Raise your kids for success

我今晚無意間看了一個CNBC的節目叫The Big Idea, 今晚的主題是How to raise your kids for success, 邀請的來賓有Troy Dunn (Author), Kimberly Burleson (Millionaire Blueprints), Dr. Harold
(Psychiatrist in NYU Child Study Center).  其中Troy DunnYoung Bucks: How to Raise a Future Millionaire一書的作者, 本身是白手起家的百萬富翁, 並有七個小孩的父親. 有幾個節目片段供你觀賞: Your Ultimate Playbook and Ultimate Secrets for Success and Troy's Rule of the House.

雖然我沒有小孩, 但是看了這個節目後的感想是, 真希望我有一個像Troy Dunn的父母, 能夠在我很小的時候就教導我許多是我長大後靠著自己多方閱讀和人生經驗才得到的知識, 尤其有關金錢價值及人生價值等方面的知識, 因為那會幫助我省下許多冤枉路. 我也相信, 從小給予小孩正確的價值觀, 要比小孩學校的成績要來的更重要且更實際.


The ultimate American Dream is giving your kids their best possible life. Teaching them to have the guts to live courageously.. and the values to build strong relationships. Tonight we're giving you the tools to put them on the road to success.

Round 1: Your Plays

– It's not a bunch of numbers. Don't judge your kids on their GPA
– Cultivate your child's passions, don't project your own passion (不要將自己的夢想建築在小孩身上)
– Invest targeted time in your children.. turn off the blackberry!
– Teach them balance in their lives
– Give your child the gift of "want" (現代的父母生的少, 所以都很寶貝小孩, 盡力滿足各項需求, 要注意的是, 如果小孩要甚麼就有甚麼, 未來很可能失去渴望成功的動機).

Round 2: Your Plays

– Let your kids know they can do anything
– Allow your children to fail
– Use different approaches for different age groups

Round 3: Your Plays

– Watch for signs that your kid is breaking down
– Don't go too far the other way to be a "slacker" parent

Round 4: Your Plays

– Combine your hobbies with your work
– Corporate jobs are not the safe route
– It's never too late to change your job


  1. Love!Love!Love this book!!!
    Sabrina 你好阿:) 我是Julia
    搬到Hayward也有一陣子囉 >///<
    但是還是很想念san jose (生活機能比較方便囉)
    剛剛看了影片連結 真的覺的這是一本很好的書

  2. Julia,

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