7 Days Detox Retreat with Michelle Tung


I met Michelle Tung (董明潔) back in November 2020 through a good friend. During our dinner, I learned that Michelle is a Vegan, used to be a Chef, and now is a Plant-based, Holistic Lifestyle Coach. During COVID SIP, I was also interested in Nutrition, how to eat healthier, so Michelle shared a lot of her researches and experiences. When she told me that she planned to host a 7-days detox retreat at her home with 2 or 3 people, I said I would be interested. We were planned to do it in December but another lockdown due to the COVID, it didn’t happen until July this year.

Michelle and I talked on the phone to understand my health concerns and the goals for this detox so she can plan and design accordingly. This Detox Retreat was a gift for myself. July is a new beginning as it is the second half of 2021 and I want to start my self-care within. My intention for this retreat is to BE PRESENT, and I want to stay in present and enjoy every moment during these 7-days.

She did an assessment on the first day – asking about my health/medical history, and turns out, she concluded that I am Malnutrition so I felt a lack of energy and doesn’t go to the bathroom daily. She says although I don’t have many bad eating habits that most people have problems with such as fried, sweets, salty, oily, processed, preservative, GMO, bad oils, refined sugar/flour type of food, I need to eat more whole foods, more raw, simple and clean ingredients and process to have the freshness and nutritious that will give me more energy and have a healthier gut (Gut is our second brain).

As for the daily schedule, we have simple exercises in the morning every day before breakfast, and classes or activities between meals (Yoga, Meditation, Art Therapy, Nature walk, Movie night, Oracle card reading, Aromatherapy, Massage, Cupping, Sauna, Hot Bath, Crystal bed, Vegan cooking, reading product labels, how to choose supplements/Superfood/Minerals/ Herbal Teas/Tincture/Detox binding powder/Probiotic/Enzyme, etc).

They were all very educational, relax and fun. Especially, she has tried many many different products, research the companies, and the ingredients, and hand-picked a few very good quality ones to share with me so I can maintain my lifestyle afterward.

As for food, besides the lemon water and detox binding drinks, the first 3-days were all cold-pressed juicing only, the 4th day eats only fresh fruits, the last 3-days were green smoothies, Almond Milkshakes, Raw Vegan salads, Vegan Sushi, Raw Zucchini Pasta, Vegan Taco, Almond Flour Bread, Chia Seed Pudding, and Overnight Oats. They were all very pretty and also very tasty, refreshing, and healthy.

Michelle shares her own detoxing experiences with me, one of them was Parasites detox. She said that we all have some parasites in our body (she has been Vegan for 24 years and still has some parasites in her) but especially for people who like meats and sashimi. Parasites are very intuitive, good at hiding, strong and sly so we will need to do a 7-days detox first, weaken their energy before we can do a Parasites detox. This is from her own experiences.

Before I leave her home on the 8th day morning, not only she prepares some breakfast and light lunch for me to take but she also gave me a surprise goodie bag with gifts inside and a lovely hand-written card. She is so thoughtful and loving.

These 7-days were wonderful, especially, I don’t need to do anything. Food is served, and the activities are planned. I was able to go to the bathroom every day, lots of sh*ts came out, and the smell from very bad to not too bad.

I was 131 lb on the first day, 125 lb on the 5th day (after 3 days of juicing), and 127 lb on the 8th day (after eating raw food) the morning before I leave.

I felt light and easy on my body and I didn’t really miss the meats; however, I do miss hot and cooked food (cooked veggies, rice, and soup) which can be easily incorporate into my new diets.

I highly recommend you consider doing a 7-days Detox program. If this is your first time, it’s best that have Michelle to accompany you, whether you do it at her home (like me) or she guides you virtually as your Health Coach so you can do it at your own home or you can have a few families and friends, rent a large Airbnb and have Michelle come to your location.

When you have the knowledge, you can do a 3-day juicing fasting once a month and adjust your daily diets.

Michelle Tung lives in Vancouver, Washington, about 20 minutes north of Portland, Oregon. https://bodypureprana.com/

* If you are interested in Luxury Detox while on vacation, there are few in California that you can check it out,

TrueNorth Health Center in Santa Rosa (Water Fasting)

We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs

Cal-A-Vie Health Spa in San Diego

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

去年十一月我和女友開車北上華州, 認識了董明潔 (Michelle Tung), 她是我朋友的表妹, 晚餐上的聊天得知, 她吃全素, 曾經是廚師, 現在是素食養生教練. 在冠狀病毒疫情期間, 我也開始對營養學, 如何吃得更健康有興趣, 所以問她很多問題, 她也很樂意分享她的經驗. 後來她提到她準備在她家做小型的2-3人的七天排毒營的計畫時, 我就說我有興趣參加, 本來是預計12月, 但後來因為疫情惡化, 就一直拖到今年七月才成行.

我們事先在電話上聊過, 有關我這次排毒的目的和飲食或健康上的問題, 所以她可以為我規劃合適的排毒療程. 這一次的排毒營, 算是我給自己的一個禮物, 七月是一個新的開始, 2021的下半年就從內在的身心健康開始照顧, 我的目的是 “享受當下”. 這七天, 試著用活在當下的心態去過每一分鐘, 好好體驗和感受.

