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[New Homes] Tidelands by The New Home Company


Tidelands is a new community built by The New Home Company located in San Mateo.  It’s a one big pie shape building, four stories (first floor is a gated parking area), total 76 condos, from 784 to 1645 sqft, 1 bedroom 1 bathroom up to 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, 11 floor plans, price range from $765K to $1.5M with HOA between $488 and $621 depends on the size of your home (cover water, gas, trash, roof, stairwells, elevators and all common areas and exterior).  Price includes everything which are pre-selected.  The moving date would be late November to early December 2016.

As of today, it has sold 23, 2 reserved, 10 available for sale.

Tidelands這個新公寓位在San Mateo, 是由The New Home Company建商所建.  建築物從空中看是三角型像是一塊派, 一共四層樓, 第一層是停車場, 一共有七十六戶, 尺寸從七百八十到一千六百平方英尺, 從一房一衛到三房二衛, 價格從七十六萬到一百五十萬美金, 每月管理費從四百多到六百多不等.  房價包含一切電器和地板, 入住時間預定在今年的十一月底或二十月初.

到今日為止, 已經售出二十三間, 二間已預定, 目前有十間上市銷售.

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-10-19-56-amIt has a Clubhouse and a fitness center with two community BBQs.  The interesting part about this community is it has a courtyard in the center.  It makes it feel less like a condo living, fill with more nature light, and feel more like your own little community (your kids or dog can play with other kids or dog in the courtyard).

The schools are Parkside Elementary, Bayside STEM Academy Middle, and Aragon High.

它有一間Clubhouse讓住戶使用 – 裡面有二張撞球桌, 一個開放式廚房, 一台大電視, 有沙發, 有高腳桌椅, 還有一間健身房和二個戶外烤肉區.  這個建築物最特別的地方在於它有一個露天的中庭, 讓人忘記你是住在公寓大樓裡, 有更多的陽光, 跟鄰居的互動也會多一些, 因為你的孩子和狗可以和鄰居的孩子和狗在這個中庭裡玩.

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-10-34-18-amIf you like hiking trails, parks, golf with water view, this is perfect for you.

如果你喜歡健行步道, 公園, 高爾夫球和水景, 這個地方就非常合適.

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-10-32-45-amThe New Home Company (NYSE: NWHM) is a based in Aliso Viejo, California which was founded in 2009.   Currently in the SF Bay Area, it has new home communities in San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Jose, Milpitas, Fremont, and Lafayette.

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[New Homes] Foster Square by Lennar for Age 55 and older

Many people don’t know Foster City exists even though tens of thousands of people pass through San Mateo Bridge (Hwy 92) everyday but you won’t notice this city unless you pull onto Foster City Blvd or East Hillsdale Blvd.

即使每天有上千人開車經過San Mateo Bridge (Hwy 92), 除非你下交流道走Foster City Blvd or East Hillsdale Blvd, 實際上有許多人完全不知道Foster City的存在 (我曾經是其中之一).

20161008fostercity-194Foster City has around 30,000 residents, about 45% are Asian, 42% are White, good public schools but no high schools.  Foster City is a unique place to live but not during the evening rush hour, residents warned.

Foster City這個城市約有三萬居民, 亞裔和白人佔多數, 有很不錯的公立學校, 但缺少高中, 地理位置很特別, 不過上下班的尖峰時間的交通很擁擠.

screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-6-44-04-pmFoster Square is a new home community built by Lennar located in Foster City (San Mateo County) which is specially designed for people who is 55 years old and older. (See my post on Property Tax Transfer).  Foster Square has 14 buildings, total of 200 units, range from 1144 to 2172 sqft, 2-3 bedrooms with 2-2.5 bathrooms, 4 stories with an elevator and 2 car garage on first floor, price range from $1M to $1.5M, HOA $325 (for all the maintenance on the exterior, including elevator and fire insurance).

Foster Square 是位在Foster City的一個新建案, 建商是Lennar (勒納兒), 特別為年齡五十五歲或以上的銀髮族而設計. 這個建案一共有十四棟建築物, 總共二百間房, 尺寸從1144 to 2172 平方英尺, 二到三房, 二到二衛半, 每棟建築物有四層樓 (有電梯), 每一層約四到五戶, 第一層是停車庫, 房價從美金一百萬到一百五十萬不等, 每月的管理費是$325 (包含所有屋外的維護, 電梯和火災保險).

The price including everything – Tankless water heater, kitchen appliances,washer/dryer, countertop, bathtub, flooring, hardware, etc.  All appliances are pre selected GE brand that you can’t change; however, you do get to choose between tiles/carpets/wood for flooring and each one you have three different colors of choices so as the kitchen counter and backsplash which make the process more simple.

房價包括一切 – 電熱水爐, 廚房家電, 洗衣烘乾機, 廚房枱面, 浴缸, 地板, 等等.  所有的家電都是建商選好的GE牌, 你無法改變, 但是你可以選擇地板, 看是要磁磚, 地毯, 還是木地板, 每一種有三種顏色可選, 另外廚房枱面也有三種可選, 這樣可以省下許多選擇的麻煩.


The location is pretty convenient – police and fire department and library are on the building left, Jewish Community Center is on the building right, the recreation center and trail on in the front across the street and Costco, Ranch 99, Shopping Mall, lagoons, shops and restaurants are nearby.

Foster Square的地理位置很方便 – 警察局, 消防隊, 圖書館在左邊; 猶太人社區中心在右邊; 娛樂中心和公園步道在對面; 而好市多, 大華超市, 購物中心, 餐廳都在附近.

Only 4 buildings has water front view, two already built and sold but don’t know when the last two would be build yet.

一共只有四棟樓面對水景, 目前有二棟蓋好也都賣出, 最後二棟尚不知何時會蓋好.

screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-6-34-08-pmLennar (NYSE: LEN) is a Fortune 500 company based in Miami, FL which was founded in 1954.  In 2008, Lennar was the United States’ 2nd largest homebuilder, constructing homes in 19 different states.  Currently in the SF Bay Area, Lennar has new home communities in San Francisco, Daly City, Foster City, San Jose, Milpitas, Alameda, and Dublin.