Hamilton Family Chiropractic Center in Campbell


A good friend of mine and her husband are seeing Dr. Colleen Conger-Brass and Dr. Michael Brass for their chiropractic needs for about a year now.  She was sharing their experiences with me while we went for a hike last year.  She told me that they are not your typical Chiropractor Doctors because they have a system that incorporates a healthy diet, right exercises, educational workshops, and you need to go see them a few times a week plus they don’t do advertising, all by patient’s referrals.  That sounds very interesting because I have been seeing different Chiropractors from time to time for about 20 years now and I haven’t met anyone like that. So I ask her to tell me more.  She said, they do once a month presentation with a free dinner in a restaurant in Cupertino and she asks me if I want to go (it happened to be two days later, what a great timing). I figure sure, why not.

So I went to dinner with my friend and her husband and two other her friends.  When I saw my friend’s husband, he looks great. He told me that he lost 25 lb in three months because of all the spine adjustments, change the diet, the education he got and the exercises he has been doing.  I was very impressed. The presentation was done by Dr. Colleen Conger-Brass which was very well organized (you can tell they have been doing this for a very long time, maybe with some business coaching help as well). The dinner was ok but what they offer for that night was attractive – $57 for a set of x-rays of your spine.  For all the Chiropractor Doctors I have seen in the past 20 years, I don’t remember anyone of them has taken my spine x-rays. They just asked me how I feel or where do I feel pain and then they checked and adjusted me, and that was it. I may need to go back once a week if the condition was bad or maybe once a month to maintain or however long I want. So I thought, $57 for x-rays and two visits were very generous (of course I also know that is a sales technique to keep you interested) but what do I have to lose since that x-ray alone is well worth it.

We all know that our health is VERY IMPORTANT and it didn’t really matter how much money you have because you can’t really buy health back (think Steve Jobs or any other very wealthy people that you know).  We often spent our time working hard in order to make more money because we think money can buy many things to make us happy.  That’s true to a degree but how much is enough and the happiness that money can buy last for how long? We really don’t NEED much to be happy but we WANT too much and care too much on how others think of us. That’s a very tiring way of living, don’t you think?

Anyway, what I want to say is that taking care of our health is very important. You need to do it NOW not later, not when you make enough money, not when you have time, not when you are sick.  You just need to do what you can right now because you don’t know if you have a second chance for that. I think I have been quite responsible for my health, maybe not 100% but 80%?? Ok, maybe 70% now since I fired my personal trainer at the end of October and I haven’t exercised since. You know I believe everything happened for a reason. If not because I am taking Medical Hypnotherapy right now and in one of the chapters talks about our brain, spine, and Vagus nerve system, I didn’t know how important my spine is. The Vagus nerve is the longest nerve in the body, from the brain stem (back of the neck) down into the digestive system, connecting most of our major organs and 75% of its function is for sending signals from the brain to the organs it controls.

If that’s the case, having a good Chiropractor Doctor is vital but how many of us really realize that, and have one on top of our head??

So a few days later I went in for my first visit and took 5 x-rays. Then I went in again two days later to see my x-rays.  I wasn’t surprised that my spine wasn’t perfectly curved and lined up (who does in this kind of environment and lifestyle with computer and cellphone activities) but since I know how important my spine and nerves system is, I want to do what I can to make sure it stays as healthy as I can. So the Spinal Corrective Phase is approximately 3 months – 3 times a week adjustments, 1 x-ray (at the end to compare with the first one for comparison), and classes/workshops. They offer a complete examination and any necessary x-ray free to immediate family members within 7 days of initiating care. If you travel, they will increase the adjustment frequency around the travel schedule. They offer 12 months payment plan and offer family discounts. They don’t take insurance because it limits them what they can do for their patients (I kind of understand that).

So I decided to give it a try because I really want to see what a good Chiropractor Doctor can do for me.  On top of that, I am also very curious about what kind of business coaching training did they get so I can use it on my own healing business. Later I found out that they used to associate with a company called Max Living which is started with two Chiropractor Doctors who create The 5 Essentials – a natural and effective way to align your health by integrating chiropractic care with our four other powerful essentials — mindset, pure and simple nutrition, exercise, and minimizing toxins.

. . . It’s been three months now and I got my second set of x-rays to compare. Guess what?? My spine position and curve are way better.

The normal curve for the neck is 45 degrees, shape like a banana.


