Prefab Homes

10 Pre-Assembled Housing Options ~

#10 weeHouse
— WeeHouses cost about $80 per square foot and modules can be stacked
or attached to create homes of various heights and widths. Most
weeHouses start at just under $50,000 with eight to 10 week of
construction. Base modules: weeHouse (14′ x 24′); wee one (14′ x 42′);
wee two (14′ x 57′); sleep tight (14′ x 37′); wee stair (14′ x 8′) ;
not so wee stair (14′ x 23′)

#9 Dome Homes — American Ingenuity
offers seven different dome sizes — 22′, 40′, 60′ — all of which are
strong enough to withstand a hurricane, earthquake or tornado. Kits
feature the shell, with additional cost for assembly and interior
components, plumbing and electrical installation.

#8 Airstream Travel Trailers — CCD Sizes: 16′, 19′, 22′, 25′, 28′

* Airstream International, 937-596-6111,
* Christopher C. Deam, Architect, 415-981-1829,

#7 Anderson Hybrid Home — Homes vary in price depending on location. Please contact the architect for price information.

The Shipping Container — Quik House Kit includes 5 modified containers
(3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths) and all the glass necessary to enclose a
2,000-square-foot building. The Premium House Kit includes the Quik
House, stainless steel kitchen, plumbing, HVAC, insulation, wall and
electrical packages, dining nook and more.

* Kalkin and Company, 908-696-1999,
* Glochester Green Project, Fox and Fowle Architects, 212-627-1700

LV Kit Home — Basic exterior shell available for LV Home and Fish Camp,
with upgrades and added rooms for an additional cost.

* Rocio Romero, Prefab Kit Designer, LV Kit Home and Fish Camp, 573-768-6116,

Portable House — Includes steel deck and ramp, appliances and fixtures,
bamboo and Lonseal flooring, cabinetry, finishes, lighting and more.
12′ x 40′ and 12′ x 60′ available.

* Jennifer Siegel, Founder, Office of Mobile Design, 310-439-1129,

#3 Acorn Conversion Project — 12′ x 40′ and 12′ x 60′ structures; price does not include foundation, electrical, or plumbing.

* Sheila Kennedy, Architect, Kennedy & Violich Architecture, Ltd., 617-367-3784,

Dwell Home Design Invitational — Dwell is a decorating magazine favored
by architects, designers and homeowners. Featured architects included
Collins and Turner in Sydney, Australia, and 4 Architecture in New
York, N.Y.

* Allison Arieff, Editor-In-Chief, Dwell Magazine, 415-743-9900,
* Jennifer Siegel, Founder, Office of Mobile Design, 310-439-1129,

Prefab Penthouse — Albert Court Unit: $4-5 million (2,884 to 3,500
square feet), London Apartment Building Unit: $3.4 million, Piers Gough
Apartment: $92,000+

* First Penthouse, The Loft, Albert Court, London,

The Insider’s List : Episode FLINS-111

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