Syrah 2001 Beckmen

Syrah_2001_beckmen In a word – fantastic!  Beckmen is a Santa Barbara winery that focuses on Rhone-style wine.  The Rhone valley is an area in France that grows Syrah, Grenache, Mouverde, and others.  I briefly tried this wine at a party in our house when we had 50 people and went through 10 bottles of wine one night.  Since I didn’t get to have more than a small glass, and I knew I loved it, I had to buy another one to enjoy on my own.  I also have collected many more Beckmen wines over the last few months, including some of their rare Purisima Mountain Syrah so keep watching for future tasting.

Beckmen believes in making big and expressive wines, just what I look for.  This is their Estate Syrah, which means it is a combination of all the different vineyard lots they have on their property.  It is their basic Syrah.  This wine opens as a dark pour and the nose promises strong fruit and spice.  In the mouth there is strong black fruit and blueberries followed by soft heat in the finish.  Not a killer wine but absolutely enjoyable!

If you want to bring any Beckmen and open it with me, you are always welcome!


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