To today’s buyers who is on market looking for a home

Dear Buyers,

In current Bay Area’s real estate market, the listing prices are most likely below the market value by “a lot” because the listing agents are hoping to get a lot of attentions and got 15-20 offers that will boost up the price.

If your budget is $1.25M, please look at the listing price under $900-950K because current offers are all with no contingencies – no inspections, no loan, no appraisal so if in the end you can’t close, you are in big trouble.

The sold price is changing weekly so only the buyers who is willing to pay for next week’s price for this week’s offer win, and it only take ONE because the rest of 15+ people who lose will pay more for less for their next one when housing price is going upward. So the sooner the buyers realize this, the sooner you will get a house, the less money you are going to pay.

It’s nearly impossible to buy a single family for $1.25M in a desire location, reasonable condition within tolerable distance from work. Meanwhile, the townhouses and condos are also going up.

So if you can buy a 3 bedrooms Townhouse in a desire location, reasonable condition within tolerable distance from work plus a good school that is under $1.25M today, you should seriously consider because you may not be able to afford that next week or so.

I know it’s frustrating and I feel your pain but it is what it is. Time is money. The longer take you to realize what it takes to get a house, the more money it’s going to cost you. When stock market drops and the interest rate goes up, your buying power just got weaker too.


在目前灣區的地產市場, 整個Santa Clara County的待售屋(不論屋種)只有五百多間, 比去年同期只有1/3的數量, 而貼出的售價起點多半低於行情很多, 因為賣家經紀用這種方式來得到許多買家來看房, 然後就會有十幾二十個人出價, 通常就會把最後售價往上推高.  所以所有的房子都是高出定價很多一點都不奇怪, 所以不要光看定價, 要看最近的實際賣價才準. 如果你的預算在一百二十五萬, 建議你看目前賣價低於九十到九十五萬的房子, 因為現在出價買房合約上全部都沒有任何附加條件 – 沒有房屋檢查, 沒有貸款, 沒有估價, 所以最後如果你因為任何原因無法交屋, 會是很大的問題.

目前的最後賣價是週週不同, 通常只有願意用下週或下個月的賣價來買這週房子的人會買到房子, 而且每個房子只需要一個買家願意出那個價錢, 而其他十幾二十個沒買到的人, 將會付出更多的錢和時間來買下一個房子, 因為現在房價是往上漲的情況. 所以買家們越早覺醒越好, 你會花較少的錢買到較好的房子.

以目前的市場來看, 一百二十五萬要買一個尚可的地點, 可以接受的屋況, 一小時以內的通車時間, 已經接近幾乎不可能的事. 而當獨棟屋的價格往上揚, 同時合併屋和公寓也是往上漲的. 所以如果你現在可以找到三房的合併屋在一個尚可的地點, 可以接受的屋況, 可以忍受的通車距離, 萬一又有不錯的學區, 你真的要認真考慮, 因為有可能下週或下下週你就買不起了.

我知道現在灣區的房地產市場讓人壓力很大, 我感同身受, 因為身為Agent, 我的壓力也很大, 但是事實就是事實. 時間就是金錢. 萬一股票市場下跌, 而貸款利息上漲, 那情況就更不利, 而目前的跡象顯示, 這樣的瘋狂房市還要繼續一段時間, 早點買到房子的就是贏家.

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