Michelle第一天有幫我做一個評估測試, 問我有關我的醫療歷史, 健康和飲食習慣, 她覺得我有點營養不足, 所以我才會覺得精力不夠, 容易累, 而且沒有每天排便. 她說, 雖然我沒有太多不良的飲食習慣 (例如, 炸物, 甜食, 重鹹重油, 加工食品, 醃漬食品, 基因改造食品, 不好的油, 精緻食品等等), 但是我需要增加天然有機, 生食, 簡單乾淨的食材和處理方式, 來得到能量和養份, 讓我有更多體力和健康的腸胃.

每天的行程, 基本上一起床先做簡單的伸展和拍打運動, 三餐中間會安排不同的課程和活動 (瑜珈, 冥想靜坐, 畫畫, 戶外健行, 看電影, Oracle卡, 芳療, 按摩, 拔罐, 桑拿, 泡澡, 水晶床, 全素烹飪課, 學習怎麼看產品標籤, 如何選擇保健食品, 如何使用精油, 等等). 這些課程都非常具有教育性質, 很放鬆也很有趣. 特別是, Michelle自己買過許多不同產品來試, 研究各家公司和產品的內容物, 最後才親自選出好品質的產品.

每天除了固定的排毒飲品, 前三天全部是冷榨慢磨蔬果汁, 第四天吃水果餐, 最後三天就以green smoothies, 草莓/巧克力杏仁奶昔, 全素的沙拉, 壽司, 蔬菜麵, 湯, 麵包, Chia Seed布丁, 冷泡麥片等等. 它們全部都好看美味, 又健康.

跟Michelle的聊天中, 她分享她自己做過的不同排毒療程, 其中一個是排寄生蟲的, 她說每個人身上或多或少一定都有寄生蟲 (她已經吃全素24年, 一樣有寄生蟲), 而肉食者或喜歡生魚片的人則一定會有很多寄生蟲, 而寄生蟲其實很有靈性, 很會隱藏, 強壯又狡猾, 所以一定要先做七天斷食排毒療程, 讓寄生蟲的活力減弱, 才能做寄生蟲排毒, 這是她自己親身體驗.

第八天早上我離開Michelle家前, 她不但替我準備早餐和午餐, 讓我帶在路上吃, 還特地準備了一袋的小禮物讓我帶回家 (她真的太貼心了), 事後再email我一份總結報告, 裡面有所有她跟我提到的產品的官方連結, 讓我方便挑選購買.

這七天我每天排便, 而且量很多, 味道從很臭到比較不臭, 身體輕鬆舒服很多.

第一天我的體重是59公斤, 第五天56公斤(三天蔬果汁之後), 第八天早上我要離開之前秤是 57公斤(開始吃東西之後).

我非常推薦大家考慮為自己的健康做一個七天的排毒療程. 首次排毒的人, 我會建議找Michelle陪伴和指導你, 不論你是去她家做 (像我這次的做法), 你亦可Hire her as a coach用遠距的方式, 你自己在家做, 或者, 你可以自己找幾位親朋好友, 在某人家或租一大間的AirBnB, 然後請Michelle去幫你們做一個私人的排毒營. 等到你學會了排毒的基本知識, 將來就可以每個月自己在家做一次三天的蔬果汁斷食排毒, 也知道如何為自己的三餐做一些合適的調整和改變.

Michelle Tung (董明潔) 住在華盛頓州的溫哥華市, 離波蘭, 奧瑞岡約20分鐘車程.

如果你想體驗一下高級排毒渡假營, 在加州有幾個你可以試試,

TrueNorth Health Center in Santa Rosa (Water Fasting)

We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs

Cal-A-Vie Health Spa in San Diego


1. 她的蔬果汁基礎是 – 有機的芹菜 + 小黃瓜 + 青蘋果 + 檸檬汁. 她通常是把整株 (不是一根) 的芹菜打成一瓶, 一根小黃瓜 + 一顆青蘋果 (過濾後) + 一顆檸檬擠出來的汁, 裝在一個16 oz的玻璃瓶, 再裝滿芹菜汁 (所以我無法告訴你是幾根芹菜).

2. 有機紅蘿蔔, 鳳梨, 西瓜等水果較甜, 所以都是單獨打, 喝半杯即可, 不然糖分太高.

3. Green Smoothies 基本是一根香蕉 + 半顆青蘋果 + 一杯水 + 一把生菜 + Flaxseed/Hempseed + Superfood Juice Powder (weed grass, barley grass, alfalfa, chlorophyll) + Mineral + Acerrdla Berry (維他命C) + (維他命D) + Bamboo Extra (膠原蛋白) + Moringa + Spirulina.

Green Smoothies 最好現打現喝, 蔬果汁當然也是最好現打現喝, 如果沒時間, 可以打起來冷藏三天喝完.

如果真沒時間, 或者旅行途中, 可以試試Whole Foods/Lucky 這瓶蔬果汁做替代品. 它的水果只有蘋果, 如果覺得不夠甜, 可以另外再加一點柳丁汁或鳳梨汁或紅蘿蔔汁.

Recipes: Veggie QuicheBarbecue Chicken Lettuce Wraps,

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