Professional People (April 2023更新)

For Remodel-related business directory, please click SF Bay Area Remodel Trade People.


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Doctors ~

* Family (Internal / 家醫/內科):
George Yeh  706 N. Winchester Blvd, San Jose  408-298-4495 (說中文)

* Dental (General Care / 一般牙科):
Alice Cao Artisan Smiles Dental 10487 S De Anza Blvd, Cupertino 408-255-7799
James Huang All-In-One Dental 7046 Dublin Blvd, Dublin  925-828-9811 (說中文)
Jennifer De La Paz University Aesthetic Dental  575 High St, #100, Palo Alto  650-323-2600

* Dental (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery / 口腔外科):
Joy Wang (黃于真) 877 West Fremont Avenue, Suite E-1, Sunnyvale, 408-736-4332 (難拔智齒專家)
Calvin Lee  10055 Miller Ave. #105, Cupertino, 408-446-5101

* Dental (Endodontics / 根管和牙髓治療):
Rosette Nguyen 18988 Cox Ave #D, Saratoga  408-252-5700
David C. Lau 100 W El Camino Real #67, Mountain View  650-691-0999

* Dental (Periodontics 牙周病):
Daniel W. Nelson   305 S. Drive, #8, Mountain View  650-967-1740

* Dermatology (皮膚科):
Lillian Soohoo (The Menkes Clinic)  2490 Hospital Drive # 201, Mountain View 650-962-4600 (通廣東話)

Karyn Grossman  Santa Monica Cosmetic Dermatologist
Nicholas Perricone at

* Allergy (過敏):
South Bay Allergy & Asthma Group 3 locations – San Jose, Mt. View 408-286-1072 (Chinese Hotline)

* Obstetrics and Gynecology (婦產科):
Ling P. Chen (陳秉林) 2505 Samaritan Dr., Suite 107, San Jose 408-358-8852 (說中文)
Mary Imig (Stanford Medical) 1515 National Ave, Los Gatos  408-356-0431
Laurie Karl (Palo Alto Medical Foundation)  370 Distel Cir, Los Altos  650-254-5200 #5

* Optometrist (眼科):
Candace Kuo (Sight Optometry) 369 Castro St, Mountain View  650-305-9328 (說中文)
Laser Eye Center  606 Saratoga Ave #10, San Jose  408-984-1010
Furlong Vision Correction Center  2107 N 1st St #101, San Jose  408-453-5600

* Psychiatry (精神科醫生):
Stuart Krieger  1625 The Alameda #300, San Jose  408-289-8955  (不收保險)
Nely Coyukiat-Fu  160 Saratoga Ave #140, Santa Clara  408-808-1652 (說中文, 不收保險)
Alan Ringold  300 Pasteur Dr, Palo Alto  650-327-5795 (不收保險)
Matthew P. White (Stanford Psychiatry Clinic) 401 Quarry Rd, M/C 5723, Stanford  650-498-9111 (need a referral from your primary doctor)
Shingsan Chou  2516 Samaritan Dr, #N, San Jose  408-358-5322 (台大畢業, 說中文, 收保險)
Julie Bonner  2425 Park Blvd, Palo Alto 650-799-4476 (不收保險)

* Marriage & Family Therapist/Counseling (婚姻/家庭/個人諮商師):
Anjuli Sherin 510-277-1789 (Holistic LMFT)
Rosanna Chang 510-463-4829 (Holistic MFT, Online counseling, 會說一些中文, 不收保險)

Amy Powell 408-369-9800 San Jose (Kids and Parents Therapist)
Mon Wong 408-778-5120 Morgan Hill (Kids and Parents Therapist, 不收保險, 說中文和廣東話)

Maria Klein 650-575-8650 Los Altos (不收保險)
Sara West   408-622-1192 (不收保險; Online counseling)
Dmitry Vulfovich 815 W. San Fernando St, San Jose 408-472-2994 (個性直接)
Bill Virga  1146 Fewtrell Dr, Campbell  408-559-4858
Steve Smith  1101 S Winchester Blvd, #N-265, San Jose  408-910-4257 (個性溫暖)
Marvin Cohen  4020 Moorpark Ave, San Jose  408-261-332
Don Hadlock  595 Millich Dr #102, Campbell  408-963-6694 #444

