Carlos Tree Service

I was at a friend’s house when the tree service crew just arrived for three tree removal and two tree trimming (they were 30 min early so they can get ready for the job).  Then I was watching them working to get a feel for them (sort of an occupational habit of mine, always looking for good people in any industry). The owner is Carlos and he brought two guys with him. Carlos is the one climbing the tree, the other two guys are moving the branches and tree blocks. Carlos speaks good English so communication was easy (I have chatted with him a little bit because I called him Spiderman).

The devil is in the details!!! I noticed some small but important things that you may not notice if you are not around and observe carefully.  For example, they put a hallowed concrete block over something on the ground to protect it from tree drops.  Carlos is very careful of where the branches are going to drops, and very calculating where he makes the cut. They also trying to reduce the time of the noises created from the gas chainsaws and the chippers by using a hand saw on some smaller branches, gather all the branches and tree blocks, and put them through the big chipping machine in the end.

They work really fast, and they clean it up in the end. They are friendly and professional. You can tell Carlos has been doing this for a long time. It is a labor Intensive job and I appreciate their professionalism. My friend told me that Carlos’ pricing was very reasonable after three estimates from different companies.

Carlos Tree Service 650-814-8916 (they also provide landscape maintenance)

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