My last event for Aveinda’s Village

Today’s “Lunch at the Park” was the last event I arranged for Avenidas Village. I am the Social Event Coordinator which was a new position that Village members created so I was the lucky one who gets to do many fun things with them for the last 21 months. (the photo above was my first event back in Nov 2018)

Since the COVID-19 hit, we are not able to do anything because they are the high-risk group so sadly I have to leave the job now and find something else.

Many of the members emailed me to tell me how they feel, and it really warms my heart,

Dear Sarbrina, I will miss you and I’m glad to have attended some activities you’ve organized. You have a way of making people (me) feel included. Best wishes always, -C.K.

Dear Sabrina, You are such a kind, thoughtful, young woen and I will miss you as I know all of the Villagers will as well. Stay well and happy, -C.H.

Dear Sabrina, Your many accomplishments for Avenidas Village are impressive! Thank you for your excellent contributions to Avenidas Village seniors health, safety, and happiness. -M.M.

Dear Sabrina, I am very sad and sorry to know that you will be leaving AV. I didn’t even have a chance to know you better and to attend more of your outings. I would like to tell you how much we enjoy knowing you. We appreciate and are grateful for all you have done for us during this time of lockdown. We will certainly miss you. Keep well, -S.L.

Dear Sabrina, I will not be at the lunch but I do want to tell you how sorry I am that you will be leaving AV. I will miss you as I am sure many other Villagers will. You have always been a cheerful, friendly, helpful person. You have done an amazing job for us. With good luck in all your future endeavors, -Z.Z.

Dear Sabrina, I want to say thanks and goodbye to you even though I’m upset at your leaving. I was really enjoying the places that you chose for us to visit. There is no easy way to say goodbye to someone who has brought such fun to me in the months that I have known you. -G.G.

Today I arrange one last gathering (I haven’t seen most of them since mid-March) so I get to see my regulars and a few new faces one more time and say goodbye. One member even just drove by to give me a card and drove home (because she didn’t want to say goodbye). I was reading the cards they gave me after I got home and my tears just couldn’t stop. You have treated me well and I am going to miss you all. I wish you all safe and healthy because I want to see you again in the near future.

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The Healing in Relationships Program by Artie Wu | Preside Life

感情 – 應該是所有人的生命中最常問的前三大問題 (感情, 金錢, 工作), 不論是卜卦問神算流年或諮商, 問得不外乎這三個主題 (我自己的經驗也是), 情侶或夫妻之間的感情問題大概是一輩子的功課 (親子問題緊接在後). 我這輩子一路走到這, 也經歷了不少人生上的各式問題, 也因此開啟了我走上自我成長和修行的這條路, 因為我希望能減少痛苦, 尤其是來自心靈上的痛苦 (當然也不想有身體上的痛苦), 所以我也接受了好幾年的心理諮商, 看了一些有關感情/婚姻或身心靈方面的書, 接觸和學習不同的療癒方式和身心靈的課程, 慢慢的發現, 追根究底到最後, 很多根源都來自童年, 甚至在媽媽的子宮就開始 (暫且不提前世那一塊). 每個人的個性不同, 對於所發生的事的接收和反應也不同, 加上兄弟姐妹之間的年紀差距 (代表事情發生的時間點不同), 所以即便是同一個家庭的兄弟姐妹, 最後的發展也不同.

我的療癒個案每次跟我說她覺得她不太正常, 我都會用很理解和溫柔的微笑回答說, 沒有一個人是正常的, 每個人身上都背負很多來自兒時的傷痛, 只是多寡和深淺不同, 所以站在那個角度來看, 我們都很正常, 因為我不知道哪個家庭是真的都沒有任何問題, 就算有, 也是極少數. 當我們日子過得順利時, 我們通常不太會花時間精力去思考一些 “重要的人生課題”, 只有當重大事件發生時, 例如生重病, 有親人過世, 離婚, 或者像這次的武漢疫情, 美國加州政府下令就地避難已經12週, 還不知道要持續多久, 所有事情瞬間停擺, 等等特殊情況下, 我們被迫放下原本習慣的生活模式, 多出很多時間不知所措的時候, 才有機會迫使我們去思考, 我們人生走到這一步, 目前擁有的 (不論是工作, 關係狀態, 財務狀況, 生活方式等等) 是我們想要的嗎?

所以有些看似大災難的事件, 換個角度想, 也許是上天給你的禮物, 危機也可能是個轉機, 端看你用哪個角度和心情去看, 你會有完全不同的體驗.

回到感情問題, 有一些我們本身的問題如果沒有解決, 我們會一直遇到不同的人, 重複相同或類似的問題, 然後分開. 沒知覺的人會一直重複這樣的狀況, 有知覺的人會開始尋求幫助, 找諮商師, 看書或上課, 然後先解決自己本身的問題, 從自己開始改變, 才會開始慢慢看到不同的結果.

