Segromigno 2003 UNTI Winery

Segromigno_2003 What a fun wine!  I visited UNTI over last year’s Christmas holiday while Sabrina was out of the country.  This is a small winery on the Sonoma side in the Dry Creek Valley.  They specialize in only growing Italian grapes and following very traditional rules for making Italian style wines.  I have a couple others to try so keep watching for future tasting.

Segromigno is not a typical Italian wine, it is just a blend of common grapes.  UNTI has blended 82% Sangiovese (this is the grape for making Chianti), 9% Barbera (another blending grape that is rarely bottled on its own), and 9% Dolcetto (a grape usually made into a sweet dessert wine).  It pours ruby red and somewhat light which is what I expected.  This is a food wine, not really made for sipping and talking.  It has only a hint of fruit at first sip, but it is quickly followed by bright acidity that makes it hard to take without food.  This wine will be perfect for pasta and tomato sauces.

You should be able to find UNTI wines in some stores if you look hard.  This Segromingo is only $15 at the winery but offers a lot of enjoyment with a great homemade Italian meal!


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