Grace Tang (劉宛宜) 1925 Winchester Blvd #106, Campbell  408-912-2808 (說中文)
Ya-Huei Chi (Process Therapy Institute) 595 Millich Dr, Suite 102, Campbell (408) 565-8450 (說中文)
Michelle Chang (張家寧) 1265 65th St, Emeryville (FB)(說中文)
Dr. Joyce Sun (孫若慈) 510-560-4930 (FB) (說中文)

* Podiatric (足科):
Renia Masters 2400 Moorpark Ave., Suite 118, San Jose 1-888-334-1000

* CIRS Prosthetics & Orthotics (足部矯正):
Thomas Elias 2211 Moorpark Ave., #230, San Jose 408-995-0144

* Chinese Medicine (中醫):
Chingyu Wu (巫清玉) 4155 Moorpark Ave. # 12, San Jose  408-520-0432 (針灸, 催眠)
Jack Wu (吳建志) 415 Cambridge Ave #7, Palo Alto 650-399-6968 (針灸, 推拿, 筋膜)
Matthew Sheu (許英俊) CTA Center 4125 Blackford Ave #100, San Jose  408-985-8220 (針灸, 氣功).
Shuching Tsui (崔舒菁) 1101 S. Winchester Blvd #F161, San Jose 408-249-8899 (花精, 水晶, 氣功, 推拿, 正骨).
Michael Wen (溫光遠) 瑞安中醫 4325-B Moorpark Ave, San Jose 408-873-8745
Ray Chien (簡耀睿) Inner Treat Wellness Center  1035 N 4th St, San Jose  408-647-4235 (筋膜調整)

Willie Tam (中和參茸藥行) 800 California St #120, Mountain View  650-969-2034 (說中文)

* Chiropractors (整脊師):
Wendy Chuang (莊雯婷) 1961 Pruneridge Ave, #B2, Santa Clara (經驗豐富, 擅長傷科)
Andy Jiang (江廣慧) 1298 Kifer Rd #511, Sunnyvale 408-733-8598 (診所內的張師傅是位很棒的推拿師)

* Homeopath (順勢療法):
Meenakshi Bhargave  (Classical Homeopath) 15750 Winchester Blvd #206, Los Gatos 408-884-1992


-Lawyers (律師) ~

* Immigration Law (移民律師):
Jessie Ho (賀秀娟) 10268 Bandley Dr #101, Cupertino 408-255-1588  (說中文)
Peiwen Liu (劉佩文) Los Angeles 909-843-6581 (說中文)

* Trust & Estate Planning Law (生前信託律師):
E. J. Hong  Palo Alto 650-320-7680
Connie Yi 1250 Oakmead Pkwy, Suite 210, Sunnyvale 888-312-6978 (說中文, Ingrid介紹)
Rebecca Matthias  1771 Woodside Rd, Redwood City  650-503-6333
Affordable Living Trusts  14567 Big Basin Way, Suite A1, Saratoga  408-741-1627 (適合狀況單純的)

*Family, Divorce Law (家庭和離婚律師):
Bird Mary  1635 The Alameda,  San Jose  408-298-4500 (不便宜, 但很aggressive)
David Sussman  95 S Market St, #410, San Jose  408-298-4020
Anthony Earle  19925 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino 408-786-1060
Gerrie Miller  220 State St #9, Los Altos  650-941-8450
Ming Ji Esq. (408)283-9299 speaking Chinese, business is a business type of guy who is pretty calm and can understand your Chinese perspective.
Nicole Myers    The top1 Natalie is the best but very busy and expensive. Nichole Myers is younger but capable as well.
David Magnuson  650-714-9439  He is a lawyer who can do both mediation and filing the petition for you. You can also read his book to learn how the formula of asset division is calculated.

* Business Law/Tax Law/Real Estate Law (商業/房地產律師):
George Grellas  20400 Stevens Creek Blvd, #280, Cupertino  408-255-6310 (Start-up, intellectual property)
Stephen Wu  166 Main St, Los Altos  650-917-8045
Alexander Mayers  166 Main St, Los Altos 650-948-1600 (Trademark)
Gene Chien  2033 Gateway Place, 5th floor, San Jose  408-961-8888 (通中文)
Carolyn E. Wright (Intellectual property, especially helping Photographers)
William Priest  28 N 1st St, #100, San Jose  408-279-3450 (Business, Real Estate)
David Burgess  1800 Hamilton Ave, #240, San Jose,  408-979-7800 (Business, Real Estate, Tax)
Harry Price   40 Main St, Los Altos  650-949-0840 (Real Estate)
David M King  216 Park Rd, Burlingame  650-400-4538 (Real Estate/Trust/Business)
Ken H Prochnow  2600 El Camino Real #412, Palo Alto  650-812-0400 (Probates/Civil Trials)
Stephen Dennis (Thoits Law) 400 Main St #250, Los Altos 650-327-4200 (Business entities, Taxes)

