Everything Photography

Art Supply Resources  Click on the link for a complete list

Photography Education

Future Light Digital Workshops   SF
Golden Gate School of Photography   Oakland
Photo Alliance   SF
Photo Central   Hayward
Adorama Workshops   NYC
Lynda  Online
New York Institute of Photography Online
Photoflex Lighting School 
Photo Styling   
Rocky Mountain School of Photography  Missoula, MT
Santa Fe Photography Workshops  Santa Fe, NM
Maine Photography Workshops  Rockport, ME
Palm Beach Photographic Centre 
The Luminous Landscape  
The Showcase School of Photography  
The Perfect Picture School    Online
Digital Photography School  Online
Aperture Academy Cambpell

Photography Articles/Videos

Time-Lapse: Photojojo, KREGHOME, TimeScience
5D Mark II Videos: Tower II, Laforet,  
Tethering: Software, Canon with LR and Timer Shooting Setting, Canon with LR, Nikon with LR,
Rob Galbraith: Compare CF/SD Cards Performance
Shooting Water Drops: Strobist

Photography Blogs

All Things Photography    
Art Support Resources   
California Photographers  Provide locations, map, best shooting time, etc.   
DIY Photography    Studio Lighting
Editorial Photographers      
Food Photography Portfolio  About Food Photography   
Lighting Mods   
Photo Critic   DIY
Photodoto  Tips, tutorials, gear, software
Photojojo   Tips, DIY projects
Photo Notes    
Photoshop 911    
Photography For Real Estate (PFRE) About Real Estate Photography 
Single-Serving Photo    
Strobist  About Off-camera flash   
The Online Photographer (TOP) 
Nature Scapes The resource for nature Photographers
Black Star Rising 19 Contributors

Photography Magazines

Digital Camera Magazine   UK
Digital Photographer   UK    
Digital SLR Photography   
Outdoor Photographer   US
Photography Monthly    
Practical Photography   UK
Studio Photography   

Photography Organizations (Link)

Advertising Photographers of America (APA)
American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP)
American Society of Picture Professionals (ASPP)
National Press Photographers Association (NPPA)
Picture Agency Council of America (PACA)
Photo Marketing Association International (PMAI)
Professional Photographers of America (PPA)
Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI)
North American Nature Photography Association  (NANPA)
Photographic Society of America (PSA)   
Professional Photographer of the Greater Bay Area (PPGBA)
Camera Owners of the Bay Area (COBA
National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP)

Camera Club – Los Gatos-Saratoga
Camera Club – Palo Alto      
Camera Club – San Jose  (Light and Shadow)   
Camera Club – Sunnyvale  
Meetup – San Francisco   
Meetup – San Jose   

Business and Marketing Blogs for Photographers

Photo Business News & Forum 
Photo Attorney  Carolyn E. Wright is an attorney who works for photographers.
Dan Heller's Photography Business  
Marketing Photos with Mary Virginia Swanson 
ASMP's Strictly Business  
Carolyn Potts  She was an artists representative for over 25 years, now is a full-time consultant for photographers

Photography Workshops

Art Photo Workshops
Aspen Photo Workshops   
Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures   
Bill & Linda Lane Field Photography Workshops   
Brenda Tharp   
Brooks Weekend Workshops   
Close Up Expeditions   
Don Camerons   
Don Smith   (Based in Hollister) Yosemite, Big Sur, Easter Sierra
Exposure36  (Jim Altengarten, Based in Oregon) 
Gary Hart (Based in Sacramento) Yosemite, Big Sur, Easter Sierra
Jim Goldstein  Based in SF
Maui Photo by Curtis Adams   
Mountain Light   Bishop
Nature Photography Workshops   
On Location   
Rocky Mountain School of Photography   Missoula, MT
Santa Fe Workshops  New Mexico
Stephen Johnson   
The Lough Road   National Parks   
The Radiant Vista  Based in Georgia   
Travel Images Photo Tour   
Venice School of Photography   
West Cost School  Based in Escondido, CA   
Workshop Guide   
Yosemite Explore  
Maine Media Workshops Maine
Tom Mackie UK, Europe, US

Architectural Photographers

Andrew McKinney   SF
Anthony-Masterson   Atlanta
Barbara Bourne   Sonoma
Benjamine benschneider   Seattle
Dave Edwards    Mountain View
Eric Jones    Pasadena, CA
Eric Rover    SF
Eric Roth    Topsield, MA
Estudio Urquiza   Mexico, New York
Hedrich Blessing Agency    
James Carriere    SF
Janne Peters   
Jon Edwards    Monrovia, CA
Juergen Nogai   LA, CA
Kenneth Rice    Oakland
Laurie Frankel    SF
Laurie Rubin    Chicago
Lisa Adams    Charlotte, NC
Marge Casey Agency   
Mark Darley   SF
Noah Fallis    Calgary, Canada
Quentin Beacon    New York
Bob Hughes  Oakland
Nathnael Bennett  Oakland
Resident Photography  San Anselmo, North of SF
Russell Abraham  Oakland
Jay Graham SF  

