Mount Shasta

The last time I went to Mount Shasta was back in the summer of 2018 with two of my girlfriends for a Sound Healing event. This time, I went with my Chinese Calligraphy teacher, his wife and daughter, and one of his students (our Qigong/Self-defense teacher) for 3 days.

上次我去雪士達山是2018的暑假, 我和我二位女友去參加一個音療活動. 而這次的三天二夜, 是和我的書法老師Mr. Chang, 師母, 他們的女兒Christine, 和另外一位書法同學Paul (也是我們的氣功/防身術的老師, 本身是中醫師).

They are like my family in California. I have known them since 2011 when I begin my calligraphy classes and my first group Calligraphy Group Exhibition was in 2014. Unfortunately, I stopped my classes after that due to personal issues but we stay in touched and finally I picked it up again in 2019 from the beginning.

他們就像是我在加州的家人. 我從2011年就開始和張老師學習書法, 並在2014年參加師生聯展. 可惜我因私人因素在那之後暫停書法課程, 但我們一直有保持聯絡, 而我在2019年又開始上書法課, 而且是從頭開始.

They said they haven’t been out since SIP in March so we decided to go to Mount Shasta for 3 days. From the Bay Area, it’s about 4 hours drive. We stayed in an Airbnb with 3 bedrooms/2 baths, a good size kitchen and dining area, and surrounded by lots of trees. It’s very closed to the Sacramento River Headwaters and the downtown. We brought most of our food to make our breakfasts and dinners; however, they have three supermarkets in the town as well.

他們自從三月因為疫情就沒出門玩, 所以我們決定去雪士達山玩三天, 從灣區開車北上大概四小時車程. 我們訂了一間三房二衛, 蠻大的廚房和餐桌, 而且外面圍繞很多樹的Airbnb, 地點離市區和山泉水上游很近. 我們從灣區帶了一些食材, 所以早餐和晚餐都是自己煮, 市區有三間超市可買東西.

The fresh Spring water is very very cold but tastes very very good.  I saw many people bring lots of large 5-10 gallon water containers to take fresh Spring water home.

新鮮的山泉水非常的冰冷, 但非常的美味. 我看到很多人帶著5-10 加侖的大水壺來裝水回家.

When we were there, only the Bunny Flats trail is open, we couldn’t drive to Panther Meadows Trailhead (upper). As far as the Bunny Flat trail, it’s covered with snow.  There aren’t many people there so it’s kind of nice.

我們去到Bunny Flat的時候發現無法再往北開, 而Bunny Flats trail 也是被白雪覆蓋, 不過人不是很多也挺好的.

Burney Falls is an easy walk and very well worth it. The falls are huge!!!

Burney Falls 很值得去看, 一來很容易走到, 二來景觀壯碩.

We had so much fun. Three days is too short so we are thinking about where we want to go in December!!! LOL

我們玩得太開心了, 覺得三天實在太短了, 所以已經開始想下個月要上哪玩了!!!

後記: 以下是我另外一位朋友去雪士達山玩的景點

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