Todd Rothbard 4261 Norwalk Dr, #107, San Jose  408-244-4200 (Eviction Specialist)
He has 3 Lawyers on staff and 30 years experience in eviction service.  They charge $500 retainer fee and $460 court costs.  This is a non-refundable upfront fee.

RHRC 1960 The Alameda, #200, San Jose

Investigators (徵信社/調查員) ~
Ed Piggins (Harder & Associates) 146 Main St, #203, Los Altos 650-941-5441

Accountants (會計師) ~
Steven Lam (CPA) 333 Cobalt Way, Sunnyvale  408-732-8992 (通中文/廣東話)
Jeffrey R. Kawaguchi (CPA) 675 Mariners Island Blvd #109, San Mateo  650-372-5300

Harold (Hal) C. Bain (Enrolled Agent) 146 Main St #105, Los Altos  650-489-5577
John G Miller (Enrolled Agent) 951 Mariners Island Blvd #344, San Mateo  650-740-7842

Residential Real Estate Agents (住宅地產經紀人) ~
Yitzu Chin 650-561-5858
Sandra Yang 408-916-7946
Lisa Grisalin (Keller Williams) 408-323-5800 Campbell (亦提供房屋租賃管理服務)
Tanja Odzak-Goppold (Keller Williams) 415-722-0472 Danville/East Bay

Commercial Real Estate Agents (商業地產經紀人) ~
Larry Westland (TRI Commercial) 510-459-5566
Steve Peck ()

Mortgage Agents (房屋貸款經紀人) ~
Irene Moustakas (Granite Financial) 408-257-1681  in Cupertino
David Setti (O2 Mortgage) 408-610-3210 in Campbell
Michael Aning (Mosaic Mortgage) 408-391-2918 in Campbell
Dan Lawson (Opes Advisor)  408-483-5417 in Willow Glen

Mark Rogers (Barastone)  650-464-7272 (Better than Reverse Mortgage)
Kevin Green (Pacific Private Money) 415-793-3403 <> (Must mention Granite Financial and Stephanie Noryko.  He used to work there)
Pier Charter (an investor of Park Tree Investments who does short term rehab loans)  <>

Business Brokers (商業生意買賣經紀人) ~
Linda Lu (Business Team) 650-996-5293 (通中文)

Insurance (保險) ~
Min-Chieh Ho (New York Life) 408-221-1021 (通中文)
Alicia Su-Wu (Health Insurance) 408-829-7583 (通中文)
Laura Peterson (State Farm – Car, Home) 16795 Lark Ave #108, Los Gatos  408-395-2900

TCP & Co. (Camera Equipments) 1-800-726-3701
Taylor & Taylor (Camera Equipments/ E&O) 310-826-7200
Hill & Usher (Camera Equipments/ E&O) 1-866-977-4725 (I use this company)

Auto Repair Services (汽車修護) ~
William Sverdlov (Bay Area Motor Works) 2875 S Winchester Blvd, #F, Campbell  408-871-1778 (Specialize German Cars – Benz, BMW, Audi, VW)
Chris or Gary Schaller (The Car Doctor) 710 San Antonio Rd, Palo Alto  650-492-6853  (Weekday 8-5, Closed on Weekend)

Image Consultant / Personal Shopper~
AICI Member List
Teresa Morisco San Francisco  415-336-6304

Dating Coach ~
Xiaoli Mei  (Happiness in Love) 925-457-2969

Matchmakers (現代媒人) ~
East Bay Matchmaker 925-309-8041
It’s Just Lunch Silicon Valley
Kelleher International

Photographers (攝影師)~
* Portraits
The Wedding Documentary  408-656-1014
de polo  Melo Park  650-575-5959
Harry Haryanto  San Jose 408-209-5133
Lily Dong Concord 415-706-0266
Maki Oshiro  Campbell  408-409-3555
Vivian Belmont 650-207-1911

