Canon 5D Mark II Firmware 2.1.2 Update

For Canon 5D Mark II Firmware 2.1.2 Update, please click HERE to download either Windows or Mac version.

What you need:

1. Camera Body

2. A fully charged battery

3. A empty/formatted CF Card (2GB or more)

4. Firmware update file (download from Canon website)


How to update:

1. After you download the firmware from Canon website, double-click on the file to unzipped/self-extract (for Mac); double-click on the file, click OK when a self-extract screen appears (for Windows).

2. Check the size of the firmware update file.

3. Insert a CF card into a card reader

4. Copy or drag the firmware unpdate file to the FIRST window in a CF card via a card reader (if you put it into a subfolder, the camera will not see it).

5. Select <P> mode on camera > Insert the CF card > Turn camera ON > Press MENU button

6. Find your Firmware information in the Menu by rotating the Main Dial, and the press the SET button

7. The current firmware window will appear, select OK and then press the SET button.

8. It will appear 2.1.2 version window and then press the SET button.  The update will begin.  Do make sure you have a fully charged batter, and don't turn off the camera while it's updating. Verifying the firmware version by going to menu as Setp 6.



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