My last event for Aveinda’s Village

Today’s “Lunch at the Park” was the last event I arranged for Avenidas Village. I am the Social Event Coordinator which was a new position that Village members created so I was the lucky one who gets to do many fun things with them for the last 21 months. (the photo above was my first event back in Nov 2018)

Since the COVID-19 hit, we are not able to do anything because they are the high-risk group so sadly I have to leave the job now and find something else.

Many of the members emailed me to tell me how they feel, and it really warms my heart,

Dear Sarbrina, I will miss you and I’m glad to have attended some activities you’ve organized. You have a way of making people (me) feel included. Best wishes always, -C.K.

Dear Sabrina, You are such a kind, thoughtful, young woen and I will miss you as I know all of the Villagers will as well. Stay well and happy, -C.H.

Dear Sabrina, Your many accomplishments for Avenidas Village are impressive! Thank you for your excellent contributions to Avenidas Village seniors health, safety, and happiness. -M.M.

Dear Sabrina, I am very sad and sorry to know that you will be leaving AV. I didn’t even have a chance to know you better and to attend more of your outings. I would like to tell you how much we enjoy knowing you. We appreciate and are grateful for all you have done for us during this time of lockdown. We will certainly miss you. Keep well, -S.L.

Dear Sabrina, I will not be at the lunch but I do want to tell you how sorry I am that you will be leaving AV. I will miss you as I am sure many other Villagers will. You have always been a cheerful, friendly, helpful person. You have done an amazing job for us. With good luck in all your future endeavors, -Z.Z.

Dear Sabrina, I want to say thanks and goodbye to you even though I’m upset at your leaving. I was really enjoying the places that you chose for us to visit. There is no easy way to say goodbye to someone who has brought such fun to me in the months that I have known you. -G.G.

Today I arrange one last gathering (I haven’t seen most of them since mid-March) so I get to see my regulars and a few new faces one more time and say goodbye. One member even just drove by to give me a card and drove home (because she didn’t want to say goodbye). I was reading the cards they gave me after I got home and my tears just couldn’t stop. You have treated me well and I am going to miss you all. I wish you all safe and healthy because I want to see you again in the near future.

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