* Commercial

Graphic Designers (平面設計師) ~
Krishna Cruz (KC Design) 408-655-7747
Clare Kuo (Clare K. Barnes) 415-867-3410 (通中文)
Vic Su (STG Graphic) 415-864-4567 (通中文)
黃少甫 (Selfus Studio) 0966-096-591 (LINE ID:iseven7work)

Creative Writers ~
Christina Molcillo (Pithyme) 707-318-5866  Mountain View
Tracy Ann Teel (Fitness Writing & Editing) 909-744-9718  Los Angeles
Ari Moskowitz <> 415-385-2119 SF
Juliet Austin 604-730-8844  (marketing consultant & Copywriter for Therapists and Natural Health Biz)

Catering / Personal Chefs ~

Danny Thomas  Sunnyvale  408-747-1000
Jasmine Catering  Berkeley  510-845-4378
Spring Loaf Catering  Emeryville  415-699-1816

Personal Chef Search Link 1
Personal Chef Search Link 2

Hairdresser ~
George  (崗澤森 )  20510 Town Center Lane, Cupertino  408-873-9880 (通中文)

Facial ~

Massage Therapists ~
Francia Luna (Innate Sense) 1275 Lincoln Ave #4B-C, San Jose  408-667-3421 (also does private sessions at her home)
Pamela de Guzman 408-395-6166 (private sessions at client’s home)

Permanent MakeUp Artists ~

Healers ~
Virna Low (Joyfull Being) 1340 S De Anza Blvd #104, San Jose  408-598-5763 (通中文)
Sabrina Huang (Six Senses Healing) 1340 S De Anza Blvd #104, San Jose  650-526-2887 (通中文)
Lynda Blaska (Crystal & Living Alter) in Walnut Creek 925-323-6808
Vivian Drewis (Emotion Code & Healing Touch) in NV (Zoom available)
Dorthy Tyo (Director of PASOH) 4149A El Camino Way, Palo Alto  650-321-6419
Vivian Pene (Smiling Heart Wellness) 650-206-0363 (通中文)
Kim Silverman (Hypnotherapist & Life Coach) in Saratoga

欣囍 (Line: ) 塔羅, 花精, 紫微卜卦, 占星, 催眠, 命名, 陽宅風水, 生產擇日, 教學等等.
夏霏 (Line: )
塔羅, 催眠, 精油占卜, 情緒花精, 金錢靈氣, Access Bars, KDCA香水, KCCA製香, 抓龍筋, 心靈寫作, 藥草精油能量蠟燭, 許願藥草魔法油, 洗髮餅diy, 動物溝通,  

* Tarot Card Readers (塔羅牌師):
Susan Hensley  408-993-7587
Heather Hartford (Tarot Card Reading, LCT, Spiritual life coach) in Maine

Dry Clean /Alteration ~
Vicky Tsai  (Dry Clean Pro) 20379 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino 408-973-1979 (across De Anza Blvd) (台灣人/亦做修改)

Shoe Repair ~
Bootmaker 1596 Meridian Ave, San Jose (across Hamilton) 408-978-2589
The Master Cobbler 790 S. Winchester Blvd, San Jose 408-984-1591 (Nordstrom配合廠商)
Davis Custom Shoe  3921 Judah St, SF  415-661-8705

Travel Agencies ~

Emily (E-Star Travel) 96 Bates Ln, Milpitas 408-585-8768
Maggie (LuLuTrip) 3333 Bowers Ave #299, Santa Clara 408-969-1207

Shuttle Services ~
Joe Yang 408-623-5186/408-873-8538 (通中文)
Kevin Chou 408-921-0502 (通中文)
Roger 408-777-8822 (通中文)
Steve 408-444-3486 (太太通中文)


  1. Hello,
    I am Lillian Soohoo, MD, dermatologist and my office location has changed. I am now at
    The Menkes Clinic
    2490 Hospital Drive, Suite 201
    Mountain View, CA 94040
    Dr. Soohoo

  2. 以下這位美容師是台灣來
    Sarah Chiu 408-332-1782
    19655 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino (Inside Sassy hair Salon)
    裡面還有一位腳底按摩師傅叫Paul Chang 大陸人

  3. Hello,
    My friend has Lasik surgery at “Laser Eye Center 606 Saratoga Ave #10, San Jose 408-984-1010”, it was very successful, she has great vision now.

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