Scott Van Dyke  LA & NY

Ashley Morrison  Ireland

Food Photographers

AB Productions  
Anthony-Masterson  Altanta
Annabelle Breakey  SF
Armstrong Studios    Seattle
Barry Wang    Seattle
Beth Galton    New York
Bill Brady   
Charles Schiller    New York
Christina Peters    LA, Chicago, New York
Con Poulos    Donna Hay’s main shooter
Craig van der Lende   Michigan
Dasha Wright    New York
David Loftus   
Dawn Smith   
Debi Treloar   
Deborah Jones    SF
Estudio Urguiza   Mexico, New York
Francesco Tonelli  New York, Milano   
Francine Zaslow    Boston
Goldberg   Chicage
Howard Shooter   London
Ian Wallace   Sydney
James Carriere    SF
Janne Peters   
Jeff Kauck    Chicago
Jennifer Cheung   
Jerry Errico   New York
Jon Edwards    Monrovia, CA
Joyce Oudkerk Pool    SF
Kelly Cline  Seattle 
Lara Hata    SF
Laurie Frankel    Monrovia, CA
Laurie Rubn    Chicago
Leigh Beisch   SF
Lisa Adams    Charlotte, NC
Lou Manna    New York
Marge Casey Photo Agency 
Marshall Gordon   SF
Michael Ray    Pittsburgh
Noel Barnhurst   SF
Quentin Bacon    New York
Rita Maas   New York
Rowan Fortheringham    Australia
Sara Remington   SF
Scott Peterson   SF
Scott Riley    Australia   
Shawn Taylor   
Sheri Giblin   SF
Steve Hamilton   Chicago
Sucre Sale    France
Ted Tamburo   Chicago
Thomas M. Barwick   Seattle
Tim Turner   Chicago
Tin Agent    Norway
Tom Haga   Norway
Unleashed   Minneapolis
Yves Bagros    France
Matt Bites   LA
Mittongtare Studio   LA

Photographers who inspire me ~
Michael Kenna 
Hiroshi Sugimoto 
Fay Godwin   
David Burdeny  Simple and Minimal Fine Art
Rolfe Horn  Abstract Fine Art
Andrew Ren  Minimal Fine Art
Greg Ferrell  
David Tedman  
Federico Ferrari   Simplicity and grids
Andrea Barbiroli   Flowers
Jonas Lara  Abstract Architecture
John Anderson  Abstract Fine Art
Ann Monn Abstract Fine Art
Jennifer Fraser Abstract Fine Art
Craig Barnes  Glamour Portraits
Todd Johnson  #1 International Wedding Photographer
Justin Bastien  Travel, Lifestyle
David Hilliard  Panoramic photographs display it as three individual and separate image.
Cig Harvey Fine Art
David Hockney Multiple Images (photo collage)
Stuart Franklin Landscape, Lifestyle, Commercial
Christopher Griffith Product, Commerical, Simplicity and Blod,
Trinette Reed & Chris Gramly Luxury Spas, Hotels and Resorts

Jeff Chen    Taiwaness
Richard Martin  Canadian

Photography Equipment Reviews

DP Review   
Digital Photo Journal   

Camera Stores/Lens & Lighting Rentals

Keeble & Shuchat Photography (KSP) in Palo Alto; also provide classes and lighting rentals
B&H   NYC; Lower shipping cost than Adorama
Adorama   NYC; Has classes
Calumet  SF, LA, Santa Ana, San Diego, NYC, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia; Has classes

KEH  Used camera dealer.

Borrow Lenses    San Mateo (can pick up at San Jose for $15 extra)
Rent Glass   
Zip Lens 

Insurance Companies

Taylor & Taylor  Business coverages; (asmp members benefit program)
TCP & Co  Business coverages;  (asmp members benefit program)
Association Health Programs  Health/Life insurance;  (asmp members benefit program)
The Entertainment Industry Group Insurance Trust (TEIGIT) Health/Life insurance; (asmp members benefit program)
Freelancers Union  Health/Life insurance;  (asmp members benefit program)


Renovance    Fashion Photography
Kids with Cameras
Bridges to Understanding
Dry Creek Photo   Printer Profiles
DP Challenge   Online Digital Photo Contest
West Coast Image Fine Art Lab


Modernbook  Palo Alto


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