SF Bay Area Remodel Trade People

UntitledHere is a list of trades-people and service professionals who I use to serve my clients.  If you have worked with anyone from this list and do not feel you had a good experience, please contact me so I can find out what happened.

Updated on May 2017.


John Thompson 650-327-8090
Mark 408-723-2948
Mark Barton 408-406-9876


John Klopf (Klopf Architecture) 415-287-4225
Curt Cline (Modern House) 415-596-7281
David Henig 415-205-3900
Joyce Yin 650-937-9711

Carpet Cleaner

Walter (Enviro Carpet Care) 408-893-5680
Dennis Justus  408-265-1010

Chimney Clean

Dennis Justus (Chimney Clean Company)  408-265-1010


Brent Koontz (KW Construction, Inc) 408-234-6613 (Worked on the Architect Joyce’s Sunnyvale project on March 2016)
Jim Humphrey (JH Construction) 408-379-6285/650-949-1452 (met on San Carlos BNI on Feb 2016)
Andy Wong  408-306-3968 (Worked on Michael+Anita’s Bollinger Home on March 2017)
Reggie Navarro (Omagio Construction) 650-814-1240 (Worked on  1755 Tulane Ave, EPA for Graeham Wattes on Feb 2016)
Cruz 408-856-5845 (Referred by Pamela Lin/Interior Designer)
Bob Tobiason 408-605-7179
David or Paul 408-665-0354 (Driveway and Pavers)

Doors, Mirrors, Screens, Windows Repair

A1 On Track Sliding Doors and Windows   1600 Dell Ave, Campbell  408­-866-0267
Bull’s Glass and Screen Center  1362 S De Anza Blvd, San Jose  408-725-4070
Anthony’s Glass  408-495-2938
The Mobile Screen Guy  1702- L Meridian Ave, Ste 119, San Jose  669-238-0676


Matt Sabic (Voltz Electric) 36 Railway Ave, Campbell  408-835-3866

James (Heavenly Touch Stone Care) 408-497-4354 (Concrete Refinishing)

Fence Installation/Repair
Los Gatos Fence Company  408-971-1004
Durham Fence 650-888-2940
Sierra Lumber & Fence  408-286-7071
Meza’s Fence  408-448-2298

Foundation Repair
Ed Jones Jr. (Edward’s Construction) Santa Clara  408-595-2915


David Liccardo 408-386-4544 (referred by Nextdoor Fairglen)
Lado 510-290-3600 (referred by Jerry Hsieh)


Vitalina Diaz  408-504-1405
Ruth Martell  408-591-8645

Home Theatre

Randy Duerre (the smart connection) 408-315-2646

Heating and Cooling Systems (HVAC)

Rick Lopez  408-661-2088

Interior Designer   

Valentina Cirasola  408-732-9782 (Italian Style)
Severine Secret  408-859-9015 (Modern Style)
Pamela Lin (Urbanism Designs) 650-767-0880 (Modern Style)

Kitchen Design 

Atherton Appliance & Kitchens  650-369-1794 Redwood City

Landscape Designers

Lisa Parramore (Living with Japanese Gardens)  650-996-8951
Monika Kafka (mscape design) 408-540-8320 (modern design)

Troy Smothermon (Start Organic) 408-888-1903 troy(at)startorganic(.)org (Veggie Gardens)

Landscape Maintenance 

Boyds Tree Service  408-391-2809
Pablo Ramirez  650-274-3953

Mark Barton 408-406-9876 (Arborist/Fruit trees and Maple pruner)

Sean McGrail  408-761-9415  (Maple tree/Fruit Tree pruner)

Mortgage Brokers
Irene Moustakas (Granite Financial) Cupertino  408-257-1681
Tim Palacios (Opes Advisors) Palo Alto  650-450-2032
Maily Smitt (Wells Fargo) San Jose  408-807-1860
David Setti (Turn Key) Campbell  408-605-1848

Moving Company
Partner Van Lines 1-877-663-3803
Aaron’s Moving 408-739-7423 / 650-321-4383
GoPro Moving   408-277-0880
My Dad’s Moving 408-529-1302
All Reasons Moving & Storage 408-486-0663
Moovers Inc.  1-800-248-0251
Delancey Street Foundation 600 Embarcadero, SF 415-512-5110


Gordon Mueller  408-234-3877

Gil Chae (Prince Painting) 408-529-8848
John Hardisity 831-345-5346
Mike Romito 408-267-4254
Will Fanizzi 408-728-1818 (4th generation painters)
Jesus Malta 408-592-2171

Pool Service
Dave McElaney (Poolside Concierge) 650-465-4195


Tony Rainieri (Anthony Rainieri Roofing) San Jose  408-265-8010
Rich Cosmos (specialize in Tar and Gravel) Mountain View  650-400-2414
Bill Hamilton (Hamilton Roofing) Campbell  408-379-1303

Radiant Heating Specialist

Dan Salzberg  650-965-3777

Siding (for Eichler Home)
Kevin Mills 650-747-9503

Termite and Pest Control

Eric Van Hooser  San Jose  408-536-0550

Windows & Glass Doors

(Palo Alto Glass)  650-494-7000

Window Treatments

Mariko Blakemore (The Shade Store) 1932 Fillmore St, SF 415-848-9179#275  (15% off code “ta-29d89" )



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