Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy (PASOH)

The first time I heard about this school is from my Acupuncturist because she learned many other alternative healings as well to help her patients.  I went to see a hypnotist about two weeks ago for a session and he happened to graduated from PASOH and he highly recommended.  Since I felt the benefits from the session plus I have been interested in alternative healing arts in recent years I want to know more about Hypnotherapy.  So I contacted the school and found out that they are having a Into night for people to attend.

Founded in 1977 by Master Hypnotist Josie Hadley, the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy has certified many hundreds of extraordinary hypnotherapists. The school curriculum has evolved academically since 1977 by adding courses, seminars and workshops to educate and professionalize practitioners. Shortly before Josie Hadley passed away in December, 2007, she wisely sold the school to Dorthy Tyo who had been teaching, developing courses, and managing the school for over 20 years. In January, 2008 Dorthy took on the full responsibility of moving the school forward and invited Isabela Delcourt to teach the curriculum in Spanish. In China, Sandy Chang teaches the basic courses to many students who want to help others as well.

The basic mission of this school is to offer courses designed to prepare students in the use of the most modern, researched, and substantiated therapeutic techniques of hypnosis and related modalities while providing extensive skill development through didactic presentations and monitored practice where students are encouraged to explore the use and application of these therapeutic skills in their personal and professional lives. The school promotes public and professional awareness of the clinical and medical benefits of hypnosis as a therapeutic intervention so that people can learn to utilize the abilities inherently within.

The Outreach Program of the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy offers the skills of students and graduates as volunteers to public and private facilities for stress management, pain control, relaxation, habit control, and others issues. As an example, the school is part of the program at Hope House (a women’s recovery center) in Redwood City, CA and has been an integral part of women’s recovery for over 20 years.

The head of school, Dorthy was the host that night with three other instructors and two graduated students to share their experiences.  Dorthy’s philosophy really speaks to me.  She said she hasn’t increase the tuition for 10 plus years is because she want to make it affordable so more people can come and learn Hypnotherapy which not only benefits ourselves but also help others.  We need more healers.

Hypnotherapy 101 Certification Course is the first entry course, total of 50 hours in 10 weeks and you will receive a certificate when completed.  You can then start seeing clients with single issues such as smoking, lose weight, distress, phobias, pain control, increase self-esteem or motivation, etc.  The next class starting on 4/25, you can choose between morning class from 9:30-1:00 or night class from 6:30-10:00 plus two full Saturdays on 6/2 and 6/23 from 10-5.

In the State of California,Hypnotherapy Certification program is control and regulated; however, the Hypnotherapists are not.  Since other States has requirement of 300 hours (like Yoga instructors), Dorthy encourage us to take on more classes after we complete the 101 course.

Some insurance company cover Hypnotherapy sessions. The Hypnotherapy session fee charges varies, in average is about $400/2-3 hrs per session.  Some issues may only need one session but you will need to be willing to work with the Hypnotherapist and want to change; otherwise, you may not see a big result of improvement because it all has to do with your subconscious.

Anyone wants to try Hypnotherapy??  We as students need volunteers for doing our homework so if you are interested, let me know because I will need to charge after I complete the course.  :p

第一次知道這所催眠學校是從我的中醫, 因為她本身除了熱愛中醫之外, 也涉獵其他許多自然療法.  二週前我去找催眠師治療, 他剛好也是從這所學校畢業的, 且對這所學校讚譽有加.  因為催眠帶給我的效果很好, 加上我這幾年對自然療法和身心靈方面的課程很有興趣, 覺得不但對自己很有幫助, 也可以分享且幫助其他人, 於是乎產生去學催眠的念頭. 跟學校聯絡後得知, 昨晚有一場Q&A Intro Event, 所以我和朋友Vivian就一起參加.

當晚是由院長Dorthy主持, 另有三位老師和二位已畢業的學生出席分享他們的心路歷程和經驗.  我非常喜歡院長的教學理念, 她說她已經大概十年沒漲過學費了, 因為她希望能讓更多人能夠負擔學費, 進而來學習催眠, 這樣就能幫助自己也幫助別人, 她說我們需要更多的治療師(Healers).

Hypnotherapy 101 Certification Course是第一門催眠入門課程, 50小時/10 weeks, 完成後就會拿到證書, 可以開始幫人處理單獨, 主題式的問題, 例如戒菸, 減肥, 舒壓, 空間恐懼症(Phobias), 控制疼痛, 增加自信或動力, 等等. 最新一期的開課日期是4/25, 有分上午班9:30-1:00和晚上班6:30-10:00, 另外還有二個全天的週六 (6/2, 6/23 from 10-5).

目前加州對催眠學校的證書課程是有規定和管制的, 所有的課程需要送到教育部審核, 但對催眠師的執業是沒有執照考試之類的要求.  不過因為別州對催眠師的要求是300小時 (有點類似瑜珈老師的時數), 所以院長也鼓勵我們結束入門課程後也可以繼續進修其他五門各50小時的進階課程, 完成300小時的訓練.

有些保險公司給付催眠療程, 目前灣區的催眠療程收費不一, 平均大概$400/2-3 hrs per session. 有些問題只需要一個療程, 但前提是你願意配合, 有想要改變的決心, 催眠可以助你一臂之力, 但是如果你不是, 催眠的效果有限, 因為這跟你的淺意識有很大的關係.

有人想試試催眠的嗎? 因為學生在課堂外會需要找自願者練習, 是功課的一部分, 所以如果你有興趣的話, 跟我聯絡, 不然等我畢業後就要開始收費囉.  LOL


註: David Wilson, 授課老師之一, 用催眠幫助得乳癌的太太有很好的效果, 而製作這個免費的Guided Meditation 來幫助大家.



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