Photo Walking Tour of San Francisco with Ralph Velasco by Calumet

喜歡拍照嗎? 喜歡健行嗎? 喜歡舊金山嗎? 2/28週日上午有空嗎?

如果以上四個問題你的答案都是YES, 那你可以考慮和我一起去舊金山參加Calumet舉辦的Photo Walking Tour of San Francisco with Ralph Velasco課程活動, 十二個名額, 請上網報名繳費. 如果你住在南灣, 我們可以考慮Carpool.

– 適合初級到中級程度.
– 請帶相機, 鏡頭, 濾鏡, 相機電池, 記憶卡; 穿著舒適防水的衣物鞋子以及雨具, 記得帶帽子, 太陽眼鏡, 水和小點.
– 2/28 Sunday from 8:00am to 12:00pm在Exploratorium at the Palace of Fine Arts入口處集合.


  1. Hi Sabrina,
    Have you signed up for it yet? I just checked their website and it says that there are still 12 spots left, out of the 12…
    Just want to make sure I don’t end up being the only one signing up for the workshop! haha

  2. Hey Monique,
    I was plan to sign up the class after Christmas which I just did. You should be receiving an email about my registration. Couple of my friends may also join after they came back from their trip. We could make this event our private one if I have 11 friends join too. It would be fun!

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