David and Tom Gardner’s Motley Fool Stock Advisor

對華人來說, Warren Buffett這個名字一定不陌生. 但除了他以外, 只要你稍微有在關注新聞, 可能也看過Jim Cramer的Mad Money電視節目, 但在美國投資界, 還有一對兄弟檔很有名, David and Tom Gardner of The Motley Fool.

這對兄弟檔起於1994, 他們出過很多銷售排行榜上的投資理財書, 但讓他們出名的是他們推薦的股票的投資績效.

The Motley Fool gained renown for its early recommendations of stocks, such as Amazon.com, America Online (AOL), AmgeneBayPayPal, and Starbucks, and was featured in a cover story for Fortune magazine (1996) .

When S&P 500’s historical annual return is nearly 10% , for more than a decade, both the Motley Fool Stock Advisor and Motley Fool Hidden Gems newsletters have consistently beaten the market.

In fact, since Stock Advisor‘s inception in 2002, its average pick has more than tripled the 63% return of the S&P 500. And Hidden Gems members have enjoyed an average return of more than 59% since its inception in 2004, beating the market by nearly 7 percentage points in the process.

這對兄弟的投資方式和Jim Cramer不同.  他們主要是以 “買了就放著”的方式, 讓股票價值因為長時間的複利效應而變大.

而這二個兄弟彼此的投資風格也不同, 明顯反映在他們的投資績效上.

David  looks for companies that are not only poised to benefit from “undeniable, long-term trends” but also have a certain level of “unquantifiable greatness” — that is, some sort of secret sauce that gives them an edge and often consequentially wins the love of consumers. David also wants to be able to get in early on these great businesses and has no problem adding to his positions as they keep winning over the long term.

Tom looks first for great companies operating in beaten-down (but still relevant) industries. He also seeks those with strong financials and a proven business model, as well as shareholder-friendly management team. Signs of the latter often include high levels of insider ownership and reasonable compensation structures.

每個月的第三個週五, 他們兄弟各選一支新股票, 彼此互相較勁, 看誰的投資績效表現最好, 同時也和S&P 500的績效相比.

除此之外, 每個月一次, 兄弟倆會各推出五支 Best Buy Now的股票.

對於新手投資客, 他們也列出十支股票讓你開始你的股票投資計畫.

除了買, 他們也會告訴你哪些股票該賣了.

2009年, Motley Fool Funds launched its first mutual fund, Motley Fool Independence Fund. As of mid-December 2014, the fund (FOOLX) had outperformed the Russell 2000 index by almost 20 percentage points and earned 3 out of 5 stars from Morningstar.

2010年, Motley Fool funds launched Motley Fool Great America Fund. As of mid-December 2014, the fund (TMFGX) had outperformed the Russell 2000 and the most popular low-cost ETF tracking the Russell 2000, the iShares Russell 2000 (IWM), by almost 20 percentage points and earned a 3-star rating from Morningstar.

2011年, Motley Fool funds launched Motley Fool Epic Voyage Fund (TMFEX). As of mid-December 2014, the return of this fund was one-third that of the S&P 500.

我本身是訂閱Motley Fool Stock Advisor, 你可以選擇一次繳一年或二年或三年, 當然越多年越便宜, 它也有30天全額退費的服務.

基本上我就是訂閱Jim Cramer的Action Alerts PLUS ($475)和David and Tom Gardner的Motley Fool Stock Advisor ($99) 這二家的股票財訊, 一年的年費將近六百塊, 但是卻省下我很多時間, 不用大海撈針的自行摸索, 而是從這二家股票財訊所提供的資料下去做交叉比對後, 就可以找出可以買的股票, 每年可以有15-20%的獲利, 非常值得.

ps. 這家財訊讓我唯一很受不了的是, 廣告郵件超多, 換個方式想, 他們很會行銷自己的產品, 但是那個頻率也高於我可以忍受的地步了.


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