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Hello everyone,

I am announcing great news!!!  I have started a healing arts services, Six Senses Healing, to sharing what I know and what I believe in, with everyone who wants to experience a holistic approach with alternative medicine.

I was experiencing anxiety, panic attack, and depression for a few years, before and after my divorce.  Life feel like an emotional rollercoaster, and I feel lost and trapped in this chaotic, out of control ride.

To deal with the difficult time, I had try everything I could – seeing a Psychiatrist (try different type of antidepressant medicine that has different side effects such as 25 lb weight gain in one year or emotional numbness or suicidal thoughts), a counselor for three years, an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, a homeopathist, two hypnotherapists, a personal trainer, and a energy healer.

On top of that, I begin to study Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Qigong, Vibrational Sound Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Aromatherapy, and other modalities.

It is the idea that those who seek to help others are doing so because they are, in turn, helping themselves. The harmony is created when you get connected with the “Inner Self”. You let the wings of freedom to guide your life. Rumi says “The wounds are the places where light enters.”  Healers have a desire to help others because of a difficult past, enormous pain and loss, and their work serving others ultimately heals themselves.

From learning and practicing these modalities showed me a self-discovery and self-realization path, which leads to how to live authentically according to one’s essence and purpose. Our wounds teach us life lessons. They create ways for us to connect, teach and touch other’s hearts with great Attunement, Empathy, and Sympathy.  I want to provide a safe place for others who are seeking help by empowering them to heal themselves.

Besides all the helps I got from the health professionals, the biggest help I got are from friends dear to me.  Their understanding and support and accompany are the reasons that help me through the hard time and for me to get back on my feet.  Without their love and caring, I won’t be alive today.  I am grateful for everyone who has helped me along the way.  In return, I would like to help others who are going through a hard time in life whether you are going through divorce or depression, I want you to know, you are not alone.  There is nothing to feel the shame of.  You have to seek outside help.  And I am happy to share my own experiences with you, offer you support, and help you with ways I know.


我想要告訴你們一個好消息!! 我開始提供療癒服務 – 六感療癒, 將我所學, 所知, 所相信的, 來和想體驗一個考量整體的非主流醫學.

我自己在離婚前後幾年, 經歷過焦慮, 恐慌, 憂鬱症, 那個情緒就像坐雲霄飛車一般, 我感到迷惘和被困住在這個無法控制的情況.

為了尋求康復, 我求助過精神科醫生 (吃過不同的抗憂鬱症藥, 經歷過不同的副作用), 看了三年的諮商師, 也看了中醫師, 整骨師, 自然療法師, 催眠師, 健身教練和能量師.

除此之外, 我還開始學習昆達里尼瑜珈, 打坐, 氣功, 震動聲音療法, 催眠, EFT情緒釋放技巧, 芳療和其他方式.

那些希望藉由幫助別人的人, 他們會選擇這樣做, 是因為他們相信最終會反過來幫到自己。 當你與“內心自我”聯繫時,就會產生和諧。 你讓自由的翅膀引導你的生活。 魯米說:“傷口就是光進入的地方。”治療師因為自己過去的傷痛和損失, 希望能夠透過幫助他人,反過來他們也從中得到療癒。

從學習和實踐這些方式, 提供我一條自我發現和自我實現的道路,引領著如何根據一個人的本質和目的過著真實的生活。 我們的傷口教會我們人生課程。 他們為我們創造了一種方式,通過極大的協調,同理心和同情來聯繫,教導和觸動他人的心靈。 我想為那些尋求幫助的人提供一個安全的地方,讓他們能夠自我治癒。

除了我從專業醫療人士那裡獲得的所有幫助外,我得到的最大幫助是來自親朋好友。 他們的理解,支持和陪伴是幫助我渡過難關並讓我重新站起來的原因。 沒有他們的愛和關懷,我不會活到今天。 我很感激所有幫助過我的人。 作為回報,我想幫助那些正在經歷痛苦的人,無論你是在經歷離婚還是憂鬱症,我想讓你知道,你並不孤單。 不需要感到丟臉。 你必須尋求外界的幫助。 我很樂意與你分享我自己的經驗,為你提供支持,並以我所知的方式幫助你。

