Sequoia National Park

Here’s why you’ll fall in love with Sequoia National Park.

The U.S. has 62 National Parks (29 states have national parks and California has the most, 9 of them). I just got back from Sequoia NP for a 3-Days trip with a girlfriend so now I have been to 9 (3 in California) in the last 20 years while I live here (Yosemite, Death Valley, Sequoia, Yellowstone, Glacier, Mount Rainier, Olympic, Haleakalā, Hawaiʻi Volcanoes).

You can download this map HERE.

We went in through Hwy 198 Three Rivers from the Bay Area, and out through Hwy 180. We spent our time in the lower part of the park – the first day we went to the General Sherman tree area, the second day we went to Moro Rock, Tunnel Log, and Crescent Meadow, the last day we went to the Tokopah Fall area. That’s all we have time for because the park is too big.

From our hotel to the park entrance is about an hour, from the Lodgepole Visitor Center to King Canyon Visitor Center is about 1.5 hours (middle part of the park), and from the King Canyon Visitor Center to Cedar Grove Visitor Center is about 2 hours (upper part of the park) (it might be longer because there are constructions between the Lodgepole Visitor Center to Cedar Grove Visitor Center).  I wish we could stay longer to explore more.

*The entrance fee per car is $35 for a week; if you plan to visit 2-3 different National Parks a year, buying an Annual Pass for $80 per car would be better.

There are no Wifi or cellphone signals in most parts of the park.

Maybe it’s because Sequoia NP is less known and farther away than Yosemite so it’s less crowded which is what I wanted plus I haven’t visited it before.

We stayed in Comfort Inn & Suites at Three Rivers. Although it said they offer free breakfast, we went to Sequoia Coffee Co. to get our expresso and baked goods instead (3 min drive from the hotel and it’s on the way to the park) and there are two gas stations nearby as well (no gas stations inside the park). If you want better dinner choices, consider a 30 min drive to the City of Visalia; otherwise, there are few restaurants choices near the hotel (pizza, burgers, Mexican food, etc.)

Let me share some photos we took with our iPhones.

Day 1 – General Sherman Tree area


Day 2 – Moro Rock, Tunnel Log, and Crescent Meadow area

This view is the reward after all those steps when you are on top of the rock.

I love all the tree roots formations that I have seen. They are so beautiful like sculptures.


Day 3 – Tokopah Falls (from Lodgepole Visitor Center)

We found a perfect spot to do a meditation with water sounds around us, so peaceful and calm. I took off my shoes and put my feet down in the water. It felt so good.

Most people wear a mask and keep a distance from each other so I feel very safe and comfortable to be in nature. I need to smell the fresh air and say hello to those giant trees because my body, mind and soul need it.

Although it’s fewer people due to COVID-19 (fewer people from out of the area and local area), I would still recommend come during the weekdays because when we enter on Friday morning we need to wait a bit at the entrance, and all the camping area are full.

I wonder how many National Parks an average American has been in their lifetime because if you visit one per year, it will take 62 years to see them all. I have only been to 9 in the last 20 years. Shame on me!!!

Hmmm, now I am thinking which NP do I want to go next!!!

Accessing the Sacred Energy of Trees

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