1. Sabrina, I stumbled upon your website and your outlook on life is very positive and uplifting. Thanks for sharing your motto. What you write on the title is such a true reflection to my life – so busy and yet so exciting since I’m always learning and always creating ways to do business.
    Nice to have met you online!

  2. Hey Jean,
    Thanks for drop me a line. I am so glad to meet other female “Huang” Photographers. 🙂
    Too bad that you are not in the bay area because we can refer business to each other since our focus are totally different (I don’t do any moving subjects).
    Nice to have met you online too. Keep in touch and hopefully we can share some business tips in the future.

  3. Hi Sabrina,
    So glad that we got to connect online and in Facebook. I’m coming up to SF and Napa over the Labor Day weekend to do some photo shoots. While I’m planning, I thought I’d check with you to see if you know the area well and whether you have any recommendations on unique locales for photography.
    Have a nice evening,

  4. Hey Jean,
    I have a small photography show in a coffee shop in Santa Clara in Sep. and the opening night is on 9/4 from 7-9pm. It would be nice to meet you if you could stop by.
    I do know a few places in SF but not much for Napa. However, all the spots were saved in my GPS so not sure how am I going to get that info for you.
    I have a book called “photo secrets, san francisco” that gives you 10 big icon spots (includes Napa). See if you can find it in library or a bookstore. Let me know if you can’t find it.

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