Steamed Fish Tofu

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今天試做這道蠔油蒸魚豆腐, 蠻簡單做的, 好吃又健康喔!

Serve 4
1/2 lb Fish Fillet (thinly slice into 1.25 x 1.5×1.5 inches a piece), marinate in #1 briefly.
1 box of Tofu (slice tofu the same size as fish)
1 Root of Green Onion (cut 1.25 inches long)
1/2 lb Cooked Veggie of your choice

# 1: 1/4 tb Salt, 1TB Cornstarch, 1tb Cooking Wine
# 2: 1/4 tb Salt, 1TB Cornstarch (I use flour)
# 3: 1.5 TB of Oyster Sauce and Soy Sauce, 1/2 tb of Sugar and Sesame Oil, 3/4 Cup of Water or Broth, 1/2 TB Cornstarch (I use flour)

> Arrange tofu slice on a thinly oil coated plate, sprinle #2 on top of tofu and then place fish fillet on it. Bring water to boil, steam the fish tofu for about 8 minutes over high heat (leave the lid slightly ajar to let steam out so tofu won't crumble and become tough). Discard the cooking juice.
將豆腐片排在以抹油的盤子上, 撒上#2再擺上魚片, 大火蒸八分鐘 (鍋蓋略開), 將多餘的水倒掉.
> Heat 1TB iol, stir-fry green onion until fragrant.  Stir in #3 until boiling. Sprinkle over the fish, arrange veggie on the side.
燒熱一大匙油, 炒香蔥段, 倒入#3煮滾, 淋於豆腐魚片上, 燙青菜置於一旁即成.


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