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你是我的攝影粉絲嗎? 我剛完成我的Photography Page on my Facebook, 如果你想加入我的攝影粉絲團, 我在部落格首頁有加一個Facebook Page連結, 點進去後, Click on "Become a Fan"就可以了. 感謝大家的支持與鼓勵.

在此列舉我擅長拍攝的項目("Not moving subjects")以及潛在客戶群, 如果灣區朋友有這方面的攝影需求, 別忘了推薦我喔.
residential/commercial的exterior/interior: architects, builders/developers, realtors, property mangers, flippers, for sale by owners, interior designers/home stagers, restaurants, hotel owners, gallery owners, clinics, etc.
food: chefs, caters, restaurants, hotels, cookbook writers, etc.
products/still life: artists' reproduction, graphic designers/florists/jewelers/cake decorators' portfolio, product makers, etc.

如果你有婚禮攝影的需求, 我可以推薦攝影師給你參考.

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