Micro and Modular

01_parksidestudiosunitStudio E Architects completes a new housing development comprised of 58 permanent micro-units in the Bay Area.

The L-shaped building provides ample rooftop access and views of the park across the street. The facade is plaster cement and lapped fiber cement siding by James Hardie.

The development provides studio micro-units for qualified low-income residents. Compared to rents in Sunnyvale that are $2,100 per month, Parkside Studios are an average of $585 per month for a studio unit.

The development includes laundry facilities, storage, and parking. Common areas are located on all three floors for residents to lounge around. Douglas fir wraps the staircase with galvanized steel railing as well as the desk.

Each unit is 370-square-foot studio and was built off site in a warehouse near Sacramento.


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