Fundraising for Children in Burma – Guided Meditation with Sound Bath in Redwood City

My client brought her friend Rebecca to attended one of my group Sound Bath. She liked so much that she wants to share it with more people and she asked me if I am interested.  (here is her blog post about her experience) She told me she co-founds a non-profit to raise funds organization called Jezuba to provide solar LED lamps to school children in a Burmese off-grid rural community. She was planning to do a fundraising event and ask me if I would be interested in offering a Sound Bath session. I said, Sure, how about make it two sessions!!! 🙂

So please come support this good cause, and share this wonderful event with your friends, family, and neighbors.  You can RSVP at

我的音療個案 M. 每個月不但來做一對一的療程, 還有每個月的團體療程, 有一次她帶她的主管兼朋友R.來參加團體療程, R.事後跟她說她非常喜歡, 於是她來找我聊聊. 她告訴我她是緬甸華僑, 在緬甸出生長大, 她成立了一個非營利組織Jezuba (緬甸話的意思是”謝謝你”), 幫助緬甸的藝術家和手工藝品出售他們的作品, 義工帶領工作坊, 他們重視下一代的教育和自然環境, 目標是提供太陽能LED燈給在偏遠地區的學校.

希望你們能來支持這個募款活動, 並把這個募款活動分享在你的臉書和其他網路社交平台, 你的朋友, 家人, 鄰居, 請大家共襄盛舉, 一起來享受一個放鬆美好的週六下午. 你可以上網報名



2/29 後記: We had a total of 28 people who attended. Thank you all for your support!!!



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