Yale and Stanford MBAs study Keller Williams Realty Culture

我非常慶幸選擇Keller Williams Realty成為我房地產事業的起點 — 一個提供在職訓練, 同事之間樂於互相分享和幫助, 每個人都希望你成功的Brokerage.  公司氣氛很好, 人與人之間會點頭微笑打招呼, 每個月有各式各樣的課程和講座, 不定期會舉辦活動, 每一年的Family Reunion輪流在各大城市舉辦, 來自全國各地的KW人聚集一堂, 不但有Top Agents分享他們成功的祕訣, 各地的KW人也很熱絡的互相招呼, 交換名片, 期待未來互相推薦的機會. 

讓我最認同的是KW的文化, 其中之一是雙贏文化: 每一筆交易, 我們不但在乎我們是否替我們的買家或賣家爭取最大的利益, 也希望對方及Agent也得到他們滿意的結果; 其中之二是誠實文化, 我們在乎每一筆交易都是誠實的面對雙方的客戶, 不玩遊戲, 不搞手段.  我不敢說百分百的KW人都遵守這樣的公司文化, 但是我相信大部分的KW人是因為認同才加入這家公司的.  其中之三是公司鼓勵我們Branding Ourselves, 這就是為什麼我們公司的辦公室沒有最大最醒目的招牌, 地理位置也不在最精華的地段, 一般大眾不常看見紅色的Keller Williams Realty的招牌在代售屋的前院上, 因為許多的KW Agents都有自己的品牌Logo和自己設計的售屋招牌, 公司的Logo通常很小且在招牌某個角落, 要仔細看才看得到.

如果你認真考慮踏進房地產一行, 慎選一家Brokerage對你的未來是否成功有很大的影響, 公司的知名度不是唯一考量, 因為這是一個People Business, 靠口碑及推薦才能生存長久的一個產業, 而你自己才是生意成敗的最主要關鍵.  推薦你閱讀Gary Keller所寫的一系列書, 第一本尤其重要, 如果你正在選擇Brokerage —
1. The Millionaire Real Estate Agent: It’s Not About the Money…It’s About Being the Best You Can Be!
The Millionaire Real Estate Investor
3. FLIP: How to Find, Fix, and Sell Houses for Profit

很高興看到KW文化成為史丹福和耶魯等高等學府MBA的個案研究, 這讓身為KW人的我更引以為傲.

Keller Williams Realty Case Study

now part of Stanford and Yale’s core MBA curriculum

Distinct cultural and economic models presented as inherently intertwined

AUSTIN, TEXAS (July 11, 2007) — Keller Williams Realty Inc., announced today that both the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Yale School of Management have added a Keller Williams Realty Case Study to their core MBA curriculums. 

Completed earlier this year by Brian Tayan, research associate with the case writing office of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and James N. Baron, Ph.D., formerly with Stanford, who since the publication of the study has taken a professor of management position at the Yale School of Management, the case study describes the economic and cultural models that have led to the success of Keller Williams Realty. 

“Case studies are fundamentally teaching materials,” Tayan explains.  He adds that he anticipates that the most predominant impact of this case study will be a realization among MBA students of the “significant impact that culture can play in the strategy of an organization.”

“This level of recognition from two such prestigious universities is among the greatest honors that this company has ever received,” emphasizes Mo Anderson, vice chairman, Keller Williams Realty.  “It’s a reflection of the combined talents and unique contributions of all of our associates throughout North America.”

Anderson was on hand at Yale when the case study was first presented to students at the Yale School of Management by Dr. Baron.

Baron noted, “One of the things I heard from several students was how refreshing it was for them to hear the perspective of a highly effective executive with a leadership style so different from the formulaic one they encounter over and over throughout business school.”

Having spent a considerable amount of time talking to associates and interviewing top executives at Keller Williams Realty, Tayan notes that the Keller Williams “business model and culture operate very much in conjunction with each other.  The company’s culture has not been developed for the sake of it.”

Keller Williams Realty has become the fourth largest and fastest growing real estate agency in North America by building a culture that rewards its agents as partners through its profit sharing program and by empowering its agents to fulfill the company mission of ‘building careers worth having, business worth owning and lives worth living.’

“The Keller Williams Realty case study should serve as a source of pride for associates throughout the organization and a validation of the way the company is proceeding,” Tayan says.  Noting the distinct business model and rapid growth of Keller Williams Realty, he adds, “I’m surprised that more has not been written about it.”

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About Keller Williams Realty Inc.:

Founded in 1983, Keller Williams Realty Inc. is the fourth-largest real estate franchise operation in North America, with more than 650 offices and 76,000 associates in the United States and Canada. The company, which began franchising in 1990, has an agent-centric culture that emphasizes access to leading-edge education and promotes an economic model that rewards associates as stakeholders and partners. For more information, visit Keller Williams Realty online at (www.kw.com).

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