The Foundary by Hayneedle

Screen shot 2011-08-30 at 11.23.55 AM
The Foundary 是一家網路折扣公司 (Up to 70% off retail), 方式和團購很像, 販賣的產品以家 (Home essentials) 為主, 舉凡傢具, 家飾, 廚具, 燈具, 非常具設計感, 每天上新貨, 不過賣光的速度也很快.

官網上說: We don't offer items to take up space. We offer items that define space. We bring you the sustainable over the disposable. Every day, we synthesize a unique collection of transformative home and lifestyle products – both practical and indulgent. All of them are of lasting value, and we strive to bring them within your reach.

Ultimately, we strive to empower you to infuse your home with elements that reflect your unique affinities and express your personal style. Because we – like you – possess a love of design, color, art, pattern, form, and life that can't be stifled

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