1 Real Estate License with 30 Career Options


我從2006年拿到Real Estate Salesperson License, 開始做住宅地產經紀開始到現在也十年了, 中間經歷過2008-2010金融風暴, 房價從2010年開始上揚至今七年, 似乎因供需不平衡, 依然不見熱度降低.  今年我因受朋友之託, 開始做住宅租賃管理, 因此開始準備考Broker License.

我想多數人應該不是很清楚房地產業的從業人員的基本資格要求, 職稱, 職務, 薪資, 支出費用, 工作內容等, 就讓我詳細地寫一篇介紹文, 來紀念我做地產經紀人的第一個十年.

Real Estate Agent有二種執照: Salesperson and Broker.


Successful completion of three college-level courses is required to qualify for a real estate salesperson examination:

  1. Real Estate Principles, and
  2. Real Estate Practice, and
  3. One course from the following list:
    • Real Estate Appraisal
    • Property Management
    • Real Estate Finance
    • Real Estate Economics
    • Legal Aspects of Real Estate
    • Real Estate Office Administration
    • General Accounting
    • Business Law
    • Escrows
    • Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending
    • Computer Applications in Real Estate
    • Common Interest Developments

Broker 的考照資格要求:

Applicants for a real estate broker license examination must have successfully completed the following eight statutorily required college-level courses:

  1. Real Estate Practice; and
  2. Legal Aspects of Real Estate; and
  3. Real Estate Finance; and
  4. Real Estate Appraisal; and
  5. Real Estate Economics or Accounting*; and
  6. Three courses from the following list:
    • Real Estate Principles
    • Business Law
    • Property Management
    • Escrow
    • Real Estate Office Administration
    • Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending
    • Advanced Legal Aspects of Real Estate
    • Advanced Real Estate Finance
    • Advanced Real Estate Appraisal
    • Computer Applications in Real Estate
    • Common Interest Developments

*Note: If both Real Estate Economics and Accounting are taken, only two courses from the above group are required.


Salesperson (aka Real Estate Agent or Associate) 和Broker 最大的不同在於Broker可以獨立作業 (自己開業), 不用 “靠行”, 可以從事租賃管理.  Salesperson一定要加入某家Brokerage (靠行), 例如Keller Williams Realty, Coldwell Banker, Intero, etc., 因此要付公司月費, 與公司分佣金等等其他費用出現. 不是所有的地產經紀人都是Realtors, 因為Realtor是代表你有加入 National Association of Realtors (NAR) 成為會員.

Real estate agent expenses: Costs to consider

  • Pre-licensing education
  • Testing fees
  • Continuing education
  • Professional development and conferences
  • MLS fees
  • Association fees
  • Errors and Omissions insurance
  • Broker costs and desk fees
  • Self-employment income taxes
  • Health insurance
  • Office supplies
  • Internet and cell phone service
  • Technology products and services
  • Vehicle expenses

當你考過試, 拿到執照後, 每年固定會有的基本費用大概是六千多塊,

As an independent contractor, you’ll usually be responsible for your own health insurance, errors and omissions insurance, vehicle expenses, marketing and advertising, internet service, MLS fees, brokerage fees, continuing education, and many other real estate expenses. According to the NAR study mentioned above, a REALTOR’s average expenses in 2015 were $6,300.

  • MLS fees: $265 (including lockbox)
  • Association fees: Local + National Board $569 (Santa Clara County), Silver $220 (Peninsula and San Mateo County)
  • Errors and Omissions insurance: $900+
  • Broker costs and desk fees: $100+ per transaction fee, $100+ monthly desk fee, split commission

拿到房地產經理人執照後, 大部份的人選擇從事住宅經紀人, 貸款經紀人, 估價師, 但實際上這張執照可以從事的工作大概有三十種, 例如commercial agent, business sales, mortgage brokerage, loan processing, underwriting, credit analysis, foreclosure management, loan funding, investment, title insurance, appraisal, escrow, property management, and legal sides of the business.

一般大家最常接觸的就是住宅經紀人, 最想知道的就是買賣房子的地產佣金怎麼計算和分配, 很多人都以為做地產經紀都賺大錢, 其實不然. 應該說, 賺大錢的有, 但屬少數, 就像其他行業一樣.  根據 NAR 2016 Member Profile Report, the median gross income of REALTOR® (not every real estate agent is a REALTOR) was $39,200 in 2015. Those with 16 years or more experience earned the highest income: approximately $73,400 on average.

灣區中間房價大概是 $1,000,000 at a 6% commission rate which would be $60,000 that are typically paid by the property sellers and—by law—are negotiable. “Standard” commissions typically range from 5% to 7% for residential sales, depending on the local area. That commission is split between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent. For the purposes of this example, we’ll use 6%.

If you sell a home for $1,000,000, the 6% commission is $60,000. If another agent was involved in the transaction, your split becomes 3%, or $30,000 before split with your broker.  If you have a 70/30 split with your broker, that leaves you with $21,000 before advertising/marketing expenses, income taxes, health insurance, and no-paid vacation and sick days or 401K.

收入不穩定是Self-Employee or Independent Contractors 最大的擔憂, 尤其身為住宅經紀人, 沒有交屋, 就沒有收入, 但並不表示這段時間沒有開銷, 所以很多以為這行很好賺的人跳進來以後, 才發現這行不如想像中簡單, 就又跳出去找朝九晚五, 有保險, 有福利的工作了.

我對住宅地產的興趣, 從一開始的買和賣, Staging, Interior Design, Architecture, Furniture, Photography, 到後來的Remodel, Flip, Rental Management, 甚至和一些朋友聊過集資來做房地產, 看是要做短期Flip, 還是要做長期出租, 因為古人說, 有土斯有財, 房地產的重點就是 Location, Location, Location!!!  我常常看到一些不錯的投資機會, 可惜身邊沒有那麼多錢, 只好眼睜睜看著機會跑掉啊.

Anyway, 有買賣房子需求或房子想找人代為出租管理的, 別忘了我啊!!!


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