Visiting Oregon/Washington States

I drove 12 hours up to Vancouver, WA (15 min North of Portland, Oregon; 2.5 hours South of Seattle) with three stops for gas and restroom to meet up with an old roommate/a good friend because I want a break from California (fewer people/traffic, a different view of the season, just something different) for a week. We were lucky with sunny weather for the first few days so we get to do a few hiking in different places. (The benefit to living in Vancouver, WA is that they don’t have an income tax and you can drive to Oregon shopping with no sales tax)

我開了12個小時的車, 北上去華盛頓州的溫哥華市 (它離奧瑞岡州的波特蘭市只要十五分鐘, 離西雅圖則要二個半小時) 去見一位老友(我們曾當三年室友), 因為我想去一個人車都比較少, 有不同景色的地方放個假, 喘口氣. 我去了一週, 一開始幾天的天氣很晴朗 (還是比加州冷), 所以我們去不同地方走走. (住在華盛頓州的優點, 是華州沒有所得稅, 你可以開車去奧瑞岡州購物而沒有銷售稅!!)

(The trail of Ten Falls, Silver Falls State Park, Oregon)

We start with the Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. We walked 9 miles in 3.5 hours.

我們第一天先去奧瑞岡州的Silver Falls State Park健走, 三個半小時走了九英里 (超過二萬步)

(Hoh Rainforest, Olympic NP, WA)

On the day of Halloween, we went to Hoh Rainforest, inside of the Olympic NP, WA, is one of the largest temperate rainforests in the U.S. Mosses and ferns are everywhere which feels perfect for Halloween!!!

萬聖節那天我們去Hoh Rainforest, 在華州的奧林匹克國家公園裡面, 這是美國最大的溫帶雨林之一, 苔蘚和蕨類植物到處都是, 整個地方就像是特別為萬聖節所佈置的!!!

(Kalaloch Beach & Rialto Beach inside of the Olympic NP, WA)

(Paradise in Mount Rainier)

(Columbia River Gorge View Point)

(Multnomah Falls, Portland, Oregon)

Although the last two days begin to rain and foggy, the views are still beautiful. We had a great time catching up and enjoy each other’s company.

雖然最後二天開始下雨並起霧, 但是景色依舊美麗. 我們非常享受這一週相聚的時間, 離別時其實很不捨!



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