臉書是一個很厲害的地方, 因為我不知道為什麼, 它突然出現這個人的影片在我的臉書上, 而且就剛好是有關感情問題. 看完他的預告短片, 再點進去看他的網站, 他的自我介紹裡說他是哈佛和史丹福畢業的, 之前創辦二個科技公司, 從小開始打坐冥想超過三十年, 2011年開始這個Preside是因為興趣, 他想幫助大家學習讓自己的腦袋靜下來, 所以他寫了很多主題的文章, 和錄了很多影片, 根據他幫助過的上千人所累積的經驗, 將課程分成三大類 Meditation, Healing, Bliss, 然後每一類裡再細分幾種課程. 他的Open Group冥想課程是免費的, 而且都只有三到五分鐘, 很適合沒經驗但想開始嘗試冥想的人. 他另外還有付費的私人團體冥想課程. 而他的Healing課程裡有三個主題 – 七天的Self, 四週的Parenting, 12週的Realtionship, 看到學生的課後感言都非常正面和激勵, 讓我很想試試.

以下影片是有關12週的Relationship program,

How to Decide on Ending a Relationship

When a person is thinking about leaving their relationship, one of the biggest fears is “fear of making the wrong choice” – either leaving a secure relationship and not finding something better or staying and suffering even more, with no lasting improvement and wasting precious time. The reason it’s so hard to make a “stay-or-leave” decision with confidence is that we often don’t know the true deeper reason we are actually unhappy in our relationships – which is deeper than the typical complaints of poor communication, lack of trust and diminished passion.

In reality, the deepest core reason for unhappiness in a relationship is most deeply rooted in the pre-existing emotional wounds that each partner has had – often from childhood – even before you both got together or even met. These preexisting emotional wounds will often be overlooked in the passionate beginning of a relationship, but then, left unhealed, these emotional wounds will be the root cause of all other major relationship issues later on.

The ideal process for assessing your relationship, with full clarity and confidence, would be to:

A. Map the preexisting emotional wounds of each partner (see below).

B. Begin healing the wound pattern in each partner, starting with the easiest wounds first and working up from there, slowly.

C. Make an interim plan to reduce co-wounding each other, to give the healing process some time to take effect.

After this process, you may decide that continuing the relationship no longer makes sense, and that is a possible outcome as well.

But with a full and proper wound mapping, you will at least be able to make your “stay-or-leave” decision with full confidence and clarity, to save your energy for the road ahead.

The Healing in Relationships Program

To help with this entire process, I teach a powerful, intensive program called “Healing in Relationships”, which dives deeply into how co-wounding in relationships happens, based on a powerful method of “mapping” each partner’s preexisting emotional wounds with a series of simple but comprehensive exercises. Using these customized “wound mappings” for each of you, we then identify how your wound patterns cause each of you to accidentally co-wound and “poke the preexisting wounds” of each other, which then leads to an escalating spiral of back-and-forth over the years and even decades.

Once you have this mapping, it will act as a kind of “x-ray vision” for you to see the real dynamics of why there is so much frustration and unhappiness, and you can then make a clear and confident decision about whether you want to stay and work on these issues (which the program also helps with), or if it may be time to stop the relationship in its current form. You do not have to convince your partner to do the program with you – it is designed to be done by you on a solo basis, individually and in private, and once you have the full two-way wound mapping of the relationship, you can make a plan as to what you want to do, and how to share your learnings with your partner.

Watch the video below to hear the introductory session of this powerful program which is completely confidential, hassle-free and 100% online.

I guarantee that by the end of this 12-minute briefing, you will already feel better, and will have a clear path for how to fully heal the patterns of co-wounding in your own romantic relationship, and how to unlock the full power of the nurturing, support and nourishment in your life that you fully desire and fully deserve.


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有興趣的可以上他的網站看看, 或是點選他的文章影片, 希望這個資訊能幫助到需要幫助的人. 自我成長需要耐心, 時間和意願, 但最大的受益者, 是我們自己.

最後想再和大家分享另外一篇來得及巧的文章, (她的文章總是來得剛剛好, 非常奇妙), 她的部落格上還有許多很棒的文章喔!



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The Power of Intention

(中文版在最下方) I was sitting in downtown Sunnyvale’s coffee shop early this morning, next to a wide-open window so I can feel the breeze from the wind, the cool crisp fresh air, the old love song playing in the shop with my hot coffee, and I can see the street path closed-off with lots of booths were setting up because it is the Art and Wine Festival this weekend. At that moment, I truly felt that life is good, so many things to be grateful for, and I haven’t had this type of feeling for so long. I know I have got out of the dark tunnel finally.

