The Purple Pillow

一覺好眠, 對某些人來說, 就像呼吸一樣, 想都不用想, 可能無法想像怎麼會有人很久無法好好睡一覺的痛苦. 而我就是那個很久很久都沒有好好睡過一覺的人, 超級羨慕夜夜好眠的人.

睡得好不好, 撇開心理因素, 有一部分跟床墊和枕頭有關, 我以前睡過記憶床墊和枕頭, 但是材質似乎容易讓體溫升高, 不知道新的記憶系列是否有改善這個溫度問題.  我習慣側睡, 但是側睡若沒有選對的枕頭, 容易造成脊椎走位, 所以我換過不少枕頭, 都是一開始還不錯, 但沒多久就又不行了.

最近在臉書的廣告上看到這個紫色枕頭 Purple Pillow, 點上官網看, 原來是一個Kickstarter的產品, 看到上千個Reviews, 讓我手滑了一下.

睡了幾晚, 真的讓我驚艷啊. 我每晚戴著Fitbit追蹤我的睡眠品質, 我每晚八小時的睡眠時間內, Deep Sleep從來沒有超過一個半小時, 一直到我睡在紫色枕頭上.

Fitbit estimates your sleep stages using a combination of your movement and heart-rate patterns. When you haven’t moved for about an hour, your tracker assumes that you’re asleep. Additional data—such as the length of time your movements are indicative of sleep behavior (such as rolling over, etc.)—help confirm that you’re asleep. While you’re sleeping, your device tracks the beat-to-beat changes in your heart rate, known as heart rate variability (HRV), which fluctuate as you transition between light sleep, deep sleep, and REM sleep stages.

While you’re asleep each night, your body typically goes through several sleep cycles that last on average 90 minutes. In each cycle you alternate between two types of sleep:

Light Sleep and Deep Sleep—With less brain activity than REM sleep, non-rapid eye movement (NREM) includes the stages of light sleep and deep sleep. Periods of deep sleep are typically longer early in the night.

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep—The stage associated with vivid dreams, REM sleep periods are typically longer as the night goes on.

It’s typical to see 10-30 Awake Times each time but some of these moments are so short, you may not even remember them.

REM typically occurs later at night and had been shown to be important for your memory and mood.  During this stage, dreams are more vivid, heart rate is elevated and breathing is faster.

Light sleep is really important.  It’s typically makes up most of your night and promotes mental and physical restoration.

Deep sleep helps with physical recovery and aspects of memory and learning.  If you are feeling extra refreshed, you likely spent some solid time in this stage.

回到紫色枕頭上. 我因為要寫這篇分享文, 上網做功課, 發現網路上對於紫色枕頭的白色粉末有很多爭議.

我一收到包裹, 他是真空包裝, 枕套套著格狀枕頭, 捲起, 真空包裝, 所以我是把枕頭攤平放著一天後才開始檢查. 拉開枕套的拉鍊, 的確看到很多白色粉末在格子裡, 在枕套裡, 我只是看了有點討厭, 把它拿到戶外抖一抖後, 再拿去水龍頭下沖洗, 就好多了.

我沒多想, 但是在網路上有看到對立的角度, 我貼出來給大家參考.

Purple recently got attacked by an ad campaign by “Honest Mattress Reviews” who came onto the scene crying out that he was being sued for questioning the powder involved with the Purple mattress and pillows. This man is a fine example of how fake news can be employed to falsely defile a company. Ryan Monahan is the person from HMR and a past employee of GhostBeds, a leading competitor.

Against Purple company

與這場官司無關的律師出面解說, 這場官司實際上跟白色粉末沒關係, 是二家競爭公司互告的官司.

The Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health did an independent study on the Purple powder. Here are the results of that study.

我好像離題很遠了, 不過也等於替大家省點功夫, 因為我幫大家把功課都做完了. 結論是 Purple Pillow讓我夜夜好眠, 如果你也在找一個好枕頭, 也許你可以考慮嘗試看看, 他提供百天試睡, 免費退回的服務.

包裝裡還包括一個可以吹氣的Booster, 讓你可以增加枕頭高度, 我是側睡, 所以我有用Booster, 建議不要一下子吹太高, 因為好像無法減氣.

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