Six Senses Healing – Hypnotherapy, Sound Healing, Qigong


Health & Beauty

Weighted Blanket

Do you have insomnia, anxiety, depression??  Besides taking antidepressant, talking to an therapist, you can also try hypnotherapy and sound therapy, doing yoga and meditation, taking supplements and herbal teas.  Moreover, the newest trend is using the weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets are usually filled with plastic pellets or glass beads to add weight, ranging from about 4 to 25 pounds. You pick the heaviness of the blanket based on your own weight.

A study from 2015 found that after 32 adults used a 30-pound blanket, 63% reported lower anxiety and 78% preferred the weighted blanket to calm down.

Weighted blankets offer deep pressure stimulation, a form of touch pressure that feels like a firm hug, a massage, or swaddling. While research on weighted blankets is sparse, deep pressure stimulation has been found to calm adults and children with anxiety, autism, and attention difficulties, researchers say.

While they’ve been gaining popularity recently, weighted blankets have been around for a few decades now in the occupational therapy field, where they’ve been used as aids for children on the autism spectrum. They’re even the basis for products such as Thundershirts, which help your pup stay calm during thunderstorms, fireworks shows or other anxiety-inducing events.

So, I was interested in give it a try myself to see if it could give me a better night sleep.

At first, I tried the My Calm Blanket since it keep popping up on my Facebook.  When they arrived, the box is kind of broken where they didn’t taped since the box is not strong/not thick enough to handle the weight. After I opened the box, inside is a simple plastic bag which is open with the blanket folded inside.  I got a bad feeling on this because the packaging feels cheap.

So I took the blanket out, get a closer look, it doesn’t seems well made.  The size is not long enough (48×72), the stitches are wider than I expected, the inner fabric is kind of thin plus the string tie distance between inner blanket and outer blanket are also wider (every 4 blocks) than I would like; therefore, it won’t stay flat, in one place when you move around.  Overall, I am NOT happy with this one so I contacted the company one day after I have received the product for a refund.

The customer told me I am responsible for the return shipping as it stated on their website.  Fine.  Then he asks me to take picture of the box and packaging.  Fine. Then he said he has forward the photos to the warehouse for investigation.  WHAT??  Investigation for what?? They said, “It’s normal for their warehouse to inspect my return and it’s true to any company that has a refund policy.”

Ok.  I understand every companies will inspect each returned item; however, they usually inspect the items when it got mailed back to their warehouse and then inspect it.  This is my first time got asked to take photos of the box and the item and email it back to them for inspection.  Something is really wrong here because it has been a week since my first email request the return and still haven’t get my return label (by the way, I need to pay for the return shipping for this 15 lb blanket).


7/25 Update: I have requested a return on 6/28 and today is 7/25 and I am still waiting for a return label. Can’t believe this is a San Francisco company.

The second one I tried is Quility from Amazon.  I like this one way better.  The packaging is way more professional, the size is longer (48×78), how they sew the inner fabric’s edge is way nicer, the inner fabric is thicker or stiffer, they use bottom instead of string tie, and the distance between inner blanket and outer blanket are smaller (every two blocks) which really help to keep the blanket stay together after moving around.  The outer blanket is very soft and thick.

It does took me a few nights to get used to it and it does make me feel like a swaddle baby been held in the arm.

There are many different brands out there which I can’t try them all for a comparison.  However, just from the two brands I have tried, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Quility from Amazon.  It also got over 600 positive reviews too.

Health & Beauty

憂鬱症是一種疾病, 不是一種選擇

depression-quotes-pictures-1一般人的鬱卒, 只是一時的心情不好或氣餒而已, 事過境遷後會自然恢復.

