56th Annual Bonsai Show by Kusamura Bonsai Club

13131226_10154288987572223_8289228254360595112_o13087873_10154288987472223_2567353921275505358_n(Photo credit: Kusamura Bonsai Club)

4/30-5/1, 2016 是Kusamura Bonsai Club 56週年Bonsai Show at Lucie Stern Community Center in Palo Alto.

IMG_7343Photoshoot-sm(Photo credit: Kusamura Bonsai Club)

今年我是攝影師義工, 拍攝今年所有展出的Bonsai (70+ plants).  我只需要帶相機和腳架, 他們提供LED Lighting and Black paper backdrop,  還有搬運植物的人手 (有的植物可是非常重的), 還有照片後製.  由於場地限制, 我就以我能力範圍內能做的盡量做了.  今年算是我的一個練習 (首次用LED lights拍照, 之前是用在Video上居多), 明年就知道有哪些可以改善, 讓照片水準再好一點.

我挑了幾張出來給大家欣賞, 其他的照片請上官網 (他們後製好後會上傳到官網上).












Visit Us In May

If you bought a tree during our show and would like to know more about how to care for it, please attend our May 20th meeting. We’ll talk about how much to water and when and about the importance of fertilizer. We’ll demonstrate basic pruning to keep your tree looking good. This workshop is also for newer club members who want to bring in a tree and get some assistance. We’re asking more experienced members to bring in a pair of scissors and perhaps a concave cutter and be prepared to assist new members.  We ask that you bring only one tree so we have time to help everyone that attends.


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