On top of that, I start seeing the power of the intention.

Lately, I keep thinking about what I want in life at this point forward, and what is my goal for my healing biz. I went through a lot in life (I know there are many people had a worse life than mine; however, there is no need to compare pain unless you are trying to diminish someone’s pain existence which is not my goal here), and the last 5 years were the worsed; however, it also teaches me the greatest life lessons that I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. For that, I thank myself for not giving up although I have thought about it a few times. I am also very thankful for those family and friends who have been there all these years for me.

So I would like to return the favor and paying forward.  I said to the universe that I want to let more people know about the power and the benefits of the Sound Healing and Hypnotherapy, and use these two modalities among other things that I know or have learned to help others to heal themselves from whatever trauma that they have been through. I ask the universe to help me and guide me to find a way to get into all big high-tech companies’ wellness program for their hard-working employees who live in a high-stress life.  I believe the universe will make that happen.

And all of sudden, I have four new clients from Yelp booked appointments within two weeks. On top of that, I got an email from the Intuit‘s Wellness and Lifestyle Expo organizer who offer me to hosting a booth and educate their employees about my services and get the opportunity to book new clients on site. Intuit has 2500 employees and expect 500 would attend the event. I take it as a sign that the universe is responding to my intention.

Plus, possibly to do workshops with acupuncturists with Sound Bath (where I got that idea from).

By the way, if you are a yoga instructor specialize in either Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, yoga Nidra or you lead meditation, please contact me.  I would like to create a workshop together.

Or if you are interested to host a Sound Bath for your special private event, let me know.

Stanford’s Health Improvement Program has a regular Sound Immersion event at the Graduate Community Center.

Thank you for the universe, the God, the Buddha, the higher power, whatever that is, Thank you for helping me so I can help others.  I wish everyone can live in a healthy and happy life.


今天一大早我一個人坐在Sunnyvale市中心的一家咖啡館靠窗的位子, 窗戶敞開, 我可以感受到涼爽的微風吹在我臉上, 呼吸著新鮮的空氣, 咖啡廳裡放熟悉的老情歌, 我正享受著香氣撲鼻的熱拿鐵. 我看著窗外正在準備的攤位, 原來這二天剛好是Sunnyvale的藝術和美酒節. 在這個當下, 我真心感受到生命的美好, 有好多事是值得心存感恩的, 而我已經許久不曾有這樣的感覺, 這讓我知道, 我已經走出那個黑暗的隧道了.

而且, 我開始感受到 “意念” 的力量.

最近我一直在想我接下來的歲月想要過什麼樣的人生, 還有我對我的療癒工作的目標是什麼. 我這一路上經歷過許多 (我知道有很多人有比我更痛苦更慘的經歷, 但我無意與他人的痛苦比較, 因為痛苦是真實的, 比較的心態似乎有貶低痛苦的事實, 其實沒有意義, 也不是我的目的). 在過去的五年是我最痛苦的時候, 但也教會我許多人生很寶貴的一些事情, 如果沒有這些經歷, 有可能我沒機會學會. 為此, 我要感謝自己, 這一路走來沒有放棄自己 (雖然我考慮過幾次). 我也非常感謝這一路相伴的親朋好友.

所以我希望能回饋, 我過去接受過別人的幫助, 現在我希望我也有能力幫助別人. 我向老天許願, 希望能讓更多人知道頌缽音療和催眠的力量和好處, 讓我用我所學所知的東西來幫助別人, 讓他們也能從過去的傷痛當中慢慢療癒自己. 我請老天幫忙, 引領我找到一個管道或方式進入各大科技公司的Wellness Program, 來幫助那些身處高壓工作環境的員工, 我相信老天會實現我的願望的.

結果沒幾天, 我突然收到四位預約音療和催眠的新客戶, 然後收到一封來自主辦Intuit Wellness & Lifestyle Expo的電郵, 邀請我參加, 讓我介紹和教育Intuit的員工有關我的音療和催眠. Intuit有二千五百位員工, 預計五百位會參加Expo, 我把這突如其來的機會當做老天聽到我的許願了.

另外, 我正在和幾位中醫師討論合辦針灸和音療的活動.

如果你是瑜珈老師, 或是靜坐老師, 有興趣和我一起合辦活動的話, 請和我聯絡.

如果你有興趣聘請我去幫你做一個私人的Sound bath, 也請聯絡我.


感謝老天, 神明, 看不見得更大力量, 不管是什麼, 我都感謝你的幫助. 我希望每個人都過著健康快樂的生活.



我一直以來都覺得我的直覺蠻準的, 但是發現從希臘火山靜心大哭以後, 我的第六感變得更敏銳, 或者跟老天的連結更直接.