Sadness is an emotion, whereas depression is an illness.

如果你察覺以下症狀自己符合四個以上, 而且持續二個星期或更久, 而且不管怎麼嘗試讓自己振作卻總是辦不到, 就可能是憂鬱症了, 需要尋求專業的”精神科”(Psychiatry) 醫師的幫助.

  • 心情沮喪: 以前感興趣的事, 現在都沒興趣
  • 常常莫名的傷心難過: 不知不覺地哭, 沒有原因就是想哭
  • 食慾習慣改變: 整天不吃東西也不覺得餓或者突然食慾大增; 體重明顯減輕或增加
  • 持續失眠或睡很多卻還是很累: 常常睡不著或是很容易醒, 醒了就難再入睡; 或者睡整天, 醒了還是覺得累
  • 疲倦或沒有精神: 幾乎每天都懶散無力, 容易感到倦怠
  • 覺得活著沒有價值: 常常覺得自己沒用, 對未來沒有希望
  • 罪惡感: 缺乏根據的自責和內疚
  • 缺乏自信: 覺得自己什麼都做不好
  • 注意力不集中: 看電視, 事後想不起劇情內容; 到餐廳點菜, 菜單要看很久才能決定要點什麼
  • 猶豫不決: 對事情無法迅速做決定, 考慮再三, 同一件事可以反覆做很久或很多次
  • 焦慮和恐慌: 無法控制自己不斷的擔心, 反覆考慮, 不安
  • 過度補償: 強迫自己忙碌工作, 暴飲暴食, 拼命睡覺, 想用這些行為來壓制內心不安的情緒
  • 自閉孤立: 逃避和朋友見面, 不愛出門, 拒絕以前的聚會場合, 但有常覺得孤單寂寞
  • 想自殺: 常有活著沒意義, 死了就解脫的念頭


1. 輕度憂鬱: 像一般人一樣生活和工作, 但不快樂很久了, 他們符合以上起碼二項, 可能已經習慣長期鬱悶的心情, 但是遇到重大變故時, 輕度憂鬱患者可能會變成重度憂鬱.

2. 重度憂鬱: 病患常感人生無助無望, 自己沒有存在價制, 生不如死等等, 並會有一連串的退縮行為, 不想與他人互動, 整天待在家裡不出門, 生理上會出現失眠, 食慾不振, 腰酸背痛.

3. 雙重憂鬱: 有些患者是輕鬱夾雜重鬱, 此時會陷入極度沮喪或厭世而無法自拔, 這是最難熬的時刻, 但過了一段時間後, 病情又會慢慢回到輕鬱狀態.

4. 假性憂鬱或非典型憂鬱: 患者不擅用字眼來描述感受, 但又被身體上的不適感到困擾, 看病後又找不出原因.

5. 躁鬱: 躁鬱的特點在情緒變動很大. 在躁期, 原本情緒低落的病人會變得很積極, 情緒高亢, 活力十足, 精神很好, 行事變得草率, 衝動 (刷爆信用卡), 但在鬱期則剛好相反, 而當旁人提醒他們在躁期做的事時, 有些患者會完全不記得.

憂鬱是我們身體和心理出現不對勁時的表現, 就像發燒是身體要感冒的警訊. 從醫學角度來看憂鬱症的成因, 是大腦缺乏某些神經傳導素物質失衡所致, 目前比較確定是的血清素, 正腎上腺素, 多巴胺, 尤其是血清素.  血清素是大腦數百種神經傳導似的一種, 但是他在腦中含量與其他傳導物質相比是較少的, 但影響巨大.

導致血清素缺乏的生化因素很複雜, 目前所知的是, 飲食中若缺乏合成血清素所需的色氨基酸, 會造成大腦來不及補充已經消耗的血清素. 但是, 因為缺乏血清素而引起憂鬱症的, 只有在某些人身上才有直接關聯, 也許是先天遺傳基因有缺陷, 或是童年遭到重大創傷, 或是對環境適應不良, 才會引發.

