2010 Food Styling and Photography Classes

Huang_Sabrina_Food2 美國各地有開辦食物造型或食物攝影的課程不多, 網路課程可能比實體課程要容易找些, 如果你對食物造型和攝影課程有興趣, 也許你該把握機會, 因為這一類的課程可不是年年有啊!

* Online Food Styling Class at Photo Styling,
* Online Food Photography Class at PPSOP
* Food Styling Workshop, Master Food Styling Class, and Styling and Photo Techniques for Food Writers and Bloggers in Los Angeles/Long Beach by Denise Vivaldo and Cindie Flannigan (blog)
* Food Photography in New York by Lou Manna
* Food Styling and Photography Workshop in Atlanta by Susan Linnet Cox, Lisa Golden Schroeder, and Gregory Bertolini
* IACP Annual Conference (2010 in Portland)
* Food Photography in Napa by Alan Bartl.
* Studio Still Life in Maine by Judd Pilossof
Food Styling & Photography by Lara Ferroni
* International Conference on Food Styling and Photography in Boston, 2011 (二年一次)
* Food and Beverage in Maine by Steve Adams
* Food Photography in Rocky Mountain School of Photography by Joe Lavine
Behind the Lens by Heather Anne (also teach The Modern Studio in RMSP)


Check out other Food Bloggers Styling photos:

– Married with Dinner: blog, Flickr.
– Photo-D: blog, Flickr.


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