Nights in Rodanthe 羅丹薩的夜晚

昨晚和室友在家看了Nights in Rodanthe這部電影, 心裡頗有感觸.
女人大都愛看羅曼蒂克的愛情故事, 只是在不同年紀或是不同人生階段, 看的故事內容會有點不同. 三十五歲以下的單身女性看的愛情片,可能類似He is just that not into you, 故事內容著重在約會戀愛的過程; 而三十五歲以上的已婚女性, 因為婚姻, 因為孩子, 因為年紀漸長, 對生老病死更有經驗和感觸, 因此看PS I love you或是 Nights in Rodanthe這一類的熟女愛情故事, 因為與現實人生更為接近, 讓人有從夢中驚醒, 深刻體驗電影情節是很有可能發生在自己身上的真實感.
我是樂天派, 所以不喜歡這部電影的結局, 但不可否認, 作者選擇的結局是很有可能發生在你我身上. 愛的越深, 失去時更痛, 有些人選擇保留的愛, 有些人選擇放手去愛, 雖然害怕受傷, 但比沒有深愛過的好.

"Dr. Paul Flanner: What keeps you safe?

Adrienne Willis: Well, you fall in love with someone, you know… and you make a family… and you become what you think you're supposed to be. And you change and you give up certain things. Then they look at what you've got left and you wish you… I don't know, you just think maybe you shouldn't have."


我們一生忙忙碌碌, 將社會給我們的定義當作自己生存的意義, 不僅在過程中迷失自己, 不曾也不敢問自己, 這是我要的人生嗎? 我有夢想嗎? 我敢追求藏在心底的夢想嗎? 等到某一個年紀或人生階段暮然回首, 才發現自己錯過許多機會或美好事物, 卻無法重來, I wish I had . . . 這句話大概是人們臨終前最常說的一句話了.

"Adrienne Willis: I know you've only ever known your father and me. And I love Jack, because he is your father. But there's another kind of love, Amanda. One that gives you the courage to be better than you are, not less than you are. One that makes you feel that anything is possible. I want you to know that you could have that. I want you to hold out for it."

有的人一生中只有一個真愛, 有的人有幸在失去真愛後, 還有二次機會得到另一個真愛, 不論你是哪一類, 都是有福氣的人. 請珍惜身邊愛你的人, 因為他們的愛, 讓我們成長, 堅強.
註: 劇中的海邊度假屋是真有其屋 – The rental house, Serendipity was locate in Rodanthe, North Carolina that transformed into a B&B in the movie.

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