檢查, 短期租賃的度假屋不需事先告知房客, 可以直接敲門; 長期租賃的則需要提前24小時告知.

租賃管理軟體: 講師建議即便只有一個房子出租, 還是很值得使用Property Management Software. 他推薦 Yardi, Appfolio, Buildium.

Capitalization Rate (Cap rate) 是計算投資報酬率. 公式: Net Operating Income (NOI) 除以Cap Rate = Estimated Property Value.

舉例: $120,000/6%=$2,000,000

也可以反過來, 算出Cap rate: $120,000/$1,820,000 = 6.6% (6-10%算是很好的報酬率)

*NOI is after property operating expenses are deducted.

5. Property:

6. Paperwork: 最重要的就是保險 – Insurance policies and coverage for $1M (for fire and hazard, and liability).  Lender don’t normally require E&O insurance but the owner will.

California Housing Code:  Every dwelling unit shall have at least one room which shall have not less than 120 sqft of floor area.  Each additional room, except for a kitchen, shall have at least 70 sqft.  When more than two persons occupy a room used for sleeping purposes and additional 50 sqft is required for each additional occupant.   不過在加州的各個城市可能會有自己特有的規定或例外.



HGTV’s Income Property是我挺喜歡看的一個電視節目, 主持人Scott 本身投資很多Income Property, 在節目中提供屋主二個改造計劃, 二個不同的裝修預算和租金金額, 幫助屋主變成房東, 用租金收入來幫助付房貸, 減輕經濟上的負擔. 當然主持人Scott長得不錯也是個原因啦.

他即將來灣區做投資講座, 免費入場, 但需要事先報名, 有興趣學習投資房地產的人, 請不要錯過喔.
Jul 24, 12:00 PM Fremont
Jul 25, 9:00 AM Santa Clara
Jul 26, 9:00 AM Burlingame

Property Management

The Property Management Certification (PMC) Program


如果你在加州有房子, 打算出租, 自己管理租賃, 社區大學或是坊間都有租賃管理相關的課程可以上; 而地產經紀如果想主攻租賃市場, 也有租賃管理認證課程可以上.  屋主管理自己的房子出租, 不需要執照, 如果是替別人管理, 則需要有Real Estate Broker’s license (如果你只有Real Estate Salesperson license, 你必須working under a broker).

“A broker’s license is required for any person or company that, for compensation, leases or rents or offers to lease or rent, or places for rent, or solicits listings of places for rent, or solicits for prospective tenants, or negotiates the sale, purchase or exchanges of leases on real property, or collects rents from real property, or improvements thereon.  California requires property managers to have or work under someone who holds a real estate broker’s license. The only exception to this law is for property owners who manage their own buildings.”

租賃管理包括 – 出租, 收租, 房屋維護及維修.  在加州, 租賃管理是受到法律嚴格控管, 與租賃管理有直接或間接關聯的法律, 出現在十五處不同的加州法律條款, 而且租賃管理業和其他行業一樣, 都受到商業法的保護和限制, 包括工作場合的安全, 性騷擾, 歧視, 保險和稅務.

最常見的租賃管理的收費計算方式是以每月房租的百分比.  例如, 一棟屋況良好, 位在好社區的獨棟屋, 管理費大概是房租的6%-10% (i.e., $3,500/month rent at 8% would equate to $280 monthly fee for the property manager).  A multi-family property with deferred maintenance in a tougher neighborhood would probably be in the 8%-12% range.

華人為了省管理費, 多半選擇自己管理, 不過我建議屋主去上幾堂租賃管理的課程, 讓自己對加州法律有基本了解, 才不會為了省管理費而吃上官司, 因為有很多做法在你的國家可能沒問題, 但是在美國會是很大的問題. 如果你的房客比你清楚加州的租賃管理法律, 你會讓自己身處危險的灰色地帶.

另外, 管理費所替你省下的時間和精力, 外加稅務上的抵扣, 有可能是值得的, 這一篇IS HIRING A PROPERTY MANAGER WORTH THE COST? 讓你參考.

The Property Management Certification (PMC) Program是給有執照的地產人員上的一個認證課程, 整套課程有七堂課, 但是你只要在一年內拿其中四堂課就可以了 (我對#1, 2, 4, 5, 6 比較有興趣).  我今天去上了第一堂課, 下一篇就來分享一下今天所學的東西.

Course Details:
Courses may be taken in any order.

  • Course 1 (live lecture and LearnMyWay® only) – “Residential Property Management for the Real Estate Licensee”
    This course will provide you with an understanding about the responsibilities, functions, and skills involved in property management. This course does not currently have continuing education (CE) credit.  
  • Course 2 (live lecture, LearnMyWay®, and OnDemand only) – “Professional Property Management, Single Family Homes and Two-to-Four Unit Residences”
    This course will provide you with a thorough understanding of the single family rental housing market. Learn the fundamental requirements, responsibilities, procedures, and processes involved when establishing a successful property management business.
  • Course 3 (live lecture, LearnMyWay®, and online only) – “Larger Apartment Buildings and Commercial Properties” – This four (4) hour online course is designed to provide real estate professionals a comprehensive overview specific to large apartment and commercial buildings including all facilities and equipment, tenant profiles, agreements, improvements by tenants, specialty properties and policies. Review the many opportunities and challenges that come with managing commercial properties and larger apartment buildings.
  • Course 4 (live lecture, LearnMyWay® and online only) – “Trust Funds, Fair Housing, and Legal Aspects of Property Management” – This four (4) hour online course will provide real estate professionals with a thorough understanding about the federal and state laws regarding fair housing, delinquency resolution, trust fund handling and other legal issues property managers may experience. Explore the various laws that every property manager and real estate licensee must understand to protecting your life and your business.
  • Course 5 (live lecture and LearnMyWay® only) – “Working with Investors”
    This course will provide you with a thorough understanding of the real estate investment property market from residential income to commercial properties. This course is Bureau of Real Estate (BRE) accredited for 4 hours of Continuing Education (CE) in Consumer Service, when course is taken live lecture or as LearnMyWay® webinar. CalBRE Sponsor No. 0001.  
  • Course 6 (live lecture and LearnMyWay® only) – “Vacation Rental Management”
    This course is intended to provide you with a fundamental understanding of the legal issues, concepts, strategies, and contracts that are involved in vacation rental management.
  • Course 7 (live lecture and LearnMyWay® only)“Selling Apartment Buildings – The Investment Analysis Process”              This course will provide licensees with a thorough understanding of the process involved in the physical and financial evaluation of an income property, with the emphasis on apartment buildings.


備註: 是一個免費房屋租賃網站 (a Startup company), 幫助房東出租房子, 篩選房客, 背景調查, 收租, 也幫助房客建立一個檔案 (就不用每次都要寫申請書), 和付租金.