Fundraising with my photographs


Can’t believe it’s been 6 years already!!!  Time flies!!!

真不敢相信已經過了六年!!! 時間飛逝啊!!!

20100904barefoot200I didn’t realized that I didn’t write an article about that special opening night until now (only wrote about the invitation, and the postcard sets). Shame on me.

直到今天我才發現, 我完全忘記寫一篇有關攝影展首日的紀錄 (只寫了邀請函設計套裝明信片的文章).

20100904barefoot07220100904barefoot041I was looking through the photos that my friends took for me that night, seeing who was there bring back the memories.

在我瀏覽當天朋友幫我拍攝的相片當中, 看到那天有來參加Opening Night的朋友們, 心裡又感動了一次.










































I am very thankful for all my friends’ support and encouragement.


show_photosSo I want to do something special as a way for me to show my appreciation to all of you.  I am going to put all 23 framed photos that were displayed on the show up for donation.  All donations are going to one of my favorite charity, CASA Silicon Valley.

You pick your favorite photo with any amount of donation, can be a check, gift card, stock, vehicle, ticket to movies/sport events/shows, etc., and arrange a time with me to deliver the photo to your place (if you are not living in the bay area, I can ship it to you if you can pay the shipping).

The photo is printed on a acid-free paper, 10×15 image with 16×20 silver metal frame and high-quality acrylic, and it’s pre-wired and ready to hang.

因此, 我想用一個特別的方式, 來表達我對大家的感謝 – 我打算把首展的二十三張作品捐出募款.

你選擇你最愛的攝影作品, 以自由捐獻的方式 (可以寫支票, 送禮卡, 股票, 汽車, 電影票, 球賽票, 表演會票等等), 款項全數捐給非營利組織CASA Silicon Valley, 讓各位愛護我的朋友把我的攝影作品帶回家. 如果你住在灣區, 請跟我約時間, 我會送上府; 如果你不住在灣區, 就拜託你付郵資, 我包裝好寄上府.

照片是印刷在acid-free的專業紙上, 照片是10×15, 裝在16×20銀色鐵製相框和高品質的壓克力板, 相框背後已經裝好鐵線, 馬上就可以掛在牆上了.


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