2015 Calendar is here!


每一年我們都是特製月曆, 所以每到暑假, 我就得開始想主題和風格. 頭幾年都是以我拍的風景照為主, 去年就從我拍過的Eichler Homes裡挑, 今年我沒把戲玩了, 得借助外力. 在女友Min的臉書上看到一位台灣插畫家Jasmine Pai畫了一幅可愛的Eichler Home當作禮物送她, 讓我眼睛一亮, 趕緊聯絡Jasmine, 看看能不能合作.  來往討論之後, 決定由我拍攝13種不同屋頂造型的Eichler Homes, 然後由Jasmine畫出她特有風格的插畫, 來當作我們明年的月曆圖案, 每張圖案都很特別喔!!

About the artist: Jasmine Pai is a multimedia artist based in Sunnyvale, California. Her art expresses her childlike perception and imagination of the world through the use of vibrant colors and endearing hand drawn animal figures. Work includes original paintings on canvases, digital illustrations and mass produced paper goods. You can reach Jasmine through her email: chiao613@gmail.com and keep updated with her latest work on her Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/people/chiao613



六千份真是重的嚇死人, 也難怪送貨的UPS年輕帥哥也笑不出來, 一副有苦難言的表情. 每年這時候就是做女工的時候, 因為要貼六千份的郵寄地址標簽, 然後送往郵政總局. 希望二周內可以全部送出, 這樣我的電話就不會一直響, 因為客戶會開始問: 明年的月曆來了沒?

我應該有多的可以賣, 一份$10 (含美國境內48州郵費), 如果有人有興趣買的話, 再email/Paypal我囉 (ca95125小老鼠gmail點com).



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