RMSP: Orientation 2

20090908_AI Orientation_0006
今天是Advance Intensive Orientation, 四十四位學生, 分三組 (暑期班共有八十一位, 分成六組), 當中四十位都是今年Summer Intensive繼續留下來, 只有四位新的, 而且每一組幾乎都是原班人馬, 我想是因為很多學生向學校反應不想被打散的關係吧.

仔細看了一下Advance Intensive的課程表, 很密集, 六週的課程集中在進階的Photoshop, Multimedia/Video, Building Portfolio, Business & Marketing (including web design, branding, financing), lots open studio time plus we get chance to use Medium Format with digital back for group project.  This is easily could be another 11-week but we only have 6-week.

和暑假班不一樣的, 是午餐時間變長, 每堂課的時間變短, Assignments變少但是變大, 但是從早上九點上到晚上九點的情況較少, 晚上多半是Open Studio, 我打算好好利用Open Studio來拍些Tabletop Objects.

我相信這六週肯定過的飛快, 像坐雲霄飛車一樣刺激!!

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