My neck curve was -5 three months ago (14 degrees/31 degrees) and now is +25 degrees (21 degrees/31 degrees).

From the backside view, the Right side is three months ago and the Left is after (the blue line is where the center should be, the red show how much my spine was off the center, especially, on the lower back).

The past three months I felt the most changes are I sleep better, much regular to go to the bathroom every morning, less pain or discomfort here and there, emotionally stable, and lost weight.  Although I can’t say it’s all because of the spine correction adjustments three times a week since I also do meditation more, cut down sugar/carb/grain, go to bed around 10:30pm for most of the nights, I do believe the spine adjustment has a lot to do with it.

So I signed up for a one-year program and the doctor told me that I only need to do twice a week adjustment but if I want to do three is fine too, as long as I go regularly so the spine can stay in the right place.  They are going to ask me to do more home care exercises, like the cervical traction unit, the Wobble Cushion, and other exercises that would help with spine health. We will get another X-ray after six months.

The next free dinner is on Monday 3/9 @6:30-8:00pm and you can RSVP online at http://www.HamiltonDinner.com

去年底我跟一位朋友去健行的時候聊到她看整脊醫師將近一年的經驗, 我自己平常也會去找整脊師, 但不固定. 朋友跟我說他的整脊醫師跟一般的不同, 因為他們不但管你的脊椎, 還管你的飲食和運動, 還要上課, 因為他們認為身體健康是全方位的, 而且效果會更顯著. 他說他和先生一週去整三次, 三個月就有明顯改變, 這讓我很好奇, 他說他們不做廣告, 每個月有一次的免費晚餐講座, 是他們唯一的廣告, 我想說來去看看, 也沒損失. 晚餐的食物一般般, 講座也還行, 比較吸引我的是那個脊椎X光片的優惠價格$57 (我當然知道那是紅蘿蔔), 我看了那麼多年的整脊, 沒有一位醫生有提供拍X光片的服務, 也沒有醫生告訴我需要拍, 不過如果從來沒拍過, 就沒個基準可以比較改善程度啊??

我也是因為後來上醫療催眠課程, 剛好提到我們的神經系統, 而脊椎就是神經系統的保護殼, 我們一般人都太低估脊椎的重要性了, 當我們身體疼痛或不舒服, 多半都是先去看家醫, 而不是去看中醫或整脊醫師, 西藥就是毒藥啊!!! 我的脊椎X光片顯示, 我的頸椎弧度是負五度 (健康的應該是正45度), 胸椎和頸椎也有點走位, 我平常排便很不正常, 好幾天才一次, 身體總是這裡痛或那裡不舒服, 不至於痛到我想去看醫生, 所以多半就是偶而去整脊, 會舒服一些, 所以後來我就想試試三個月的療程, 看看我的脊椎, 在一週三次的調整下, 外加一些飲食上的調整 (減少澱粉, 穀類等會變成醣的食物攝取), 身體可以有哪些改善.

我是去年11月開始的, 12月回臺灣一個月, 然後今年的一月和二月, 每週三到四次的整脊, 可能我本身的健康狀況還不錯吧, 所以第一個月結束時並沒有很大明顯的轉變, 但是睡眠似乎有好一些, 然後我就回台灣了, 但是當我從台灣回來後, 很多朋友都說我瘦很多 (可是我也沒有運動, 在台灣的飲食你也知道, 完全沒在控制),  回美後又開始每週三到四次的整脊, 一月後我就開始早上會想排便, 雖然沒有每天, 但是一週有三四天也算是很大的進展, 然後開始覺得有精神, 情緒也變得穩定很多 (開始冥想打坐也有幫助), 然後二月又過去了, 終於到了要再拍脊椎X光片, 看看三個月的成效, 結果我的頸椎從負五度變成正25度 (雖然離健康的正45度還有一點距離), 胸椎和頸椎也非常接近正常的位置, 醫生比我還高興, 他們蠻驚訝我頸椎的進步程度 (該做的脊椎運動我都沒有乖乖做, 所以這樣的結果我很滿意了).

所以我又繼續一年的保養療程, 醫生說一週二次 (我要去三次也可以), 但有增加幾個針對我的脊椎狀況, 可以在家做的運動, 六個月後會再拍一次脊椎X光.

三月份的免費晚餐講座是週一 3/9的晚上六點半到八點, 你可以自行報名參加, 上網站 http://www.HamiltonDinner.com


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