RMSP: My 8th Week of Summer Intensive Program

週五只有上午一堂課, 所以下了課就和一位同學跑到Philipsburg去, 因為那裡有一間超小的攝影器材用品店, 專賣Canon相機, 鏡頭和配件, 另外還賣各種材質或厚度的相紙, 腳架, 攝影包, 濾鏡片, 雜七雜八無法一一列舉, 而且排列雜亂無章, 很像是在跳蚤市場攤位中尋寶, 但是價錢很讚, 通常比B&H還要便宜. 
我們Visual Studies Class最後有一個Final Project – minimal of 5 images, need to have a metaphor or symbol for an idea, emotion or experience as Equivalents, all images needs to have a completed presentation (意思是不一定要用傳統的Glass+Mat+Frame的方式展現, 但也不能就把相片印出來就算了, 要找一個符合主題的表現方式來呈現), 然後我們從中選一幅相片作為畢業展的代表作.
我的主題是"Adrift", 基本上是描述Water is the metaphor for drifting to me as how I grow up.  我想我找到一個表框的方式來呈現"漂浮"的感覺, 讓我先賣個關子, 等一切確定後, 我會將成品貼上來.
週五我和同學去那家攝影器材用品店 為Final Project挑選合適的相紙, 然後我們就在附近拍照, 一直拍到夕陽天黑才回家, 等我到家都已經十一點半了, 不過拍到幾張還算滿意的相片, 可以用在Final Project上, 也算值得了.
下週只上三天課, 然後就放四天假, 我和一位同學要去Glacier三天二夜, 期待這次又能拍到幾張不同的相片, 這樣我看明年的桌曆相片可以以Glacier為主題出專集了.


  1. Great photos, Sabrina!! That makes me want to get a degree in photography in Montana too!! Isn’t Glacier national park amazing! I am looking forward to reading your photo stories!! Molly.

  2. Molly,
    Thanks for your kind words. You don’t need a Photography degree to learn how to take a better photo. The classes I am taking doesn’t offer degree but the things I am learning are very useful so I highly recommend for people who like photography.
    Glacier is an amazing place for sure. I also heard the Grand Teton is just like Glacier but it’s 7 hours drive for me. I have a 3-day off in Labor day weekend and still thinking about do I want to go to Glacier or Teton.

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