今年五月在Palm Springs參加攝影課程的時候,  頭幾天老師對大家帶來的攝影作品做Image Review/建議. 這一班有十六位, 其中二位是女性, 男性年紀老少3:1, 多數都有十幾二十年的攝影經驗, 雖然未必是在建築攝影主題, 但作品都拍得很不錯, 我雖然不是排名前幾名, 但自認也不會是倒數二名, 但不知為何, 老師看到我的作品時, 只說了三句話 (some are over saturated, you have native eyes), 然後就結束了, 而其他幾位我認為拍得比我更差的, 卻得到老師許多的講評和建議. 我心裡雖然有點不平, 但也就隨它去, 因為我自己知道, 我的確還有很大的進步空間, 尤其是Photoshop.  如果我會用Photoshop, 我的照片會有明顯的進步.

結果接下來二晚, 我分別收到二位潛在客戶, 他們覺得我拍的很棒, 想要進一步了解我的收費和工作方式, 這就好像老天間接地在告訴我, 不要把老師的態度放在心上, 他不欣賞你, 會有別人欣賞你的.

當初在報名課程時, 因為一共只有四天, 而多數攝影課都是三天, 所以一天的課程選擇不多. 今年剛好有一個一天的Drone class, 我就報名了.  其實幾年前當Drone開始的時候, 我就有在注意了, 但是當時的攝影飛機選擇很少, 價錢很高, 功能不齊全, 操作困難, 所以我就沒有踏入, 但一直都有在注意它的發展.

所以上完課, 試飛過後, 就帶了一台回家. 因為包裝很大, 我必須將包裝拆掉, 才能放進行李箱帶上飛機, 所以我到機場後就在旁邊拆箱, 然後把箱子放在垃圾桶旁邊. 才起身走沒幾步, 我的腦袋裡出現一個感覺, 要我再檢查一次所有的盒子, 所以我掉頭回去, 把所有的盒子都打開來並壓平, 果然發現有幾樣小東西我沒看到, 還在盒子裡, 感謝老天的警告啊.

我對人的感覺也很敏銳, 往往在一個環境裡, 跟一群不認識的人在一起, 我很快就有感覺哪幾個人讓我不舒服, 尤其做人不誠實/不正直, 或者內心對人另有所圖的那種人. 我記得十年前我還是一位地產經紀新人, 在公司上課的時候, 教室裡坐了幾位同樣新手的同事, 其中有一位男同事, 不知為何我就是不想接近他, 後來每每遇到他, 我也只是禮貌性打個招呼, 故意保持距離, 後來幾年慢慢聽到他的一些風聲, 就間接證實我當時對他的感覺是對的. 我不是很主動或很熱絡去認識新朋友的人, 但我發現有些人就是能讓我在很短的時間變得很熱絡, 好像我們認識很久, 而有些人就是讓我熱絡不起來, 我也不勉強自己, 就保持淡淡之交就好.

對環境也是, 我走進不同的房子或場所會有不同的感覺, 而且是在很短的時間內. 我記得十幾年前要買房子的時候, 有些房子我一走進去我就想離開, 有些房子一走進去我就不想離開, 這跟房子的氣場有關, 而不是內部裝潢的關係. 而現在的反應更直接, 有時候我走進一間超市, 可能因為超市裡的人多氣雜, 我馬上開始打嗝, 好像我的身體就開始自動排掉廢氣, 真的很難解釋, 有時候一打嗝就打十幾二十分鐘, 其實很不舒服的.

除此之外, 有些人事物, 好像冥冥中注定, 在該出現的時間就出現了.  所以我很相信, 每個人在某個時間點, 出現在我的生命裡, 都有它的原因. 而我現在就是學會接受, 然後從中學習它要告訴我的課題, 我把它當作修行.

今年七月上完趙學忠大師的氣功高級班後, 接下來應該還有更多無法解釋的事出現吧.

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在臉書上看到幾篇和成人繪本或插畫有關的文章, 覺得畫得好美, 又很確切反映出成人生活中的一些領悟, 所以貼出來跟大家分享.

《VO》導讀:很多人生道理,難以用言語表達。那就讓療癒水彩畫來告訴你吧!(圖: 太過理性會囚禁自己) Artist: Jean-Pierre Weill

《VO》導讀:西班牙藝術家的「超暖心」的 15張插圖,讓你獲得 滿滿正能量!(圖: 恐懼不會消失,就學著與它好好相處吧) Artist: Alex Noriega

《VO》導讀:獻給正在尋找幸福的你  (圖: 幸福一直都在,只是我們願不願意去「看見」。) Artist: Josef Lee

《VO》導讀:「做自己」的勇氣為何重要 (圖: You never know that you can fly) Artist: Salu Lu