One South Market in Downtown San Jose

人生境遇很奇妙, 也許我開始走好運, 也許過去幾年的努力開始被看到, 總之, 一個轉念, 老天就直接把答案放在我面前, 清楚乾脆.  有人付錢讓我做我擅長又熱愛的工作, 我真的很幸運.

essex七月底一位在Essex Property Trust負責攝影部門的人, 從Linkedin找上我, 談了幾次, 個性上很合得來, 他也是笑得很大聲的類型, 所以在合作方式談攏後, 我就開始上工了, 十天內就有五個案子進來, 所以忙得開心得不得了.

“Essex Property Trust, Inc., is a fully integrated real estate investment trust (REIT) that acquires, develops, redevelops, and manages multifamily residential properties in selected West Coast communities. Since its founding in 1971, Essex has developed a clearly defined approach for creating value and managing risk. The Company’s approach has three components – a sound real estate strategy, an experienced management team, and a strong financial condition.”

Essex是一家上市公司(NYSE:ESS), 在西岸有近250個Multifamily apartment communities, 舊金山灣區就佔70個, 我的第一個案子就是剛蓋好不久, 位在Downtown San Jose 的One South Market, 一共23層樓, 共有一房 ($2700-$3700), 二房 ($3400-$4300), 三房($4700-$5200)的選擇, 頂樓那層有六間Penthouse (據說月租$8000), 賣點當然就是超大的廚房空間和美麗的市區夜景啦.

20150802Penthouse-4editOSM Penthouse我主要是拍Penthouse的照片 (放傢俱前和後), 還有幾個影片 (還沒開始), 想先放幾張照片和大家分享一下. 這間Penthouse的廚房/客廳/餐廳的開放空間超級大, 小孩可以在裡面騎腳踏車了.

20150804DTSJ-19edit20150804DTSJ-29edit20150804DTSJ-31edit晚上的景色真是美呆了. 隔音不錯, 把落地窗打開可以看見飛機降落, 但是關上窗後就完全聽不見聲音了.

我的工作超棒的, 有機會到處去, 看不同的住宅, 商業大樓 (之前去拍Twitter), 室內裝潢設計, 真的是做夢都在偷笑啊我!! 這讓我想到我自己一直奉行的理念 – 投資自己的腦袋是穩賺不賠的!!!


  1. 這讓我想到我自己一直奉行的理念 – 投資自己的腦袋是穩賺不賠的!!!

  2. Hey Jacqueline,

    Good to see you here. How’s everything going for you? Did you apply the Italian school?? 趕快去, 這樣我就可以去義大利找你玩了, 嘿嘿嘿!!!

  3. Hi Sabrina,

    Your pictures are very clear and beautiful, I am going to buy a camera that can shoot the pictures like yours, may I ask what is your camera and could you give me some recommendation about the lens and accessory( I am a beginner)?

  4. Hi Julia,

    I use Canon 5D Mark III with Canon 16-35mm, 24-105mm lenses for my paid jobs but I use iPhone 6 and Canon G16 for personal fun. For a beginner, I won’t recommend to buy a expensive, complicated and heavy DSLR because it take time to learn how to use all the functions that camera offers. But if you have the money, I won’t stop you from spend it. :p

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