When Calligraphy Encounters Modern Poetry by H. Philip Hsieh

H. Philip Hsieh and I both studied Chinese Calligraphy under Master Chang, Mei-Chu but he is my senior by more than ten years. He gets ideas from his daily life and when he travels and writes them up as modern poems in Chinese.  Then, he uses his strong Chinese Calligraphy foundation with creativity to showcase his poetry in a very modern way.  I really love how he interpreted traditional Chinese Calligraphy and give it a new twist – on how it’s framed, on how he wrote, on how the layout of the words, on what type of papers, the color of the ink, etc. This is NOT your typical nor traditional Chinese Calligraphy.

And the Japanese flower arrangement accompanies around the calligraphy is another highlight of the show. At his talk, he told us that he started learning Calligraphy when he is 55 years od and start writing poetry when he is 60 years old.  When I heard that, I was shocked.


His grandson learning swimming and he looks like a fish in the pool so he wrote a poem in a fish shape.

Remember to check out his Exhibit Catalog because it’s a beautiful layout, and printed.

Exhibition Dates: 2/22-3/1, 2020

Mon-Fri 10-4pm / Weekend 12-4pm

His talk on his calligraphy and poetry journey in English is on Saturday 2/29 at 2pm.

Location: The Dynamic Foundation 2185 Fortune Dr, San Jose 95131


想學書法課的人請與師母聯絡 408-771-2995 陳慕真

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