ZOFP – Swiss Bread


In Switzerland, Zofp is the country’s national bread. The history or story behind it come with two versions, read HERE.  The tradition is customary to gift a zopf on Swiss National Day (August 1st). It’s also known as a Sunday bread, when you can expect the table to be groaning with a sizeable loaf, butter and jam with cheese and dry meats.

Zofp bread is everywhere in Swiss and you can buy a freshly baked Zofp even in a gas station.  You can also buy a half-baked Zofp in a supermarket and bake it at home to enjoy.  Zopf is similar to Jewish bread, challah, in terms of shape and taste but one major difference is the use of butter – after all, it is called butterzopf for a reason. It is also similar to Brioche but I personally like Zofp more.

Making a zofp at home from scratch is easy if you have made other types of bread before.

ZOFP  (for one loft)

240g All Purpose flour* 中筋麵粉
240g Bread flour* 高筋麵粉
12g Sugar 糖
8g Salt 鹽
1 pk or 7g Active dry yeast 酵母
75g Soft unsalted butter 放軟的無鹽奶油
270g warm milk 溫暖的牛奶
1/2 Large egg (the other half save for egg wash on bread) 大顆蛋

** Trader Joe’s AP flour has a higher % of protein than other brands so if you are using TJ’s AP flour, you can use a total of 480g (no bread flour needed).

  1. Mix dry ingredients first in a stand mixer’s bowl, then add milk, egg, and butter.
  2. After everything is mixed, set at slow speed and knead the dough until the bowl is clean and the dough is not sticky, about 18-20 min.
  3. Leave the dough either in room temperature for 1-2 hours or in the fridge if you plan to use it later the day or overnight for the next day (first proofing).
  4. Cut the dough into two portions, flatten a bit, fold and roll, and put aside for 5 min as second proofing.
  5. Roll each portion into long strings and start braiding (see below).

6. Egg wash the bread, sit aside for 15-30 min, and the egg wash it again before baking.

7. Preheat oven to 350F, bake for 25-30 min or until golden brown.

Nothing better than freshly baked bread!!

Zofp (ㄗㄡˋㄈㄨ , P不發音) 是瑞士的國民麵包, 傳統是週日才看得到, 或在8/1瑞士國慶日的時候當禮物送人, 但現在你在各大超市都買得到剛出爐的或者半烤的麵包 (省時間又可以吃熱騰騰的), 即便在加油站都可以買到.

Zopf 跟猶太人的challah 麵包, 在形狀和口感上很像, 但其中最大一點的不同是奶油. Zofp跟法國的 Brioche麵包也很像, 但我更喜歡Zofp, 如果做得好的話.

如果你自己做過麵包, 在家做Zofp很容易.

** Trader Joe’s 的中筋麵粉含有較高的蛋白質, 所以你可以全部都用他家的中筋麵粉, 如果你是用別家的中筋麵粉, 就要按照食譜, 再搭配240g的高筋麵粉.

  1. 先將乾的材料混合, 再加入牛奶, 蛋, 奶油.
  2. 全部都倒入Stand Mixer, 以慢速打到麵團乾淨不黏, 大概18-20分鐘.
  3. 將麵團放置室溫1-2小時或者放冷藏隔夜 (如果沒有馬上要用) (第一次發酵).
  4. 將麵團切成二等份, 稍微壓平, 往內捲折(成棒狀), 放置一旁5分鐘(第二次發酵).
  5. 然後各自揉成長條狀, 擺成十字型, 開始編織 (看影片).
  6. 塗上蛋液後放置一旁約15-30分鐘, 再上一次蛋液後就可以進烤箱.
  7. 烤箱設定350F, 烤25-30分鐘或者呈金黃色.

這個麵包就是在加油站的商店裡買的, 很多加油站的商店裡有烤箱, 所以麵包都是新鮮熱呼呼的.

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