(先天因素) 家族有親人有憂鬱症, 你的得病率會是一般人的二到三倍;

(後天因素) 童年時期與父母的互動和關係, 決定我們如何看待自己, 是否值得被愛, 是否活得有價值, 對他人觀感與評價的反應等. 當兒童被忽視或傷害時, 會覺得自己不配被愛, 這樣的成長經驗, 讓他們不知道如何愛自己, 也不知如何和別人建立親密關係, 在成年後不管是否願意承認這些痛苦經歷, 他們在生理及心理上都比較容易受到憂鬱症侵害.

其他的後天因素包括, 冬季憂鬱症, 壓力來自工作, 失業, 感情失和, 婚姻破裂, 失去親人, 以及不良的飲食習慣; 過度正面的人也容易罹患憂鬱症.

Smart-Quotes-54524-statusmind.com百憂解 (Prozac) 是劃時代的抗憂鬱藥物, 是一種血清素再回收抑制劑, 會增加腦中的血清素含量, 憂鬱症的症狀便可獲得緩解. 其他類似的新藥還包括, 樂復得(Zoloft), 克憂果(Seroxat), 無鬱寧(Luvox), 效果和副作用和百憂解類似, 不同的患者對不同的藥會有不同的副作用產生, 此乃因個人體質而異.

後來藥商又研發出更新, 副作用更少的新藥, 以血清素正上腺素再回收抑制劑, 速悅(Efexor), 樂活優(Remeron), 威博(Wellbutrin).

一般而言, 抗憂鬱藥需要二到六週以上才開始發揮藥效, 第一次接受藥物治療的人, 通常必須服用六個月以上, 才能避免復發. 藥物治療失敗的原因, 就是病患服藥不規律或者太早停藥.

除了使用藥物幫助病患穩住情緒外, 配合心理治療來幫助病患面對自己的缺陷和陰影, 尤其是重度憂鬱患者, 會更有效. “行為與情緒皆來自個人信念, 而不是事件本身”, 是認知取向心理治療的基本信念, 因為影響人的情緒和行為的, 正是不同的信念及自我價值, 所以同樣的事發生在不同人身上, 會出現不同的感受與反應.

Depression-Anxiety憂鬱症只是問題的表象而非源頭, 就像嬰兒用哭來表達它餓了或尿布濕了, 我們應該正視問題, 而不是急著馬上變快樂. 以這個角度來看憂鬱症, 它反而是我們人生中的轉折點, 讓我們放下腳步, 好好審視自己的人生. 許多憂鬱症患者一旦發病, 除了呼吸沒停以外, 其他事情都停止了, 睡不著, 沒食慾, 不出門, 對任何事都不感興趣, 這種情況下, 連要繼續平常的作息都變得困難.

1. 自療的第一步就是維持基本的生活節奏. 不管你多不想, 生活至少要保留起床, 吃飯, 走動, 洗澡, 睡覺這幾件事, 並將它固定在某個時間規律化, 如果哪天心情好轉, 可以再加入其他事情.

2. 自療的第二步就是與憂鬱症和平共處. 先找出憂鬱的節奏, 然後提前做預防動作. 如果你發現自己在傍晚特別容易沮喪, 就在這時候找個有趣的電視節目看或運動或泡澡放鬆, 來轉移那個情緒.

3. 自療的第三步就是根據自己的情況, 做對症下藥的生活調整.

-對於個性急躁, 生活可能因無事可做而失去重心的患者, 建議告訴自己, 事情等到明天再做也不遲, 藉由從事自己的興趣來轉移煩躁的心情, 或與朋友, 心理醫生聊天解愁.

-對任何事都提不起勁的患者, 建議強迫自己維持基本的生活規律, 延續以往的休閒活動.

4. 自療的第四步,

吃對食物: 維持營養均衡 (35%蛋白質, 25%脂肪, 40% 碳水化合物), 戒煙酒, 低糖, 低咖啡因, 多喝水, 補充維他命B群, 葉酸, 魚油.

