The Best Online Coupon/shopping Sites

TheBudgetFashionista 網站上列出最棒的網路折價卷網站 (Exclusive Coupons), Sample Sales等等省錢好康, 讓你花錢不罪惡. 在此列舉幾個較為知名的折價卷網站, FatWallet, RetailMeNot (You also get paid – You can keep 50% of the ad revenue for all your forum posts), CouponMountain (Exclusive electronic coupons are the best), CouponMom (Grocery coupons, 40% off on gift certificate from  

PriceProtectr 許多商家都提供price protection, 退差額的服務, 所以你可以用這個網站來track prices of things you're
thinking about buying, and save money even after you buy. 另外一個網站ZingSale也提供類似的服務, It’s a free service that tracks prices of
products from online stores (like amazon) and sends you an email when
the price drops. You can set a target price or be notified when it
falls by a certain percentage

你喜歡上Zappo買鞋嗎? 你知道Zappo另外還有一個Discount Site叫6pm嗎?

Beat My Price that helps you find the lowest price for online goods.
You simply plug in the link to something you want to buy, and it will
compare that to prices it, and other users have found.

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