2017 Photo Calendar


For 2017 Calendar, the quotes I have chosen are humor type.  It contain 12 photos for 12 months – 4 are architecture, 4 are food and 4 are travel/landscape.

2017 客製攝影月曆是每年我寄給攝影客戶的新年禮物 (Marketing piece) – 內頁十二張照片 (四張建築, 四張食物, 四張旅遊), 外加每月一個我特別挑選的Quote座右銘 (2017年的Quotes走幽默風).



These beautiful cupcakes are made from my friend Claire Wang.  She is very passionate and talented for baking, and she is single and beautiful.  The cupcakes, wedding cakes, birthday cakes and macarons are all so pretty like an art.  When she have time, she make birthday cakes for foster kids through a non-profit organization called Cake4kids.

這個美麗的杯子蛋糕要特別介紹一下.  這是出自Claire Wang, 一位對烘培有興趣, 有天份, 非常認真學習, 而且單身美麗. 她做的Cupcakes, Wedding Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Macarons, 不但好吃, 又美麗的像個藝術品. 她把她對烘培的熱情, 在閒暇之餘, 做Birthday Cakes 給Cake4kids (一個慈善機構 dedicated to enriching the lives of children at risk, in need or in foster care by ensuring they feel special on their birthday).



She will take custom orders when she has time and she like those open-minded customers that allow her to use her creativity. 在時間允許之下, Claire也接受訂單 (claire0415 at gmail dot com), 她最喜歡讓她有發揮空間的客人.


這週末就會收到台灣寄來的月曆, 希望在十一月初就能全部寄出, 送到客戶和朋友的手上, 讓大家開心一整年!!!

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