Buyer beware: Never buy from or “Textbooks-now”

I ordered a textbook for $70 on on Jan 06 this year with seller ID "Textbooks-now".  Two months now I still have not received my book.  I have contacted the seller many times by email and the responses I got from the seller are "keep waiting, the book will arrive".  I filed a Buyer Protection Claim with a while back and still didn't hear a response from them either.

Please do yourself a favor, DO NOT buy anything on because you couldn't find any Customer service on their site – No Contact Us, No email, No phone number for  I needed to call Ebay to find a Customer Service Link for

And, DO NOT buy anything from this seller "Textbooks-now" either.  I am very angry with them because they didn't care.  Which company do you know of will just tell you keep waiting for your item even two months already gone by.  The shipment should arrive by now even it was shipped from the other end of the world.  The tracking number they gave me stop showing the activities on Jan 16th, no one knows what happen to my book after Jan 16th.

And, please tell all your friends about this.  I really don't want anyone else go through the pain I have to go through.  I don't know if I will get my money back or not but I don't want any one of you give them the money.  Go shop at Ebay or Amazon or any other good companies that cares about their customer enough to put a Customer Service email or phone number on their site.

ps. Guess what, I got my refund within 30 minues after I sent out the inquiry through the Customer Service Link to 深深體會, 在美國, 息事寧人太吃虧, 一定要不斷的吵, 不斷的爭取, 不然, 你的放棄就讓他們佔到便宜.

5 thoughts on “Buyer beware: Never buy from or “Textbooks-now””

  1. Why did you wait 2 months for your textbook? I usually file the dispute if I don’t receive the item past their promised period. I understand your frustration, but next time you should act faster!

  2. 我也是等到他們預估的遞件時間後就開始連絡賣家啦
    Half.com要求要在訂單後三十天才可以File Buyer Protection Claim
    Half.com的Buyer Protection Claim上面又說他們需要時間調查
    讓我送出Buyer Protection Claim調查結果的詢問

  3. I see. I’ve had the same problem too. I ordered 2 DVD’s from, but I didn’t receive it past the deadline. I filed a dispute right away, and it was annoying that it took up to 30 days for the investigation. (comparing to a click away for purchase, hmm…) Glad we both got our refund back!

  4. Thank you for taking the time to post this! I am currently trying to figure out what happened to my money (refund) . . . no contact back.

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