-從事有助身心靈的活動: 瑜珈, 氣功, 冥想, 有助心靈平靜; 其他運動會使腦部分泌腦內嗎啡, 有鎮定和愉悅的效果; 外出曬太陽; 室內光線務必充足; 睡眠充足.

-訓練心靈強度: 我們的心靈對挫折, 沮喪的忍受度不是與生俱來, 而是從經驗中不斷累積或是自我鍛鍊得來的. 一般人認為憂鬱症患者的意志裡比較薄弱, 這是刻板印象的誤解, 其實許多憂鬱症患者都要比常人來的勇敢堅強, 主因先天的遺傳缺陷或是後天環境失序等不可抗拒的因素.  患者可以靠閱讀, 從書中學習他人經驗, 或是參加自我成長團體, 或是寄情宗教, 或是挑戰自己, 嘗試一些以往沒有做過的事, 例如登山, 自助旅行.

5. 自療的第五步, 換個新環境生活, 尋找可靠穩定的關係.

6. 自療的第六步, 尋找親友的支持.  如果身邊有親友有憂鬱症, 你能做的, 就是陪伴, 傾聽, 支持, 保持聯絡, 建議就醫求助. 千萬不要用自己的生活節奏來強迫患者跟著作息, 也不要以為說一些勵志的話 (要振作, 想開一點), 或是拿他們和其他殘障或癌症的人比較, 或是說出沒有憂鬱症這種病, 是你自己意志不堅, 抗壓性太低.

(以上擷取 “不憂鬱的生活 by 嚴烽彰” 一書

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How to Help Your Depressed Friend: 7 Things You Shouldn’t Say

10 Things not to say to someone with depression.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 4.52.23 PM

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  1. 輕度的憂鬱或情緒低潮, 可以先去Costco買 SAM-E 吃, 連續吃幾天應該有感覺; 或找灣區的崔舒菁中醫師(408-249-8899) 配一瓶花泡水, 噴在舌下, 四五天就會有感覺 .
  2. 輕度的憂鬱或情緒低潮, 亦可先尋求中醫的針灸, 推拿, 中藥等方式治療, 若真不見效果, 還是去看精神科醫生, 因為抗憂鬱症藥還是有維持情緒穩定的效果.
  3. 失眠的人可以考慮液狀的褪黑激素(Natrol Liquid Melatonin), 如果幾晚下來皆無效, 要去看醫生
  4. 吃對食物也會有助減輕憂鬱症的症狀
  5. 有些憂鬱症藥物會有強烈的自殺念頭, 一定要告訴你的醫生, 請他換藥.

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* Psychiatry (精神科醫生):
*Stuart Krieger  1625 The Alameda #300, San Jose  408-289-8955  (不收保險)
*Nely Coyukiat-Fu  160 Saratoga Ave #140, Santa Clara  408-808-1652 (說中文, 不收保險)
Alan Ringold  300 Pasteur Dr, Palo Alto  650-327-5795 (不收保險)
Matthew P. White (Stanford Psychiatry Clinic) 401 Quarry Rd, M/C 5723, Stanford  650-498-9111 (需要家庭醫師轉介)
Shingsan Chou  2516 Samaritan Dr, #N, San Jose  408-358-5322 (台大畢業, 說中文, 收保險)
Julie Bonner  2425 Park Blvd, Palo Alto 650-799-4476(不收保險)

* Marriage & Family Therapist/Counseling (婚姻/心理咨詢):
Sara West   1745 Saratoga Ave #201, San Jose  408-622-1192
Bill Virga  1146 Fewtrell Dr, Campbell  408-559-4858
Steve Smith  1101 S Winchester Blvd, #N-265, San Jose  408-910-4257
Grace Tang (劉宛宜) 1925 Winchester Blvd #106, Campbell  408-912-2808 (說中文)

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