[Mendocino] MacCallum House

We went to the MacCallum House for Sunday dinner. We ordered a 5-course Prefixed menu – one for meat eater and one for vegetarian. We sit outside, under a huge tent with a heater.  I think the outdoor setting was the best one that I had in the last 10 months so as the meal.  However, we were asked by the restaurant to wear our mask when they serve food/drink to us so we need to put our mask on and off the whole duration of dinner.  That’s my first time to experience that.

I had the vegetarian.

My friend had the regular (meat) one (replace Oyster with Thai Curry).

All the dishes were great but it’s a lot of food for me. The Vegetarian dishes are not as impressive as the regular meat dishes. My favorite dish was the Thai Curry and my friend’s favorite was the Duck Confit. I asked the waiter to change my dessert so we can try a different one (the chocolate mousse was too rich for my taste).

P.S. If you drive on the coastline on the way back to South Bay, you can stop at Timber Cove Resort for a nice lunch outdoor (the photo above has changed to outdoor dining) under a big nice tent with heaters (no much view though).

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